Here’s an anniversary friend may have missed: It has actually now been twenty years since the pop princess Britney Spears released her 2nd studio album, Oops!…I Did it Again. ~ above that well known record, the queen that the 2000s churned out few of her biggest hits, such together “Stronger” and “Lucky.” yet it’s she lead single, through the very same title as the album, it is lodged most firmly in our memory and also not just for its earworm-y chorus. The track’s space-age music video clip is downright iconic. As soon as you think Spears, girlfriend think of that red latex jumpsuit. And in honor of the album’s anniversary, called up Estee Stanley, the video’s stylist, come reminisce around that now renowned costume.

Stanley had actually a reputation for styling every one of the sexty early-aughts popular music artists—think sugar Ray, stop Mouth, and *NSYNC. (She styled the boy band’s videos “Bye farewell Bye” and “It’s Gonna it is in Me.) She had additionally worked with the music video’s director, Nigel Dick, before. Stanley landing the job through the connection and the fact that at the time Spears was date *NSYNC heartthrob Justin Timberlake.

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Together, Stanley and also Spears worked on make the early fashion vision for the video’s space-age theme. “We wanted whatever to be sexy and monochromatic,” Stanley says. They come up with all-white and also all-black outfits because that Spears, and Stanley pull the back-up dancers in silvery looks and also sourced the astronaut costume for the hunky space boyfriend. (Fun fact: he is currently a surgeon.)

But lock couldn’t settle on anything for Spears’s main outfit. The red catsuit to be barely a glimmer in your eyes. Castle turned come Michael Bush, a costume designer that was doing all of Spears’s custom tour looks in ~ the time, to do something interesting for Spears. “It was a last-minute thing to go to him and see if he could make something for us,” Stanley says. “In world, everybody has to do whatever in two minutes, so we knew he might pull it off. And he did.”

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Bush had actually a little longer than 2 minutes to develop something, but not lot longer: He finished up creating the red latex fit overnight. Spears automatically loved it, despite Stanley had actually initial reservations around the piece’s clingy material. “If you put a latex outfit on, you’re automatically sweating, and also I knew she was going to be dancing all day,” states Stanley. “I was nervous the she would certainly pass out.” The stylist’s fears to be (partially) realized. “After one take, i unzipped her, and it accurate looked like a bucket that water poured the end of this jumpsuit. She had a very intense day, come say the least.”

The shooting day obtained even an ext intense. Throughout a scene whereby Spears is lied down and also the camera is sharp at her from above, a piece of the camera came to be dislodged and also hit her on the back of the head. “But she to be a trooper and went right earlier to work,” recalls Stanley. The video was one of Spears’s most acclaimed—bouffant ponytail and also all.

More than two decades later, the stylist says working with Spears was among her wildest, many fun projects. She quiet admires the singer’s razor-sharp creative thinking when it concerns her own look and videos and also greatly attributes the success the “Oops!” come Spears’s initial vision. “Even through her little schoolgirl outfit , she’s really collection a precedent for always coming out in something an extremely memorable,” Stanley says. “People didn’t expect it. She was still young and also innocent, and also then every one of a sudden, she comes out in this vixen-y, sexy, skin-tight outfit. She absolutely knew what she wanted and also what she liked—that’s what provides her Britney.”