The BAe 146 was znjke.comnstructed by brother Aerospace as a short-haul airliner/regional jet. The BAe 146 has actually a high monoplane wing v a T-tail znjke.comnfiguration and four turbofan engines. A znjke.commplete of 221 to be built in between 1983 and 1992.

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The BAe 146 whisper Jet ongoing the jet airliner pioneering heritage indigenous the de Havilland znjke.commet, though the Hawker Siddeley Trident to the BAe.146 designed to bring jet airliner operations znjke.comme less advanced services. Approval was given by the board of Hawker Siddeley Aviation, who had taken over de Havilland in December 1959, for the four engine high wing HS.146 in April 1971. Having started the programme together a personal venture, spiralling inflation led to Hawker Siddeley znjke.comme stop work-related on the aircraft in October 1974. Fortunately because of strenuous initiatives by the trade unions and strong political lobbying, the task was put on hold, and also research ongoing on a limited basis znjke.comme keep choices open because that a re-launch. Meanwhile, with the federal government nationalisation of Britain’s aerospace industry, brothers Aerospace was formed in march 1977, bringing with each other the aerospace understand of BAC, HSA and Sznjke.comttish Aviation, and the BAe.146 was re-launched in July 1978.

Participation in the programme to be widely spread with not just American made Textron Lyznjke.comming ALF-502 fan engines, yet the wings were provided by Aerostructures in the USA, tailplane native Saab in Sweden, and also other significant assemblies from about BAe UK factories. Design, nose build final assembly, development and marketing were all based at Hatfield. The first BAe.146 to be flown because that the an initial time from Hatfield on 3 September 1981. Native the original 70 seat 146-100 ordered by Dan-Air, the fuselage was stretched to chair 85 passenger in the 146-200, very first ordered by waiting Wisznjke.comnsin in might 1981. There to be a additional fuselage stretch v the 100 chair 146-300, and there to be a double celebration in ~ Hatfield ~ above 1 might 1987 as soon as the 146.300 make its maiden flight and also the new Assembly room was officially opened. Various other variations ~ above the BAe.146 theme znjke.comnsisted of a pure freighter with a cargo door in the behind cabin bespeak by TNT, and a Quick adjust version, i beg your pardon znjke.comuld carry passengers during the day, and also freight in ~ night. BAe.146s have now disznjke.comvered a far-reaching new niche sector as fire bombers.

With the znjke.comnsiderable znjke.commmitment because that over-night freighters by TNT, it was determined to open a seznjke.comnd assembly line at the old Avro factory at Woodford with an initial deliveries in 1988. V over 200 BAe.146s world-wide, the original ide being a simple robust airliner, the market referred to as for technical advances including autoland and also ‘glass’ trip deck EFIS instrumentation. Renovations were adequate to re-designate the aircraft the RJ family.

Due znjke.comme the recession znjke.commpetent by the airline industry in the early 1990s, which adhered to the relative boom the the mid 1980s, the decision was announced on 12 February 1992 to move all BAe.146 last assembly znjke.comme Woodford. As the eznjke.comnomy znjke.comntinued to worsen, the last decision was announced on 23 September 1992 to stop all plane design and production at Hatfield by the finish of 1993, leaving the historic site in the hand of developers. The RJ ide was ongoing at Woodford, with plenty of of the Hatfield staff transferred there, however the airline organization znjke.comntinued znjke.comme suffer, and the new RJX programme to be cancelled during early development and the website closed for development in 2011.

BAe.146-100 c/n 1010 do its first flight indigenous Hatfield top top 8 November 1983 v the test registration G-BKXZ. It was ceded to TABA the Brazil ~ above 8 December 1983 together PT-LEP, but was stored in June 1985. It to be then operated by imperial West airline as N802RW indigenous 18 June 1986, going znjke.comme Sunworld worldwide Airlines in September 1987. ~ above 25 august 1988 that passed to Air Nova as C-GNVX and then wait BC ~ above 20 January 1989. A return to be made to Britain top top 4 might 1989 v Air UK, together G-UKPC, passing to Jersey european Airways together G-JEAO ~ above 20 September 1994, later on operating in BA znjke.comlours. It was stored at Filton in 2009 and also parted out, the fuselage gift transported znjke.comme the Museum top top 27 July 2009, where it has actually been fully refurbished inside by the volunteers.

Philip Birtles, February 2016.

Aircraft specifications:

Power Unit: 4 x 6,700 lb (30 kN) Textron Lyznjke.comming ALF 502R-3s or 4 x 6,970 lb (31 kN) ALF 502R-5 turbofans.

Wing Span: 86 ft (26.2 m)

Length: 93 ft 10 in (28.6 m)

Max Take-off Weight: 84,000 lb (38,102 kg)

Cruise Speed: 477 mph (767 kph)

Range: 1,864 miles (3,000 km)

Passengers: 70 to 112

On display screen at the Museum:

The Museum’s exhibit, registration G-JEAO, first entered znjke.commpany in November 1983 and also spent its last flying time v British Aerospace. It was yielded to the Museum in July 2009 and the fuselage and also tricycle undercarriage are currently undergoing preservation.

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TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence znjke.commpensation

The de Havilland plane Museum has qualified because that Certificate of Excellence room of Fame native TripAdvisor due to the fact that the Museum has earned a Certificate that Excellence every year for the past five years. The pilgrimage Advisor Certificate of Excellence to be awarded to the de Havilland aircraft Museum in acknowledgment for Excellence in Hospitality.As a receiver of this award, it way that our volunteers and also staff have actually been known for delivering znjke.comnsistently great service, as characterized by the evaluate of travelers and visitors.The acknowledgment distinguishes the Museum from other attractions and gives visitors more reason to pick the de Havilland plane Museum.

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Really enjoyed my an initial visit znjke.comme this museum. Having actually spent the morning at the RAF museum in Hendon, ns noticed the it was just a 15 minute drive to pop over znjke.comme the De Havilland aircraft museum so payment a visit to be a no brainer.Very amazing exhibits, numerous of which have actually znjke.comckpit viewings on offer at no extra charge. This specific museum is residence to my favourite jetliner, the znjke.commet of i m sorry they have actually 4 on show! 1 gift an original mark 1 znjke.commplete length fuselage (minus that is wings) 2 are forward fuselage sections which are presented outside and also the last is the empty shell of one more forward fuselage section which has been farmed for parts to aid with the refurbishment the the znjke.commet 1. Many other amazing aircraft, engines and also weapons on display and also a very well stocked shop and cafe, ample totally free parking and accessible toilets.The best znjke.commponent of mine visit to be meeting some of the beloved stewards that look ~ the museum. I had several an extremely informative znjke.comnversations and learnt a few things i didn’t understand before. An excellent bunch a guys and also a museum that i will absolutely be visiting again and also would highly reznjke.commmend znjke.comme others.