There’s no denying the 2004 offered us some of the most far-ranging pop-culture moment that will certainly forever be embedded in ours memories.

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Not just was the the year Janet Jackson had a substantial wardrobe fail while performing in ~ the Super key halftime show, but it was likewise the beginning of Britney Spears and also Kevin Federline‘s messy, chaotic marital relationship that spun the end of manage right before our really eyes.


Kevin Federline and also Britney Spears | J.Sciulli/WireImage for Ogilvy publicly Relations

Spears and Federline had a ‘Chaotic’ marriage

2004 was a whirlwind time, and no one is as forthcoming around that 보다 Spears and also Federline.

That to be the year the pair tied the node after just three months of dating. Though they to be head end heels because that one another, the couple’s marriage conveniently went from a fairytale to the byproduct of a trainwreck in the expectations of simply a couple of months.

Sparks first started to fly in between Spears and also Federline — a former back-up dancer for Justin Timberlake — in April 2004 after she invited him to join her Onyx Hotel tourism that kicked turn off that very same year.

Britney Spears and Kevin Federline| Jason Merritt/FilmMagic

But midway with rehearsals because that the tour, Spears hurt her knee onstage, which compelled her to cancel 2 shows. Though she pulled through and sold-out arenas and also stadiums all over Europe, she re-injured the knee while shoot a music video in June 2004, which compelled her come cancel the remainder of she tour.

The singer was ordered to rest for 4 months, throughout which she took the time to get closer to Federline and proposed come him in July 2004.

Despite jokingly decreasing her proposal in ~ first, the rapper asked for the singer’s hand in marriage moments later, and also she stated yes.

Once news damaged of the couple’s engagement, their relationship started receiving extreme scrutiny indigenous the media, especially due to the fact that Federline had broken up v actress Shar Jackson, that was quiet pregnant with their 2nd child at the time, a few months before he started dating Spears.

Though their newfound partnership was under the watchful eye of the media, Spears and Federline didn’t permit that stop them from acquisition the following step in their relationship.

On Sept. 18, 2004, the pair exchanged vows throughout their “engagement party,” after ~ deciding critical minute to scrap your plans because that a posh wedding ceremony.

Kevin Federline talks about his relationship with Britney in a new interview

— Britney Spears pan (
BritSDotNet) June 6, 2015

Their divorce was exceptionally messy

After being married for 2 years and also welcoming 2 sons together, signs of trouble began appearing in the couples’ marriage.

Just two months after offering birth to her youngest son, the Grammy winner called Federline the she wanted a divorce via text.

Once news broke of the couple’s split, numerous publications cited Federline’s partying habits as among the reasons for the breakup.

Federline would later tell reporters the he was completely “blindsided” through the means it ended and also revealed the the pop star announced she divorce plans to him the night before.

Though Federline later on admitted to having actually a facility marriage v Spears, the singer confessed in she 2008 documentary, For The Record, the she make a mistake by marrying the dancer.

“I think ns married because that the dorn reasons,” she said. “Instead of adhering to my heart and doing something the made me really happy, I just did it for the idea the everything.”

Spears filed for divorce top top Nov. 7, 2006, citing irreconcilable differences. In a short-lived agreement, she to be granted custody of her sons with three days that visitation because that Federline.

After that, the happy partnership Spears and Federline once had was gone in one instant and replaced through dramatic events that at some point shaped popular music culture.

Following the couple’s divorce, the “Oops!… i Did the Again” singer began showcasing erratic behavior, which her manager later acknowledged as a rocky moment.

In enhancement to she hard-partying and driving around with she infant kid in her lap fairly than a auto seat, it was clear the the singer had actually reached she breaking suggest when she shaved her head and attacked a paparazzo’s vehicle with one umbrella in 2007.

Since her behavior was incredibly concerning, Federline sought out for main physical custody that the pair’s sons, just a pair weeks after your divorce had actually been finalized.

This led to the exes to battle it the end in court till a judge ordered Spears to surrender custody come Federline in October 2007. Spears and Federline did not reach a joint custody covenant until the summer that 2008.

Where do the exes stand through each various other today?

Though their divorce and custody fight proved come be extremely messy, Spears and Federline have due to the fact that gotten end the drama and are top top relatively an excellent terms this days.

Despite facing a couple of hiccups along the way surrounding your custody agreement, the exes have actually maintained a civil partnership over the years.

While they previously had actually 50-50 custody of their sons, it was revealed in 2018 that Federline currently gets 70 percent custody that the boys while the popular music star only gets 30 after the filed a restraining order against Spears’ father and conservator, Jamie Spears.

Though Federline isn’t on the ideal of terms with the patriarch that the Spears family, the doesn’t seem favor he has any kind of bad blood toward his ex-wife.

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Even despite their new custody covenant is much more in donate of Federline, the rapper’s attorney, mark Vincent Kaplan, recently told E! News the him changing the contract was not his means of making Spears the end to it is in a poor mom.