Megyn Kelly"s future at Fox News is currently uncertain. Sean Hannity just provided her one more reason to consider bolting the network following year.

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Hannity fired turn off an accusatory tweet Wednesday night, creating that Kelly “clearly” supports Hillary Clinton, after Kelly criticize Donald trump card for preventing “unsafe spaces” by granting so countless interviews to Hannity.

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Kelly in reality criticized trump card and Clinton top top her show while speaking through Republican strategist Stuart Stevens.

“They"re both in their own version that a presidential defense program,” Kelly said. “You say they"ve designed her situation so she"s not in a ar where she feeling uncomfortable or something unexpected can come in ~ her, which is why she sat for half an hour v Mary J. Blige, the singer, i beg your pardon is why she did "Entertainment Tonight" this evening, i m sorry is why us just discovered out that when she went on the Steve Harvey show, she had every solitary question provided to she in writing in breakthrough and then she feigned surprise as the questions were asked. And then Donald Trump, with all early out respect to my girlfriend at 10 o"clock, will go on Hannity and also pretty lot only Hannity and will not endeavor out to the unsafe spaces these days, i beg your pardon doesn"t specifically expand the time for either among them. There. That"s my 2 cents.”

Kelly"s comment to be hardly a direct shot at Hannity; her focus was ~ above the candidates. Yes, she properly said Hannity is soft on trump card — but Hannity admits to gift soft ~ above Trump. In fact, he has said continuously that that is no a journalist and tweeted in April the he goes basic on all Republicans.

Hannity appears to be forget or skipping the fact that Kelly did express she frustration v Clinton and also the fact that Trump has actually not submitted to one interview with Kelly in five months.

What"s clean is the Hannity"s commitment lies with Trump, to who he is an informal adviser, and not through his colleague. That should be a lousy feeling for Kelly, who contract through Fox News expires following summer.

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Think Don Lemon would have backed Trump end Kelly?

Megyn Kelly hangs out at CNN Grill, stoking speculation the she could leave Fox News

The new York time reported during the autonomous National Convention in July the “Megyn Kelly and her co-hosts, including Bret Baier and Brit Hume, have not to be speaking throughout commercial breaks, according to two world with straight knowledge the the anchors" interactions, who explained the on-set atmosphere at Fox News as icy.”

The time went top top to describe relationships fractured by the resignation the Fox News"s longtime chairman i get it Ailes, that left after more than two dozen ladies — consisting of Kelly — accused that of sex-related harassment.

Employees say there is a continuing break-up inside the network, through one camp of old-guard Fox News loyalists — several of whom owe your careers to Mr. Ailes — uncomfortable at his ouster. Some are resentful toward Ms. Kelly because that cooperating v lawyers lugged in by the network"s parental company, 21st Century Fox, to investigate Mr. Ailes"s behavior.

Even prior to Ailes was sued by former Fox News anchor Gretchen Carlson in July, Kelly had actually publicly disputed the opportunity of leaving the network.

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"I really favor my show, and also I love mine team," Kelly added. "But, friend know, there"s a lot of mind damage that originates from the job.”

Kelly has been thinking around moving on indigenous Fox News for a while. Hannity certain doesn"t seem come be doing anything to do her want to stay.