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Matthews, Cushing and guilt through association
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Matthews, Cushing and also guilt through association
May 10, 2010

Kevin staff Writer national NFL NFC north reporter, 2008-2013
Take a look at the background snapshot of environment-friendly Bay linebacker Clay Matthews’ Twitter account. It’s a 2009 Sports depicted cover special Matthews and two that his former USC teammates: Brian Cushing, later drafted through Houston, and Rey Maualuga, that landed in Cincinnati.

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Clay Matthews post 51 tackles, including 10 sacks, throughout his rookie season in environment-friendly Bay.Kirby Lee/US PresswireBarely a year later, Matthews is the only one of the trio unscathed by controversy. Maualuga was arrested in January for drunken driving and was booked to spend 30 job in rehab. Cushing, the 2010 NFL defensive rookie the the year for Houston, was suspended 4 games Friday after testing positive for performance-enhancing drugs.

And for those who will begin the guilty-by-association discussion between Cushing and also Matthews, who gained some 60 pounds in between his junior year in high school and the begin of his university career, let’s follow the command of Greg A. Bedard that the Milwaukee journal Sentinel.

Bedard points the end Matthews’ April 2009 an answer to rumors he had tested positive for steroids himself. Matthews described how he developed from an unrecruited 161-pound high school junior come a 220-pound college linebacker and also expressed frustration at how quickly steroid rumors start once young football players get weight.

Let’s enable Matthews’ unambiguous words, courtesy the Packers’ website, speak greatly for themselves.

Clay, were you component of an erroneous report?

Clay Matthews: Yeah, the exact same website in reality reported that B.J. had actually tested confident for to chat drugs and me and also my various other teammate, Brian Cushing, had tested hopeful for steroids, i beg your pardon is totally false. Unfortunately in year past world have had to just wait that out and also let the exhilaration clear and at the time their surname is damaged. No issue if girlfriend come out clean, civilization are going to think much less of you as a person. Therefore to be fortunate enough to be able to call the head administrator for the medicine test and also he let united state know, no, you didn"t test positive. It was just a matter of shutting a guy down and also letting human being know the actual story. It"s unfortunate, yet I guess: v we"re in this position that we are today and also it wouldn"t be happening if we weren"t in this position. You discover from it and you grow from it really.

When you visited SC, to be you 161 pounds?

CM: No, the weight has actually been exaggerated tremendously. I desire to set the document straight and also say ns was 228 coming right into SC. ~ camp, around 220. Ns just operated hard. I"d love because that the writer the that write-up to come see exactly how I train and also live a job in mine shoes, and also he have the right to see exactly how I put on this weight and also what not. It to be funny, I simply heard the other day Aaron Curry to be 195 at Wake woodland when he an initial checked in. World can put on weight. They work-related hard. It"s no that hard detailed you have a workman"s mentality.

You redshirted and also were there a long time, so to be it not just the weight room but you struggle some growth spurts over there too?

CM: Yeah, absolutely. Fortunately and also I guess: v unfortunately, Matthews are simply late bloomers. The same with my dad and my Uncle Bruce, us all going into college, we put on a incredible amount of weight. It was just a small late in the recruiting process so you have to walk top top here and also there and also make a surname for yourself. That"s what I had to do. You have the right to talk come anyone at the program and also they"ll to speak I"m one of the hardest workers and I"m going to it is in in the load room. Not just in the load room, but on the practice field, city hall film, game film, and also they"ll tell friend the form of personality that i possess.

So what did you sweet your junior year once they wouldn"t recruit you?

CM: 166.

How tall were you?

CM: Probably about 6-foot, 6-1. More than likely the just college male to have actually actually grown in elevation too throughout college.

Some of friend will suggest that us in the media perpetuate guilt-by-association themes by introducing them in the very first place. Writing about it color etc a connection readers can not otherwise make, you can say, and also extends the damages rather 보다 letting the issue settle.

I strongly disagree. I covered baseball indigenous 1996-99, the year leading as much as the steroid revelation era. At the time, writers bent over backward come avoid discussing steroids, even in the presence of apparent clues, in stimulate to avoid sullying the reputation of players that hadn"t admitted to making use of them. And also since there to be no reliable testing at the time, no one admitted it. So because that the most part, steroids were not component of the public conversation even though, together we now know, they were being supplied by several of the ideal players in the game.

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Nowhere am I suggesting that Matthews must come under more scrutiny now that among his college teammates has tested positive. However we would be naïve come think the ignoring the connection would assist diminish its legitimacy. Every American v a computer can i have announced his or she opinion via the Internet. So in an era that unattributable accusations and connecting of the dots, we need much more openness, an ext public discussion and maximum accountability. I"d rather have someone like Clay Matthews action forward and assert he has never bring away steroids than sit ago and think rumors will certainly dissipate if they go unaddressed.