This main marks the 10 year anniversary the Britney Spears head-shaving event in 2007 — kick-starting a very rough couple of years for the popular music stars.

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Just a couple of months before Britney, then simply 25 years old, had filed for divorce from she husband of three years and the dad of her two sons, Sean Preston and Jayden, Kevin Federline.

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Both parties file for single custody, and also it no long before Britney is spiraling out of control, partying without panties through Paris Hilton and attacking paparazzi v an umbrella.

However, rapid forward a decade and also Britney is looking better than ever and also opening up about what she learned indigenous her extremely publicized breakdown, which will soon be a life time movie.

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“I like my 30s method more than my 20s,” she called Britain’s ITV. “My 20s to be horrible! in my teens was fun, yet I favor my 30s. Ns in a really good place appropriate now. I’m loving myself every day and learning who I am. That awakening, it’s cool.”

As the speak goes, if Britney deserve to make it with 2007, I can make it with today!

For a look back at she tumultous year, click through the collection below!


Feb. 18, 2007

Just someday after checking out of a rehab facility in the Caribbean, Britney Spears" shaves her head in Sherman Oaks, CA.

The previous month, Britney had actually written a letter to she fans, explaining her bizarre behavior.

"Trust me, I acquire it," she wrote. "I know I"ve been far from perfect and the media has had a most fun exaggerating mine every move … i look front to coming back this year enlarge and much better than ever."


Feb. 20, 2007

Two days later, Britney checks into Promises Malibu Alcohol and also Drug Rehab treatment Facility, and checks out less than 24 hours later.

She return the adhering to day, together her ex-husband Kevin Federline asks for an emergency hearing concerning custody the their two sons.

She completes her regimen on in march 20.


May 2007

On may 29, Britney posts an emotional letter to she website and opened up about her endure in rehab.

"Recently, i was sent to a an extremely humbling place called rehab," she wrote. "I important hit rock bottom. Till this day I don"t think that it was alcohol or depression. I was favor a negative kid running roughly with ADD. I had actually a manager native a long time back come in and try to direct me and my life ~ I gained my divorce.

She continues, "I to be so overwhelmed ns think that I remained in a tiny shock too. I didn"t understand who to go to. I realized how much energy and love I had actually put into my previous relationship when it to be gone since I genuinely go not know what to do with myself, and it make me therefore sad. I confess i was therefore lost."


July 2007

Britney and also Kevin"s divorce is finalized ~ above July 30.

One year later, Britney discover she acquired married because that the not correct reasons.

"I think i married for the dorn reasons," she said on her documentary For the Record."Instead of complying with my heart and doing something the made me yes, really happy, I simply did it because that the idea the everything."


August 2007

However, the pair has yet to agree top top a custody agreement.

To do matters worse, Britney gets into a vehicle accident and also flees the scene because she go not have California state driver"s license.

She is later charged v two counts of hit and run.

September 2007

The princess of popular music tries to make her huge comeback in ~ the MTV video clip Music Awards, however her power is a flop, and the music network is accused that taking benefit of the troubled star.

October 2007

On Oct. 1, a court orders Britney come hand end custody the her 2 sons, then periods two and one, to her ex-husband.

A few days, she bodyguard Tony Barretto accuses the singer of kid abuse, launching an investigation versus Britney.

November 2007

Britney"s brand-new album Blackout debuts at No. 2 ~ above the Billboard charts, regardless of her troubles.

Despite her musical success, Britney is still dealing with custody issues and also is ordered to no drive v her two sons in the vehicle after she provides an illegal revolve right and runs end an officer"s feet as he is helping she drive with paparazzi.

She also continues she controversial connection with she manager Sam Lufti.

December 2007

Britney celebrates she 26th date of birth on Dec. 2. 2 weeks later, she younger sister Jamie Lynn Spears announces she is pregnant through her an initial child in ~ 16 year old.

Britney"s troubles continue into 2008, v the singer gift rushed come the hospital the adhering to month and placed on a psychiatric organize after refusing to return her children to Kevin.

The blonde beauty beauty is put under a conservatorship, managed by her father and which she is quiet under, a few months later.

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