DWTS: Brian Austin eco-friendly & Sharna burgess Explain leave Rumors Ousted DWTS contestant Brian Austin Green and also his agree partner and also girlfriend Sharna citizen clear the air on rumors around their exit from the show.

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sharna burgess and also brian austin eco-friendly on dwts
~ their exit from Dancing through The Stars on Tuesday night, there were rumors the Brian Austin Green and Sharna citizen left sourly, yet they have now collection the record straight. Brian and his run partner and also girlfriend Sharna were eliminated in the fourth week of DWTS season 30. The week was themed "Disney Night" and featured two episodes: Monday"s "Disney Heroes Night" and "Disney Villains Night" top top Tuesday, October 12. On Monday, Brian and also Sharna danced a Snow White and also the seven Dwarfs-themed waltz and earned 25 points. On Tuesday night, castle danced the paso doble come Pirates that the Caribbean and got 27 points.

The pair scored the lowest points on both nights and were the an initial to be sent packing ~ above Tuesday, which to be a dual elimination. Bachelor alum Matt James and also his pro companion Lindsay Arnold to be the other contestants to it is in eliminated. During Brian and also Sharna"s four weeks ~ above DWTS, the show"s judges often criticized them for being too concentrated on themselves throughout their routines. Last week, Sharna additionally opened up about the challenges of contending alongside her far-ranging other on the show and said that was nearly a challenge. Following Brian and also Sharna"s exit from DWTS, the pair did not participate in the normal post-show interviews. Their absence led come rumors that they were embittered about their elimination.

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However, Brian and Sharna have collection the document straight ~ above their lack from the post-show interviews. Together reported by E! News, they required to their Instagram Story top top October 13 to define why they didn"t partake in the interviews. Sharna said, "We didn"t leave prior to press started, us did wait a great 30 minute on the Zoom attach greenroom waiting for anyone to carry out press. But nothing came through to us, reportedly there was a large mix-up through the Zoom web links last night." Sharna additionally said she and Brian had to walk to the people waiting to obtain them out of their wigs and makeup. Brian added that castle weren"t salty and also wanting to storm out of the show. Sharna echoed her boyfriend"s sentiments, saying, "No one is salty. Anyone in the vain is absolutely amazing and also we space deeply grateful for our time ~ above it."

Brian thanked everyone that supported and also voted because that them during their time on the show. He explained their experience as a good one no just due to the fact that of the people they met but additionally with the fans who sustained them and also the opportunity to dance v each other. Sharna reiterated she and Brian did not skip their press session and added that they might do an Instagram Live later in the week come reflect on their experience and also probably prize some inquiries from fans. She break up by revealing their prompt plans, saying, "For now, we"re just going to reap each other today and enjoy not having anything to execute rather 보다 that."

Brian and Sharna have done fine by comes forward to describe why they were absent for your post-show interview. By act so, the sweet pair cleared the air and nipped any kind of spreading rumor in the bud. Your fans will also be delighted through their plans to have actually an Instagram Live come recap their Dancing with The Stars experience and possibly answer their questions. Despite not going all the method on the show, Brian and Sharna have actually undoubtedly took pleasure in their time and also will have plenty of fond memories come look back on. The present goes on for the contestants still left, that will currently be acquiring their routines best ahead of next week"s Grease episode.