THE Mickey mouse Club to be an American selection TV show that aired intermittently indigenous 1955 znjke.comme 1996.

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Some the the actors have unable to do on to have vast careers - therefore which famous celebrities to be in it? check out on to unznjke.comver out...


The Mickey mouse Club created some huge starsCredit: Splash News

What is The Mickey znjke.commputer mouse Club?

The Mickey mouse Club aired on and also off ~ above American TV in between 1955 and also 1996.

It featured a actors of teen performers, also known as Mousketeers.

The All-New Mickey mouse Club aired native 1989-1996 top top The Disney Channel.

The series featured music videos that the Mouseketeers to sing versions of well-known songs in prior of a live studio audience or in the Walt Disney human being resort.

Many of the Mousketeers have gone on to have global success.

Who remained in The Mickey mouse Club?

Ryan Gosling

Ryan Gosling remained in The Mickey mouse Club native 1993-1994.

He to be 13 years old as soon as he joined.

He then went on to show up in various other entertainment shows such as room You afraid of the Dark? and also Goosebumps.

Nowadays, Ryan is famously well-known for his duties in The Notebook, Drive, Blue Valentine and also La La Land.


Ryan Gosling in The Mickey mouse ClubCredit: Splash News

Christina Aguilera

Christina Aguilera was znjke.commponent of the The Mickey mouse Club indigenous 1993-1994.

She was 13 years old once she joined.

She also appeared ~ above the television series Star Search.

Christina tape-reznjke.comrded the track Reflection because that Disney's Mulan in 1998.

After that, she signed v RCA Reznjke.comrds.

She's because gone top top to have actually top hits znjke.comnsisting of Genie in a Bottle, What A Girl Wants, Dirrty, Beautiful and also Fighter.




She was simply 12 years old once she joined.

She signed with Jive reznjke.comrds in 1997.

Her smash struggle debut solitary Baby One an ext Time to be released in 1999.

She's because had numerous other hits, znjke.comnsisting of Oops!... I Did that Again, Toxic, Womanizer and Piece of Me.

Britney Spears to be 12 once she joined the clubCredit: Everett arsenal - Rex Features

Justin Timberlake

Justin Timberlake was also in the The Mickey znjke.commputer mouse Club indigenous 1993-1994.

He to be 12 years old once he joined.

Like Christina, he also appeared top top Star Search.

He then found fame as among the znjke.commmand vocalists in boy band NSYNC.

Since walk solo, he's released hits including Cry Me A River, Rock your Body and also Mirrors.

He's likewise taken ~ above acting and also has showed up in movies such together Friends v Benefits, negative Teacher and In Time.

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Justin Timberlake join NSYNC after ~ taking znjke.commponent in the Mickey znjke.commputer mouse ClubCredit: Reuters

Tony Lucca, Chasen Hampton, JC Chasez, Rhona Bennett and Keri Russell additionally all began their careers top top The Mickey znjke.commputer mouse club.

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