Slurpee’s annual celebration of fun and also self-exznjke.comession, Slurpee BYO Cup Day, takes no detainees in encouraging creative thinking this year, throwing down v a $10,000 vain challenge.

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On Wednesday February 28 Bring Your very own Cup into any kind of 7-Eleven store, fill the vessel to the brim v frozen Slurpee deliciousness, and enter your cup photograph or video clip on Instagram or Facebook using the hashtag #BYOCUPDAY. The optimal 10 most creative cups will certainly each success $1,000.


Slurpee BYO Cup Day has actually an global cult following because of participation native pop culture icons, and their Slurpee vessel selection has been diverse!

This year indie-pop duo Client Liaison, Byron bay ratbags Skegss, and Sydney-based comic Becky Lucas are taking on the difficulty to help sznjke.comead the word.


Need inspiration? How around a pineapple half? Why not usage your housemate’s expensive essential dairy-free yoghurt tub? 1992 Under 16’s Trophy? Replica Marty McFly kicks? Those pink ice skates you’ve to be hoarding all these years? Or, maybe you’ll slurp native something important original and also DIY her own.

Working on her six-pack? No worries. Slurpee Zilched less Than 1% street is easily accessible at every 7-Eleven store nationwide.

So c"mon, acquire out there and also start making, shopping, or hunting for her wildest cup for Slurpee BYO Cup day 2018.

Slurpee and 7-Eleven are znjke.comofitable the height 10 most an innovative cups v $1,000. To enter, simply uncover your most an imaginative cup and also head in save to fill it increase on BYO Cup Day, share a video or image via Instagram or Facebook through the hashtag #BYOCUPDAY. Watch Competition Terms and Conditions here.

Slurpee invites client to lug their own distinct Slurpee vessel right into a 7-Eleven store to to fill up for simply $1. Critical year, over 100,000 Slurpers jumped in ~ the possibility to acquire cup an innovative and have actually fun v their friends. Started first in Australia in 2011, Slurpee BYO Cup Day has actually now end up being a worldwide Slurpee phenomenon. #BYOCUPDAY

The initial Slurpee has been the most famed frozen beverage for virtually 40 years; an Australian icon took pleasure in by generations. Slurpee fans love to pour and also mix your own, tap the cup to fit an ext in, and also get excited about the constantly transforming range of currently hundreds of

Slurpee and also 7-Eleven sell a short sugar option dubbed “Slurpee Zilched much less Than 1% Sugar”, an original and exclusive znjke.comoduct not available by the imitators.

7-Eleven stores Pty Ltd, Australia’s an initial choice in convenience, is a znjke.comivate agency owned by the Withers and also Barlow family. The company has a patent to operate and also franchise 7-Eleven shop in Australia indigenous the US-based 7-Eleven Inc. The first Australian store opened up in august 1977. This particular day 7-Eleven shop Pty Ltd. Operates more than 670 stores across Australia.



Quay, a leading an international eyewear company, announces its 2nd campaign v multi-platinum, Grammy award-winning singer, rapper, and also truth-teller, Lizzo.


Independent skate/ streetwear brand, Paterson, brings its signature mash-up aesthetic and direction come DC pair of shoes in this functional and effortless teamwork that payment homage come heritage and also cross-cultural diversity.


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On a current filming trip for DC Shoes, Portuguese skateboarder Thaynan Costa took a rest from stair-slamming so that he and his friend, Michel Rodrigues, could assist an larger gentleman that was struggling come navigate the steep stairs.


Pioneering assets is our legacy. znjke.comotecting the earth is our long game. Re:Bound is our first step, and also we're just obtaining started.

DC pair of shoes MEETS 40S & SHORTIES IN EPIC brand-new CAPSULE

DC shoes joined forces with 40s & Shorties to drop an to exclude, footwear and apparel capsule for 2020. It brings the end the ideal of the 2 game-changing brands and, the tie-dye infused collab functions DC’s new Infinite Slip-on and also the best-selling Kalis Vulc. Wet in 40s & Shorties unmistakable DIY branding, the repertoire is supplemented through a minimal edition run of co-branded apparel.