Brian Courtney Wilson is a reasonably recent enhancement to the gospel music industry, do his noteworthy debut in 2009 with the project simply Love which earned him 2 Dove compensation Nominations. Just a couple of years later, the garnered a mainly Award performing through the all-male team United Tenors* and also has now released his 3rd solo album, precious Fighting For, under the Motown Gospel label. Tape-recorded live in ~ St. John’s unified Methodist Church in Houston, Texas, this album functions songs generally written through Wilson in cooperation with the project’s producer, Aaron Lindsey. The album’s title is indicative of its theme which prospered out that Wilson’s personal resolve that despite what that recognizes together commonplace cynicism toward authority and also organized religions, the church (and subsequently love and also hope) is “still precious fighting for and also preserving.”

Worth Fighting for explores the intimate and complex relationships in between individuals and a can be fried God. This live recording opens up with selections designed because that corporate worship, favor the up tempo, guitar and also percussion propelled “Stand mine Ground” i m sorry is a self-encouraging prayer in which the singer boldly declares, “I’ve decided not come give means to the fear/ I’ve uncovered that your presence way my assist is near.” This selection is adhered to by a song based on the renowned Biblical scripture Ps. 118:24 title “This is the Day.” composed to inspire celebration and audience participation, this track is repeated with basic lyrics and also call and an answer between Wilson and his backing singers. The accompaniment is energetic and also full-bodied, while the attractive melody rings through, inviting listener to song along.

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The song that consist of the middle of this 11 monitor album carry out a glimpse into the heart and also emotion of this project. The title track “Worth Fighting For” is maybe the many moving tune of the album together it provides a transparent discussion of Wilson’s battles with insecurity and also the means in i m sorry his belief was a catalyst because that spiritual and personal growth. This song starts with Wilson’s solo voice and pared under accompaniment – primarily keyboard and drums – together he talks to God stating, “You met me, deep in mine despair/ To display me girlfriend would never ever leave me there.” as the track progresses, extr instrumentation and also background voices include to the structure of the tune emphasizing the refrain, “Eyes haven’t seen/ ears haven’t heard/ every You have actually planned for me/ and also nothing can separate me from your love/ when there’s so much more/ still precious fighting for.” The song slowly crescendos come a climax as Wilson recounts his hopes, dreams, and relationships the (with god’s help) he will certainly fight come preserve.


The acoustic guitar driven song “Mindful” is also an intimate prayer come God, however instead of an emphatic statements of belief, this choice is a calm providing of gratitude and also love. The sweet refrain, “I didn’t know you were all I necessary until you were all i had…” expresses his dependency on God who has served as a sustaining pressure throughout his life.

In a readjust of pace, “It will certainly Be Alright” is a fun, mid-tempo tune that relies heavily on the rhythm section to create musical interest. This song contains emphatic musical “breaks,” allowing Wilson room to improvise lyrics and sermonize to listeners, encouraging them stay faithful despite an overwhelming circumstances. Similarly, “Hope conserved My Life” says that hope is the major ingredient necessary for success in life. It blends gospel elements and also funk inspired electrical bass v the clean, upbeat delivery of inspirational music crafted because that the musical theatre stage.

Worth Fighting because that showcases every one of the facets that make Wilson a update voice in modern gospel music. Beyond the sincerity that his lyrics, his thoughtful and sensitive distribution makes that an engaging performer. Even while singing extremely emotional or energetic songs, Wilson enables the lyrics and also the melody to shine brilliantly. Because that these reasons, worth Fighting because that is a thoughtful and artful job that is well worth a listen. Additionally, contemporary gospel music fans will certainly be happy to learn that the deluxe variation of this album attributes three bonus tracks—two medleys of Wilson’s previously released music and an old college R&B influenced song, “Greatest Love,” special Stellar and Grammy compensation winning vocalist Tina Campbell of the mar Mary duo.

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*United Tenors is made up of Wilson, Dave Hollister, Eric Roberson, and founder Fred Hammond – all of whom have had actually successful elevation careers together R&B or Gospel artists.