simply in for the weekend, Britney Spears reduce the music video clip for her solitary with Tinashe, “Slumber Party.”

The Colin Tilley-directed video depicts a wild all-night bash that the pop princess and Tinashe attend, i m sorry is absolutely not the slumber party you checked out in middle school.

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In fact, the fantasy-driven theme and unabashedly “pop” feel of the video brings come mind the Brit that we all knew and also loved ago during her heyday — that is to say the there’s no shortage of body glitter, choreographed team dance routines, liquid colored ensembles, and also toned abs during this grown-up “Slumber Party”.

“Slumber Party” is the second single and video clip off the Britney’s 9th studio album, Glory, which was released in respectable of this year.

Watch the full music video clip below.

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