16 many Iconic Pics of Britney Spears Ever caught Britney’s photo mixed sweet and sultry together. She to be a daydreaming schoolgirl, climate an alien princess put on a red latex jumpsuit.

Britney Spears has had actually one the the many iconic and enduring careers in current music history. For virtually twenty years, Britney had actually entertained, fascinated, and also confused not simply her fans, yet the entire world.

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When "...Baby One more Time" to be released in 1998, Britney was only 16 years old. Yes, 16 years OLD. And also yet, she immediately became one of the most recognizable faces and bodies in the world. In ~ this point, Britney’s photo mixed sweet and sultry together. She was a daydreaming schoolgirl, climate an alien princess put on a red latex jumpsuit. However, Britney grew up in former of the world and indulged in an ext sultry looks with her music videos because that “I’m A servant 4 U” and “Toxic.” and then 2007 happened.

2007 to be the year of the very first iPhone, Grey’s Anatomy mania, and also Britney Spears’ currently iconic breakdown. In retrospect, Britney’s break down was simply a natural response to the pressure, stress, and also attention placed on such a young woman, who had no real agency for herself. It’s currently 2018 and most celebrities will turn to your social media accounts in order to connect their fans. Does the celebrity want to exactly a push story or promote your newest film? They write-up to Instagram. However, Britney was without Instagram, so plenty of of the many scandalous image of she time to be taken by the paparazzi catching her at she worst moment, through Britney unable to tell fans the genuine story.

And so, below we have the 16 most scandalous Britney Spears image of all time. Surprisingly, lock aren’t all from 2007. Britney has actually been scandalous in part way, shape, or type since 1998. If Britney go it, human being are talking around it. Yet that’s just the charm or Britney.

16 This spread out Of Britney In Rolling stone Was So warm It led to A literal meaning Boycott

Let’s travel earlier to a less complicated time: 1999. It to be a time in which Britney to be the single most beloved and single hottest woman on the planet. And yes, she was additionally only 17 years old. But hey, this was all Britney’s brand. It combined her innocent, energetic youthfulness through her in-your-face sensuality. There is no better example that this dichotomy than Rolling Stone"s 1999 photoshoot the Britney Spears.

The 1999 Rolling Stone cover featured Britney talk on a telephone, holding a Teletubby, and also with her shirt totally open to reveal her black bra. The spread also featured photos of Britney in she hometown, consisting of the above. It was 100% the Britney Spears the the time, as she to be the innocent seductress. The American household Association to be so disturbed through the mixture of childhood innocence and also adult sensuality the they literally referred to as for a Britney Spears boycott. Yes, Britney was so hot that the AFA wanted to boycott her, together she would certainly taint the youth that America.

Of course, nobody boycotted Britney, and she go on to release hit solitary after struggle single, however this was definitely one that the first big scandals in Britney’s career.

15 The civilization Was just Not ready For This Friendship

Many of united state forget about this glorious friendship, yet Britney Spears and also Paris Hilton to be BFF because that a short, perfect minute in time.

After filing because that divorce, Britney want to check out her brand-new freedom, as she had actually missed the end on a regular life since becoming world-famous in ~ the age of 16. In ~ this point, Britney began going to Los Angeles clubs v Paris Hilton. During her nights out through Paris, Britney to be photographed sans underwear on several occasions. Ever before the good friend, over there are number of photos of Paris was standing in front of Britney as she acquired herself out of a car, through Paris was acting together a literal human being shield and also keeping Britney from yet another up-the-skirt shot. That is friendship, y’all.

Also, rumor has it that Paris nicknamed Britney “The Animal,” as Britney would act first and think later. If I had one great in life, it would be to walk out with Paris Hilton and also Britney Spears in 2006.

14 This Original holy Trinity that Partying

You know exactly how I claimed my one wish would certainly be come party with Paris Hilton and also Britney Spears in 2006? scratch that. I desire to party with Paris Hilton, Britney Spears, and Lindsay Lohan, which might be the many iconic trio of all time.

Of course, the image of Britney, Paris, and Lindsay the end clubbing aren’t necessarily scandalous in and also of themselves, however they developed a narrative because that the media. These three women were dubbed part of the young, partying crowd in Hollywood. It aided play right into the narrative the Britney Spears had spun out of manage as if she didn’t deserve a few nights out v her girlfriend after ~ literal years of working every single day.

Paris Hilton’s particular account the the night is kind of spectacular. Together Paris said, “Actually, that was simply Brit and I out. And also then chased us to the car and also got in. She no invited." bad Lindsay.

