over the 4 years of her residency, she would execute a total of 248 shows and also ticket sales alone grossed earth Hollywood around $138,000,000.

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Britney Spears signed her first record contract through Jive Records when she was just 15-years-old. And she"s pretty much been functioning non-stop since then. First hailed as the "Princess of Pop", she to be - for much of the so late 1990s and also into the 2000s - exceptionally popular and, more to the point, bankable.

however in 2007, something snapped and she had her notorious breakdown. Since then, her father Jamie Spears, sometimes with the help of a co-conservator, has had regulate over she money and, part say, her whole life.

The pattern of Britney Spears" workaholic self was always the same. Very first came a studio album and then a tour. Because that a quick time, she to be a mentor ~ above The X-Factor. 

Then came something totally different. In 2013, she signed ~ above to do a two-year residency at the world Hollywood Hotel and also Casino in las Vegas, a.k.a. "Sin City". That 2014-2015 gig was so successful that she signed top top to expand her residency for another two years, ending in December the 2017.

For part of she time in ras Vegas, she lived in an 8,000 square foot penthouse that had actually recently been used by Elton John. Over some four years (nearly 1,500 days), she performed virtually 250 shows. Contrasted to the rigors of touring, that must have actually seemed choose a vacay.

Reportedly, she loved it. Let"s take a look in ~ Britney"s four-year residency in ras Vegas. She had fun and also made numerous money.

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piece Of Me: The very first Contract

In September of 2013, Britney come by helicopter to announce on Good Morning America that she had actually signed to execute a two-year residency at earth Hollywood in las Vegas. The two points to remember about it is the she swore she would certainly never ever get in an additional helicopter and, secondly, the small flying-in stunt reportedly cost some $100,000.

The original deal was the she would do 100 "Piece the Me" reflects over 2014-2015 for approximately $310,000 each. See, acts like Elton John and also Celine Dion bring in the enlarge crowd. But Britney attracted in the younger fans, new blood so to speak. And that"s what the hotel and casino wanted and needed.

Britney Spears las Vegas Show selection
and also she required to Las vegas in a large way. In 2014, she appeared on Good Morning Britain and told moderator Richard Arnold the the "consistency" of the residency is "really grounding".

She said him: "The way I offered to travel all roughly the world and do a different show every night, I"m like, "How walk I carry out it?!""

She go on: "Promotion is a different story, and going come a various city every day... It"s really hard. Yet being based in Vegas and also having one present that you simply keep going back to, the consistency of that is yes, really grounding and really cool".

at some suggest during she residency, she moved into the hotel"s Rio Suite, recently vacated by Elton John. She started to think the it as home. Not also shabby in ~ all.

Rio Suite whereby Britney Spears lived day-to-day Mail
and also "Piece the Me" was a huge, large success. Early on, mirrors were fully sold out and the attendance rate stayed high throughout 2014. According to Pollstar, the median ticket price was around $151, definition that end the food of 2014 her display grossed some $35 million in revenue for the hotel and also casino.

"Piece that Me": The second Contract

towards the end of 2014, it to be announced that her residency would be extended through 2017 and also that she would get some $475,000 every show. Over the 4 years, she would execute a total of 248 shows.

Britney Spears ras Vegas Show NME
It"s unclear when the pay climb actually kicked in, however a conservative "guesstimate" of what she could have made off she four-years in las Vegas come to approximately $100,000,000!

Britney did her last Vegas show in December that 2017. Every told, ticket sales alone grossed world Hollywood part $138,000,000. And also that"s before you even include up what the punters invested on rooms, food, the all-important gambling, and also drink.

The Residency That never Happened

After she time at planet Hollywood ended, Britney returned to her frantic speed of working and touring. In April the 2019, she announced she would do an additional Las vegas residency at MGM"s Park Theater starting in February the 2019. She price? A mega-$507,000 per present over part 32 shows. The display would be dubbed "Domination".

Las Vegas dominance Britney Spears ABC15 Arizona

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Then suddenly in January the 2019, she announced one "indefinite job-related hiatus", canceling the residency. She cited her father Jamie"s negative health and a have to concentrate top top family. Then she checked right into a mental wellness facility.

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it was likewise the start of an additional "weird" Britney phase, with her followers on Instagram insisting other wasn"t right and that the popular music princess was being held versus her will.