AC/DC confirm Return that Brian Johnson, Cliff Williams, Phil Rudd

Three members were every gone through the end of the critical tour, yet they’re back and the band appears to it is in on the verge that announcing brand-new music



AC/DC singer Brian Johnson has rejoined the band alongside drummer Phil Rudd and also bassist Cliff Williams.

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After month of rumors, AC/DC finally confirmed that frontman Brian Johnson is returning to the band in addition to drummer Phil Rudd and bassist Cliff Williams.

The band shared a new image the them alongside guitarist/co-founder Angus Young and also nephew Stevie Young, that took over for the late Malcolm Young on guitar in 2015.

The band has actually been teasing this reunion on Twitter every week with a collection of brief videos that present the red AC/DC lightning bolt logo design flickering ago to life. There’s no main word on what the tape is announcing past the return that these 3 members, yet they room using the hashtag #PWRUP and also that might refer come a new single or album they space on the verge of roll out. A couple of main back, photos emerged that proved the band on the collection of a brand-new video.


— AC/DC (
acdc) September 30, 2020

Johnson left AC/DC close to the finish of the rock or Bust tourism in 2016 due to hearing problems. That was changed by Axl climbed for the staying shows. Rudd left prior to the tour even started (although he played on the Rock or Bust album) after being arrested in his native brand-new Zealand whereby he was charged v “attempting come procure a murder” and possession that methamphetamine. Some of the dues were ultimately dropped and he was sentenced to eight month of residence detention.

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Williams never missed any kind of AC/DC shows, but he quietly announced he was leaving the tape at the conclusion that the rock or Bust tour. “Losing Malcolm, the point with Phil and now v Brian, it’s a readjusted animal,” he said in 2016. “I feeling in my gut it’s the appropriate thing.”

The band members have kept incredibly low profiles end the past four years, although they were photographed external of a Vancouver recording studio in 2019.