13 Britney"s 55-Hour marital relationship Was Announced In The many Epic Fashion

Only months after that iconic Madonna kiss, Britney Spears gained married because that a entirety 55 hours. If partying las Vegas, Britney flew in Jason Alexander, she childhood girlfriend from Louisiana. The pair supposedly watched Texas Chainsaw Massacre in her hotel suite, then decided they would obtain married. And also yes, they certainly may be the only people to have ever chose on marital relationship while watching Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Though, Alexander has said that they had actually been drinking and also indulging in “party favors,” i m sorry may define their mindset.

After paying $70, the pair had actually a 7-minute ceremony and also Britney was off the industry for a entirety 55 hours. Top top finding out around the marriage, Britney’s manager i ordered it a record-time annulment, to which both Britney and also Alexander happy agreed. By the moment the media found out about the situation, the pair to be annulled and also all that continued to be was this above photo, in i m sorry Britney put on a garter belt roughly her ripped jeans.

There is supposedly a video of the wedding that Alexander was readily available $1 million for, yet he turned under the offer. For this reason honestly, Britney married a quite standup man her first time around.

12 The Tackiest Wedding Of all Time: Britney Spears and also Kevin Federline

The 55-hour marriage wasn’t Britney’s only relationship news in 2004. Britney started dating back-up dancer Kevin Federline, all while his ex to be pregnant v his son. There to be accusations the Britney being a home wrecker and also Federline being a yellow digger. Despite the tense media scrutiny, Britney and also Federline were engaged after simply three month of dating. The pair married in September 2004. And also yes, this is totally a real picture from their reception.

Why did Britney get married THIS man when she to be at the elevation of she stardom? Well, Britney had damaged up v Justin Timberlake in 2002, i m sorry was followed by her 55-hour marriage and then… Kevin Federline. One could reason that Britney was searching for someone she might depend on. Or probably Britney wanted to rebel and Kevin Federline to be the can be fried rebellion. Whatever the case, the pair filed for divorce in 2006, which many believe led to Britney’s breakdown.

11 the Time Britney Kissed Madonna and also The human being Stopped turn On the Axis

In the rise and also fall of Britney, was this the moment that she switched gears? It definitely seems favor that might have to be the case.

At this point, Britney had actually long to be an MTV VMAs staple. In 2000, Britney showed up on phase wearing a pantsuit, only to rip that off and also dance in a nude, sequins bikini top and low-cut pants. It was the minute in i m sorry Britney told the civilization she was a woman and also she could own her sensuality. In 2001, Britney danced through an actual python on stage and it was possibly the hottest Britney Spears ever before was. Actually, the was possibly the sexy anyone had actually ever remained in the background of people.

At the 2003 award show, Britney outdid herself when again. This time, she sang together Christina Aguilera and Madonna, which culminated in a Britney and Madonna kiss that pretty much stopped the human being from rotate on its axis. The camera panned to Britney’s ex Justin Timberlake, that looked so an extremely uncomfortable. This was also the moment in i m sorry Britney has actually shed any last "innocence." Now, Britney was a negative influence and also out the control. It wouldn’t be for an additional four years that Britney would shave she head and combat the paparazzi v an umbrella, however the crack in Britney’s perfect façade were absolutely visible in media stunts such as this kiss v Madonna.

10 even When Pregnant, Britney Refuses come Shop In The Maternity Section

Britney Spears is recognized for wearing fifty percent tops that display off she toned stomach and also belly ring. In fact, one could make a good case because that Britney Spears gift the factor for belly rings" popularity in the early on 2000s. So, if we’re so provided to see Britney flaunt she body normally, why were us so surprised to check out Britney wearing this while pregnant? Sure, it’s no your normal maternity clothing, yet Britney Spears is far from normal. She’s Britney freakin’ Spears! of course, this is exactly how she"s walking to perform maternity wear.

This was approximately the exact same time the Britney was doing things to press the envelope. She would often dress in apparel which revealed she bra and/or underwear. In one situation, paparazzi captured a barefoot Britney utilizing a gas terminal restroom. Like, her bare feet were emotional the floor that a windy restroom. Ns know, it"s pretty gross. Though, numerous see this time in which Britney was trying come prove come the people that she was not, in fact, your pop princess. Britney Spears was a swamp monster from Louisiana and also she to be going come prove it to united state by placing her bare feet down in a publicly restroom.

9 since Who needs A automobile Seat?

