The 1990s popular music stars Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, and Jessica Simpson climbed to reputation simultaneously; however, their net worths are entirely different. Who is precious more, and why is there such a discrepancy in your fortunes?



Britney Spears and also Christina Aguilera | frank Micelotta/Getty Images

Aguilera walk on tour v Spears’ ex-boyfriend, and that just made matters worse. The two women ongoing their increase to reputation by both touring and producing album after album. The hit songs didn’t stop, and also both secured a las Vegas residency. However, they still room not on speaking terms, follow toPop Sugar. They might share a sort word in passing; however, Spears and Aguilera are not friends.

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Britney Spears network worth in 2021 is shockingly low

In 2002,Forbesreported the Britney Spears to be “the world’s most powerful celebrity,” through an estimated net precious of $40 million in ~ the time. However, virtually two years later, she financial assets have not increased with her stint the platinum albums.

In the years the followed, she released five an ext hit records and also went on 6 concert tourism by 2008. Her ras Vegas residency grossed $137.7 million. She delivered an additional four albums and also four more world tours. However, in 2021, Britney Spears’ net worth is only $60 million. 

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Spears’ safety isn’t the problem. After numerous public breakdowns, a referee granted the pop star’s father, Jamie Spears, a conservatorship end her personal affairs and finances in 2008. The too much amount she payment in legal fees for the conservatorship is no helping her network worth.

Christina Aguilera has actually a greater net worth 보다 Britney Spears and also Jessica Simpson

Although Jessica Simpson has not sold almost as numerous tickets or albums together Spears, the pop star has a greater net worth 보다 her peer. Simpson’s network worth in 2021 is $110 million, almost twin Spears’.

Aguilera is the winner that the group of ’90s pop icons with anet precious of $130 millionin 2021. However, Simpson claims there is no competition in between the three stars.

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“I think everybody’s careers have actually their own unique stories, and I love that Britney owns herself,Christina owns herself, and also they don’t permit the human being control them,” she said. “They simply are themselves, and also that’s who I am as well.”

Although points were really competitive when they both landed on the scene, Simpson believes there is enough to go around. Every three room still doing really well for themselves, also if Spears is far behind.