How i Met your Mother to be a renowned CBS sitcom that had a lengthy run on network TV. The show got by on that is hilarious premise, a solid cast, and also sharp writing. Yet at one suggest in the show’s run, its ultimate success wasn’t assured. It was a stylish cameo native a superstar from the civilization of music that aided save it. Here’s the story of exactly how Britney Spears conserved this sitcom from the brink that extinction, clearing the course for a an extensive run top top CBS. 

The premise of ‘How i Met your Mother’

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The premise that the present was basic and reflected in the title: How i Met her Mother to be the story of a guy telling his youngsters how the met your mother. Voiced by Bob Saget, the display was framed together a dad narrating the events of his life to his two children through flashbacks, telling them the story of exactly how he and also their mother concerned meet.

In the show’s main timeline, the male (named Ted Mosby) was played by josh Radnor. He to be joined by his friends, Robin (Cobie Smulders), Lily (Allyson Hannigan), Barney (Neil Patrick Harris), and also Marshall (Jason Segel). Marshall and Lily space married, Barney is an unrepentant womanizer, and also Robin and also Ted have actually a romantic stress and anxiety they occasionally act on during the show’s run.

According to IMDb, the show ran native 2005-2014. In the show’s finale, it’s revealed the the children’s mother had actually passed away, and also Ted’s children urge him to seek their “Aunt” Robin. Those two personalities end up together. 

The present featured many cameos throughout its tenure, including one featuring the hit Me baby One much more Time singer.

Britney Spears’ cameo ~ above ‘How i Met your Mother’

According come an interview v E! Online, collection co-creator Carter Bays said Spears asked for a function on the show. She finished up playing a character named Abby. Here’s exactly how it went under according to the male himself:

“We acquired a call a couple of weeks ~ the writers’ strike ended saying that Britney Spears want to be on ours show. And also she especially wanted to be in the illustration “Ten Sessions,” which sent a chill down our spines, since that’s the one wherein we fulfill Stella.”

Bays walk on to say the he wasn’t automatically sold ~ above the idea, wanting to pick a more seasoned actor:

“I immediately imagined Britney playing Stella and also had a minor scare attack, due to the fact that it’s together a large role and also needed one proven, knowledgeable actress choose Sarah Chalke. However to she credit, Britney liked the personality of Abby, and also wanted come play the part. Therefore we claimed sure!”

Spears did an ext than just show up on the show, however. She may have saved it.

How Britney Spears conserved ‘How ns Met her Mother’

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Britney Spears | Allen Berezovsky/Getty Images

At the time of Spears’ figure on the show, she to be still a megastar. The display was only a few seasons into its run on the air and also wasn’t rather the ratings powerhouse it would become.

It was also a tenuous time for many of the reflects on TV, together the 2008 writers Guild win had created uncertainty for many shows. If Spears wasn’t an skilled actor (her Mickey mouse Club suffer notwithstanding), she showed up and did a great job ~ above the show.

She also helped tempt viewers and interest, together associating she brand v the show helped drive attention to the program. According come Bays, Spears play a huge role in making the show more popular. 

“And by golly she put our show on the map. It can’t it is in overstated. Britney Spears rescued united state from ever before being ~ above the balloon again. Many thanks Britney!”

It’s interesting that Spears’ appearance go from being a resource of stress and anxiety for the show’s an innovative team to something that assisted drive the series into too much popularity.