When the paparazzi caught this picture of Britney Spears, the civilization mommy shamed the hell the end of her. The fact that Britney was driving v her infant kid in she lap, instead of in a auto seat, horrified people, as they fear for she son’s safety and her i can not qualify to appropriately parent. In a statement, Britney explained: “I was terrified the this time the physically aggressive paparazzi would put both me and my infant in danger. Ns instinctively took measures to acquire my baby and also me the end of harm’s way, yet the paparazzi continued to stalk us. Ns love mine child and would execute anything to safeguard him.”

Many outraged world spoke out and asked because that Britney to be held accountable by authorities, despite one sheriff explained, “Unless a deputy saw the violation, yes sir nothing we can do. We don’t even know if this took ar in our jurisdiction.”

Yes, Britney steering in together a method put both her and also her kid at risk. Though one likewise has come wonder just how much danger Britney and her family had been placed in solely because of the paparazzi so closely following her.

8 Let united state Not Forget The Falling baby Scandal

Yet again, the paparazzi caught Britney Spears at her worst education moment and the world totally misinterpreted the situation.

While leaving the Ritz-Carlton Hotel in brand-new York, Britney was carrying Sean preston in one hand and a drink in one more hand. When a paparazzi reportedly propelled Britney, she tripped and this picture was snapped. Sean’s tiny orange cap flew off and Britney’s bodyguard had to step in to help. The media was rapid to write stories around how Britney didn’t spill her cocktail but nearly dropped her child son. Never ever mind the fact that Britney report burst right into tears ~ securing she son. Never ever mind the truth that paparazzi snapped photos the the step without stepping in to assist Britney and her son. Unfortunately, the negative press and Britney’s documented mental instability caused Kevin Federline retaining sole legal and also physical custody of their children, if Britney got visitation rights.

Also, this is not to say Britney Spears was mother of the Year. She was flawed, simply as the remainder of united state are. Regrettably for Britney, every one of her flaws and also worst moments were transfer to the whole world.

7 yet Britney stated She Doesn"t understand Taylor Swift?

This photograph feels choose the many wholesome photo ever taken, but there"s a little of scandal tucked in here.

In an interview, Britney to be asked if she’d quite sit beside Katy Perry or Taylor Swift on a flight. Britney answered, “I don’t know! ns don’t know, that’s hard. They’re both therefore cool, ns don’t know. I have briefly met Katy Perry at the Smurfs movie premiere. Maybe because I’ve met Katy Perry, I would say Taylor Swift, since I’ve never met her before.”

Fans uncovered this photograph of Britney"s crimped hair and Taylor"s nation curls together from the 2008 VMAs, i beg your pardon is proof the Britney in reality did satisfy Taylor. So, go Britney forget around meeting the curly-haired country princess or to be this a ethereal slam? just kidding, Britney literally never ever slams anyone. It"s likely Britney simply forgot conference Taylor, because Britney"s mega famous and meets a many people.

6 It"s not Photoshopped, Britney Is just THAT Hot

What can possibly be scandalous around this photo of Britney’s supervisor toned body? Well, numerous assumed it to be photoshopped. Movie critics of the photo suggest to the area underneath the arch of Britney’s stomach, saying that we must see tiles or cement there fairly than water. Plus, Britney’s human body looked too good. Ns mean, we’ve seen the pop princess walk from she ripped “I’m A slave 4 U” body to, well, much less than perfect. Due to the fact that 2007, us hadn"t watched Britney looking this good, so critics assumed it was photoshopped.

While the photo resulted in some significant questions, it appears this photo actually wasn"t photoshopped in ~ all and also Britney is honestly simply that an excellent looking. Britney didn"t respond come the speculation. Instead, she merely posted a video clip of it s her in a bikini, y’know because you can not photoshop a video. The video footage that Britney placed the haters to rest, as they can no much longer argue that Britney wasn"t in the best shape of her life.

With a career spanning over 2 decades, image of Britney have actually been scandalous for multiple reasons, indigenous her failure to her not knowing Taylor Swift to she sex appeal. What remained at the facility is that we cannot protect against talking about Britney, whether she’s bald and also swinging an umbrella or rocking a head full of hair and lounging by the pool.

5 when Upon A Time, The best Britney Scandal to be This Python

It’s been twenty years since Britney Spears gone into the public eye. We’ve all been through a lot through Britney – all her ups and also all her downs... And also downs, and also even more downs. In ~ this point, when many of united state think “Britney Spears scandal,” we think of one of the occasions from 2007. However, Britney’s 2001 VMA scandal was much much more PG, as long as you weren’t PETA.

At the 2001 MTV VMAs, Britney performed v a live python and other exotic animals. In a statement, PETA slammed Britney through saying, “We asked her not to do it because the animals — under the bright lights, and also with every the noise and just the training the goes right into making these cat behave — is stressful because that them, however also really cruel, so us asked she to not have the pets onstage.”

