A BRIDE in India died on she wedding day so her husband-to-be married her younger sisters instead, reports claim. 

The human body of the woman, called Surbhi, put in a room following door together the marriage reportedly took ar moments later on in Etawah city, Uttar Pradesh.

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Groom Manjesh Kumar is pictured with his bride, Surbhi, before she dropped dead. Both households then i agreeed Manjesh should marry Surbhi's sister

The sisters room pictured with each other on the day before the sudden death of Surbhi, with Nisha circled

Surbhi endured a heart attack at the awareness after trading garlands v husband-to-be Manjesh Kumar as part of Hindu wedding tradition. 

A physician from the local village was called to the scene yet was can not to conserve her.

Surbhi's brother Saurabh said: “It's hard to believe a dead body was in the other room — and also a bride was being ready in the following one.”

Speaking come news firm IANS, he said:”Both the families sat together and also someone said that mine younger sister Nisha must be married to the groom. 

“The families questioned the matter and both agreed.”

The critical rites that the bride to be performed ~ the marriage.

It is assumed the Surbhi's family would likely have actually been expecting a dowry.

Her mother, Guddi Devi, made an emotional appeal for the wedding to walk ahead, that is reported.

The groom's uncle Ajab Singh claimed the marital relationship ceremony was performed according come Hindu customs.

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"Everything to be happening fairly nicely.

"She fainted moments prior to taking sath pehre (seven rounds approximately the fire)," Ajab stated.

The bride's uncle Mahesh Chandra said:"My daughter to be happy ~ above her marriage day. We're doomed.”

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