The claim: Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp "stole" the state"s 2018 choice in these three ways

As Georgia politics reenter the spotlight following the 2020 election, insurance claims that the state"s branch didn"t victory the office relatively are resurfacing. 

A 2018 Facebook article depicts Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp, a Republican, with an infographic overlaid ~ above the photo that reads "How Brian Kemp stole the Georgia election." the lists this three means he "stole" the governorship: canceled 1.4 million voter registrations since 2014, closed 214 polling places, mainly in nonwhite neighborhoods and put 53,000 voter "on hold," 70% of whom to be Black. 

"Hey GOP, ns think we uncovered your "voter fraud,"" the write-up reads. The person who common the short article did not respond to USA TODAY"s inquiry for comment. 

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Contentious 2018 gyeongju for Georgia governor

Kemp ran against Democrat Stacey Abrams for branch 2018, and that is what the post is referring to — not the 2020 election. The short article doesn"t specify which election Kemp allegedly stole, yet claims the voter suppression by Abrams and also other critics followed him right into the governorship because that the reasons detailed in the post. 

While Kemp ran for governor, the was likewise Georgia"s secretary the state. The secretary that state is in fee of overseeing elections, which doubters of Kemp"s stated made it difficult for the choice to be fair and free of disputes of interest.

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Charles Bullock, a professor that political science at the university of Georgia, said USA this day that it"s not uncommon for a secretary of state to continue holding the office when running. 

"Every secretary of state who has actually run for reelection as secretary that state in Georgia has held ~ above the office throughout that," that said. "It"s simply not that common for a secretary the state to operation for governor." 

It"s true that during his eight-year tenure in that role, Kemp"s office canceled over 1.4 million voter registrations, with low-income and minority Georgians many likely to have their registrations removed, follow to the Atlanta newspaper Constitution. End 668,000 the those registrations to be canceled in 2017.

Kemp"s office told the linked Press in 2018 that the procedure is "voter roll maintenance" aimed at protecting Georgia"s elections against voter fraud.Bullock listed that maintaining the accuracy of voter lists is allowed under law, i beg your pardon often method removing voters, though states cannot remove voters simply for the action of no voting. 

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It"s additionally true the 214 polling areas closed during Kemp"s tenure as secretary of state. A report released by the management Conference education and learning Fund discovered that after a 2013 can be fried Court decision allowed particular states and cities to adjust voting laws and practices without commonwealth approval, there to be a surge in poll closures. 

A spokeswoman for the Georgia Secretary the State"s Office said USA now in 2019 the state law permits individual counties to separately "determine the suitable amount of polling places for their jurisdictions, whether decreasing or increasing relying on several factors, including geography and also cost." The report cites a 2015 memo native Kemp encouraging county officials to unify polling places, though, citing the can be fried Court case, USA TODAY formerly reported. 

And, it"s true that around 53,000 voter registrations were placed on organize by Kemp a few weeks out from the 2018 election. Those applications were flagged together a part of the state"s "exact match" verification process, which needs that voter info must precisely enhance the information on file with the Georgia room of Driver solutions or the Social security Administration, according to the associated Press. The linked Press discovered that almost 70% the those voter registrations on hold were black people, in spite of the state"s population being around 32% Black. 

Bullock explained those holds would not have stopped those Georgians native voting. 

"All the person had to do is present up with their photograph ID, which everyone has to have, and they would"ve been allowed to vote," the said. "But by making that claim, probably that did inspire some more of those world to make certain that castle did poll – both Democrats and also Republicans."

Abrams lost to Kemp by nearly 55,000 votes in 2018. In her concession, Abrams said the outcome reflected voter suppression. Kemp has denied efforts to suppress voters on numerous occasions, USA TODAY formerly reported.

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“Kemp is fighting to protect the verity of ours elections and ensure that only legal citizens actors a ballot,” Ryan Mahoney, a spokesman for Kemp, said the connected Press in 2018.

Bullock stated that there"s not much empirical evidence to suggest Kemp tried come suppress votes or steal the election – but the talking point is great politics. 

"Think ago to your own childhood – if her parents said don"t execute such and such, constantly that renders it far more attractive, for this reason by saying Republicans space going to try to keep you from voting, the reaction from some Democrats is going come be, "By God, I"m going to present them lock can"t,"" that said. "It"d make me much more committed together a Democrat to walk out and vote." 

The Facebook post has most likely resurfaced in recent days because of Georgia"s newfound spotlight, through voters swinging blue through a small margin in the presidential race and its 2 senatorial seats still up for grabs, the outcome deciding which party will manage the Senate in the following Congress start in 2021.

Our rating: partially false

We rate the claim that Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp "stole" the state"s election in the three provided ways as partly FALSE because some that the insurance claim is unfounded. The choice the write-up is referring to is the state"s 2018 gubernatorial gyeongju — not the 2020 election. When Kemp to be secretary of state, that office did cancel over 1.4 million voter registrations and put 53,000 voter registrations on hold. It"s additionally true that 214 polling locations were closed when he was in office, despite individual counties do those decisions. Yet those actions can be explained as regimen under state and federal law, and an expert defined there"s not much empirical proof supporting the assertion the Kemp one of two people suppressed the poll or "stole" the election from Abrams.

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