Brian Porter Kemp (born November 2, 1963) is one American businessman and politician that is the 83rd and incumbent governor of the U.S. State that Georgia, in office due to the fact that 2019. A member the the Republican Party, he formerly was the Secretary the State that Georgia and a member the the Georgia State Senate.Born in Athens, Georgia, Kemp is a graduate of the university of Georgia. Prior to entering politics, he to be a tiny business owner for several agribusiness, gaue won services, and real heritage companies. In 2002 he was chosen to the Georgia State Senate. In 2010, Kemp was appointed Secretary the State by governor Sonny Perdue following the resignation of Karen Handel to run for governor. Kemp to be subsequently chosen to a full term as secretary of state in 2010, and also he to be reelected in 2014.During Kemp"s tenure together secretary of state, his office was impacted by number of accusations and controversies. In 2015, Kemp"s office dispersed the Social defense numbers and also dates of birth of over 6.2 million Georgia voters. Kemp to be the just secretary of state come reject aid from the U.S. Department of Homeland protection to guard against Russian interference in the 2016 election. He also implemented Georgia"s controversial "exact match" system for voter registration. Critics have described Kemp"s actions together secretary of state as an instance of autonomous backsliding, back Kemp denies that he proactively engaged in voter suppression.In 2018, Kemp to be a candidate for governor. After comes in 2nd place in the Republican primary, he defeated Lieutenant governor Casey Cagle in the Republican runoff v 69% the the vote. In the general election he challenged Democratic nominee Stacey Abrams. Kemp significantly refused to resign as secretary that state while campaigning for governor, a relocate that some critics claimed constituted a problem of interest. Complying with the basic election on November 6, Kemp was claimed the winner through 50.2% of the vote. Abrams consequently suspended her campaign on November 16. Kemp was inaugurated as branch in a public ceremony in Atlanta top top January 14, 2019.Kemp to be born in Athens, Georgia, the kid of wilhelm L. Kemp II. Kemp"s grandfather, Julian H. Cox Sr., was a member the the Georgia Legislature. Kemp i graduated from Athens Academy in 1983. He later on graduated native the college of Georgia, wherein he specialty in agriculture. Kemp was a residence builder and also developer before entering politics.He offered as a Georgia State Senator indigenous 2003 come 2007 after beating the democratic incumbent, Doug Haines. In 2006, Kemp ran for agriculture Commissioner that Georgia. The came 2nd in the primary, yet he lost the runoff to Gary Black. Kemp initially claimed intent to operation for State Senate ar 47 once incumbent Ralph Hudgens planned to operation for conference in Georgia"s 10th congressional district. Hudgens withdrew and ran for reelection, transforming Kemp"s plans. In early 2010, Kemp was appointed to Georgia Secretary the State through then-Governor Sonny Perdue. Kemp won the 2010 election for a complete term as Georgia Secretary that State with 56.4% the the vote, to 39.4% for his autonomous opponent, Georganna Sinkfield. Four years later, Kemp was reelected.Kemp rejects the conclusion by the United states Intelligence community that Russia interfered in the 2016 election. Between Russian interference in the 2016 election, Kemp denounced initiatives by the Obama administration to combine the protection of choice systems, consisting of improving access to commonwealth cybersecurity assistance. He denounced the Obama administration"s efforts, speak they to be an assault on states" rights. After narrowly winning in the 2018 gubernatorial election, he resigned his office the Secretary of State in anticipation of ending up being Governor. In march 2017, Kemp announced his candidacy in the 2018 Georgia gubernatorial election. In a ar of six candidates, Kemp and also Lieutenant governor Casey Cagle come in the two top locations in a six-way Republican main in may 2018, progressing to a runoff election. Kemp ran against Democratic nominee Stacey Abrams, the decimal leader that the Georgia home of Representatives, in the 2018 basic election. Throughout the gubernatorial campaign, Kemp adopted Trump-like policies and also themes. Kemp ran ~ above a plan of imposing a state safety cap, opposing medicaid expansion, and also implementing the "strictest" abortion regulations in the country. Kemp favors repealing the Affordable treatment Act, relenten it together "an absolute disaster" and supports litigation seeking to remove the law"s protections for persons through a pre-existing condition. He has actually said that would sign a invoice of "religious freedom and also restoration" vetoed double by governor Nathan Deal, i m sorry would enable refusal the contraception to women or services to LGBT couples top top the communication of spiritual beliefs. ~ above December 4, 2018, U.S. Representative Elijah Cummings, the just arrive chairman that the residence Committee top top Oversight and Government Reform, announced the he would choose to contact Kemp before Congress come testify around the same of his actions during the 2018 elections.Kemp is married to Marty Kemp; they have three daughters. The family members belongs to the Emmanuel Episcopal Church in Athens. Kemp"s father-in-law to be Bob Argo (1923-2016), an Athens insurance allowance executive and longtime member the the Georgia home of Representatives. In may 2018, Kemp was sue for fail to repay $500k in company loans. The fit is regarded Kemp having actually personally guarantee $10 million in company loans come Kentucky based agency Hart AgStrong, a canola crushing company.

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The agency is under investigation after making promises using assets the did no own and also repaying providers using proceeds native insurance settlements. One attorney for the Georgia room of farming has stated these actions "may it is in a felony under Georgia law."