Marie Osmond and also Brian Blosil were married because that over 20 years and raised seven youngsters together, for this reason fans to be shocked once they divorced. In an interview on Winn Claybaugh"s master Podcast Club in December, Osmond handle the separation publicly, rehashing it for countless fans. Because that the very first time in years, some started to look back on the marital relationship that lasted indigenous 1986 to 2007, and also seemed favor it would never ever end.

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Osmond is a pop culture icon, well-known for music, acting and co-hosting The Talk briefly. She is likewise unique in the entertainment sector as a very religious person, brought up in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. She is additionally known because that an enduring dedication come family, community and also faith, which makes it how amazing to part fans the she has been divorced twice. However, in a new episode of Winn Claybaugh"s masters Podcast Club, Osmond was frank around her divorce native Blosil year ago.

Blosil to be a record producer, and he had actually one quick film function and one insignificant on a TV crew, however other than that he stayed away indigenous the limelight when his mam was a worldwide star. The couple had two biological children together during their marriage and adopted five more. Then, ~ 20 years, they split up, and also Osmond did no mince words around why.

"I just went, "I can"t do this anymore,"" Osmond recalled. "And mine children concerned me and also said, "Mom, please leave. We gotta obtain out the here.""

All these years later, plenty of fans room trying come contextualize Osmond"s new interview with their memories of her marriage to Blosil. Here is what you have to know around the pair and why lock split.

Previous Marriage

Before Blosil, Osmond had one broken engagement and also one ahead marriage. First, she was involved to exhilaration student Jeff Clayton in 1979, though the lasted only two months. She then married Stephen Lyle Craig, a basketball player from Brigham Young University. The two tied the knot in 1982, had actually one kid together the complying with year, then divorced in 1985. Follow to a report by alphabet News, Osmond quote "mental cruelty" in her divorce filing.


Short Engagement

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Osmond supposedly met Blosil at the Jordan River temple in Utah, sharing her Mormon faith. The 2 married much less than a year after ~ meeting, and also began having kids immediately. In enhancement to having actually Rachael and Matthew Blosil biologically, the two adopted five children: Jessica, Michael, Brandon, Brianna, and Abigail. Osmond is lauded together a super-mom by plenty of fans come this day.

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Osmond has frequently been candid about suffering indigenous postpartum depression, particularly after her 3rd biological bear to Matthew. The bout of depression supposedly stretched on, with a specific impact ~ above her relationship with Blosil.