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Bringing increase Bates” Season 10 is full of significant life moments and changes for anyone in the family. The married couples are proceeding to prosper their families as we see pregnancy announcements and gender reveals all season. Katie and also Travis occupational on your relationship and may it is in headed because that another large step. But this season is no just around the girls and their pending nuptials…will the new season lastly see a Bates boy headed come the altar?

Season 10 will certainly be accessible to present on UP confidence & family members mid-summer 2021 – yet subscribe this day to catch up on seasons 1-9 and also watch to exclude, bonus contents now.

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Share in the joy and witness every the heart-touching moments from Whitney and also Zach’s touching vow rejuvenation ceremony! From picking the perfect gown come fine tuning the last details, be a one-of-a-kind guest for the minute they profess your unwavering devotion come one another, again, in front of their family, friends and also a couple of special guests.

In this special, share in the joy and also witness every the heart-touching moment from Whitney & Zach’s journey to parenthood – native the very first sonograms and also gender reveals come that minute they satisfy their child for the an initial time.

In this special, re-publishing in the joy and also witness all the heart-touching moment from Erin & Chad’s journey to parenthood-from the very first sonograms and also gender reveals come that moment they meet their child for the very first time.

In this special, re-superstructure in the joy and also witness all the heart-touching moment from Alyssa & John’s journey to parenthood-from the first sonograms and also gender reveals come that minute they meet their child for the an initial time.

Follow Michaella and also Brandon’s endearing love story every step of the method - native a sweet courtship and charming proposal, come a beautiful wedding ceremony among family and also friends - complete of love, adoration and a long-awaited an initial kiss.

In this special, re-publishing in the joy and also witness every the touching moments indigenous Tori and Bobby’s romance-from a sweet courtship and also unforgettable proposal, to the wedding of their dreams that is filled with love, happiness, and also most importantly, your family and friends.

In this special, re-superstructure in the joy and witness all the heart-touching moment from Tori & Bobby’s journey to parenthood-from the very first sonograms and also gender reveals to that minute they accomplish their son for the very first time.

Relive Josie and also Kelton’s beautiful and also endearing love story - native an enchanting courtship come a romantic proposal at her dream destination, watch their journey culminate with a walk under the aisle come say ns do!

As Carlin and Evan renders plans for their wedding, check out all the great moments that resulted in their big day! from Evan’s serenade courtship proposal to an unforgettable proposal, you’ll loss in love all over again together the Bates household prepares to see one more one of their children start their new life together a married couple.

Gil and also Kelly Bates, and their 19 kids, are buzzing around the latest enhancement to your family; the first Bates grandchild! together the girls prepare to throw a substantial baby shower head to celebrate, Alyssa provides the household some how amazing news of she own and an accident pipeline the family members shaken.

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Erin invites she siblings over for a sleepover to help ease the change from a complete house to life with just her brand-new husband, Chad. Zach and also Whitney obtain real around becoming parents and also Michaella pays a surprised visit to she beau, Brandon, in Texas, with a chaperone in tow.

The entirety Bates clan package up and heads to the good outdoors! If girlfriend think packing for your household is hard…try packing because that 21! no everyone loves gift in the wild and also the whole family has different ideas about what “roughing it” really means.

The younger kids get a class on “Train Up,” the Bates" method for discipline, and also Gil and also Kelly take it 11 of them shopping for the ultimate test! Erin bring away a pilgrimage to the medical professional hoping for some great news.

Budding gospel nation singer/songwriter Lawson Bates top to Nashville to accomplish with a record label executive and also a vocal coach, while Kelly, Gil and the younger children start planting a loss garden. However with so many people offering your opinions, the task doesn’t go as seamlessly together Kelly thinks so she call for ago up.

How does a family members of 21 uncover enough clothing to last through the winter? obtain ready because that the Bates seasonal apparel switchover, where nothing goes come waste! In the midst of the chaos, the household is request to sing at a bluegrass music festival... However can castle all discover their parts in time?

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Zach and Whitney’s infant is early in much less than 2 weeks, but the nursery is nowhere close to ready! lucky for them, there room plenty that Bates to lend a hand. As Whitney’s due-date nears (and passes!) the totality family it s okay anxious to meet the newest addition to the ever-growing clan. Later, Erin share surprising news v her parents.

Carlin gets a night out alone with her parents and they have actually a unique surprise for her. Later, the Bates family members visits Zach and also Whitney together they readjust to being first-time parents. Then, Lawson sings the national Anthem in former of 15,000 people.