Britney Spears performs onstage at the 2000 MTV video clip Music Awards organized at Radio City Music hall on Sept. 7, 2000.

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As we get closer to what is sure to it is in an MTV VMAs unlike any type of other many thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic and also the suspicion of outdoor, socially distanced performances, friend may have actually forgotten the 2020 clues the 20th anniversary that Britney Spears" above 2000 VMAs performance, where the ascendant pop princess performed a covering of the roll Stones" "Satisfaction" and "Oops!...I Did it Again" in a sparkling naked suit seen "round the world.

Spears" history with the VMAs has had actually its ups and also downs, but what she did in ~ the Sept. 7, 2000 awareness at brand-new York City"s Radio City Music Hall is one of the defining live moments of she career and the awards present itself. It"s a master course in carrying a televised performance that claims I have arrived.

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Set against an industrial, Metropolis-like set that lugged to mental Madonna"s "Express Yourself" video clip while rocking a sparkly black color suit and also fedora the tipped to Michael Jackson, the performance nodded to Spears" popular music forebears and subtly claimed her will to accounting the exact same rarified air. And by the end of that "Satisfaction/"Oops!" medley, just a fool would have actually written she off as a flash in the teeny-bopper pan.

Of course, anyone remembers the bedazzled nude fit reveal, and also for an excellent reason – after she tore turn off the jacket and pants come unveil a midriff-baring bodysuit beneath, it was apparent that she"d simply lapped every various other pop diva vying because that the 21st century Queen of pop crown. And also when she flung the fedora right into the crowd and also started flipping she hair roughly in a dizzying blonde whirl, well, the certainly adjusted the life the at least one future traction queen.

At that allude in the performance, she"d already succeeded in notching an top VMAs moment and could have actually coasted by because that the rest of it v some decent yet rote dancing; but at 18, Spears was hungry, and also her pleasure for dancing was palpable. ~ riffing a cappella as a segue into a thumping version of "Oops!," Spears executed several of the most memorable hand-ography of her career v razor precision (accompanied through shirtless back-up dancers in baggy warm Wheels-hued trousers -- the "90s weren"t going away without a fight!), and then proceeded to shake she hips in ~ the camera v a machine-gun rapidity.

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Memorable choreo and also outfit reveal aside, it"s the little moments that really make Britney"s 2000 VMAs power stick: the opener, wherein she"s straddling the chair A.C. Slater-style; when she adjusts her mic when walking down the stairway to do it clear she"s singing live; the crunchy pop-metal guitar solo replacing the Titanic-referencing interlude top top the studio version; and, of course, that devilish laugh she flashes at her dancers just prior to the final pose, as if come say, "Yeah, us nailed this."

Of course, the following year would view Spears supply an even much more iconic performance on the VMAs phase thanks to a python named Banana. But in 2000, she made the clear that the coquettish teenager Britney remained in the rearview, and also Britney Spears – a confident, commanding pop visibility with her eye top top the long video game – had actually arrived.