In retrospective, Britney is even vital of the performance, saying, “Oh mine goodness! the insane! Why go I do that?”

While there was scandal bordering this photo, this performance remains among the many iconic VMA performances come date. It’s likewise a reminder the a less complicated time before we observed Bald Britney and also the true effects of this level of fame.

4 No repertoire Of Britney Photos would certainly Be finish With This Denim Disaster

Maybe this picture isn’t "scandalous" in the traditional sense, however this list likewise wouldn’t be complete without this photo. Britney Spears and also Justin Timberlake, that were America’s Sweethearts at the time, verified up come the 2001 American Music Awards favor this. And it wasn’t also a joke. Like, lock genuinely believed they were crushing the fashion game. Though it to be 2001 and this may have actually been what crushing the fashion video game looked prefer at the time.

For anyone growing up at this time, Britney and Justin to be the ultimate #couplegoals. Lock met ~ above The Mickey computer mouse Club as soon as they were simply children, then began dating together the hottest teen pop stars the the time. The pair performed with each other at the 2001 Super key Halftime Show. Britney also told Oprah, “I would certainly love to be through him forever.”

The pair broke increase in 2002, as rumors circulated that Britney cheated top top Justin with one of her back-up dancers. This rumored infidelity to be pretty much confirmed through Justin’s “Cry Me A River” music video, in i beg your pardon he cast a Britney look-alike. Britney adhered to that up through her apology tune “Everytime.”

And so, this photograph of these corresponding denim outfits may not seem all the scandalous in and of itself, yet it represents a couple with who our society was obsessed.

3 Um, the Time Britney allow It all Out

There are fairly a few photos the Britney exposing a body component that society had largely determined should remain tucked away. However, countless of these photos are more due to the paparazzi’s determination fairly than Britney’s wardrobe. Because that example, over there are countless photos the Britney Spears acquiring out that cars, in i beg your pardon you deserve to see what color underwear she’s wearing or that she’s, um, no wearing underwear at all. That a bit unfair to referee Britney for this reason harshly because that such photos. Ns mean, shouldn’t us all be entitled to obtain in and out the cars?

On top of that, Britney has confronted several wardrobe malfunctions on stage. Recently, Britney"s breast come out of she costume during a show at her ras Vegas residency. Again, who can shame Britney for this? i mean, you’ve checked out the kind of things Britney performs in and also the kind of move she does. Britney Spears will carry out a damn backflip on phase if she therefore pleases, and also if she nipple pops out so be it.

However, this nip slip picture kind of feels like Britney’s fault, right? ns mean, what"s in that cup, Britney?

2 Obviously, There"s the time Britney shaved Her own Head

In 2007, Britney Spears didn’t just shave her beautiful head. She shave her beautiful head together paparazzi recorded every moment of the public spectacle. And so, there will forever be this completely insane spring photo, i beg your pardon cemented fully Britney into pop culture history for every time. The iconic story is that Britney walked right into a hair salon in Tarzana, California and also asked the stylist to shave her head. Once the stylist refused, Britney ordered the electric razor and did it herself.

At the time of fully Britney, many believed she had actually shaved she head due to the fact that she feared being drug tested via hair sample. However, it’s now more widely believed that this dramatic move was just a red flag because that Britney’s psychological health, the mental health and wellness we all ignored together we devoured tabloid stories about Britney’s meltdown. Britney shaving her own head to be a cry for aid that we either couldn"t hear or didn"t desire to hear.

1 the moment Britney struck Paparazzi through An Umbrella

These image of Britney attack paparazzi through an umbrella are, again, several of the most iconic and also famous picture of Britney’s meltdown to date. Of course, this photos aided the press repaint Britney together unstable and also violent. Though, over there is much much more to the story than simply Bald Britney grabbing an umbrella and threatening members the the paparazzi.

Instead, it’s crucial to remember that Britney was going through an intense and also publicized custody battle for her sons with Kevin Federline. On top of that, paparazzi reportedly followed Britney approximately everywhere she went. This to be a woman that was essentially being harassed and also stalked through the paparazzi till she ultimately lashed out. Instead of this story, the media painted Britney as a villain instead of a victim.

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By the way, top top 2017"s 10 year anniversary the the umbrella incident, the paparazzi that hung ~ above Britney"s umbrella auctioned it off for $100,000. Ns don"t understand who I"m more interested in — the paparazzi who maintained that umbrella because that a decade or the fan who paid $100,000 to very own an iconic part of Britney"s stardom. I honestly desire to have actually lunch with them both.

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