However, it"s much from their an initial time splitting up. Since first falling because that each various other after conference on collection in 2004, the two have actually shared some wild times.

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From an initial getting engaged, then calling off their engagement, to gaining reengaged and secretly married,to filing because that divorce, then acquiring pregnant, then calling your divorce off, the pair"s relationship has been aroller coaster due to the fact that itbegan.

To better understand the road their romance has taken, ET is looking earlier over their 16-year love work -- i beg your pardon has included a wedding, 3 children and a many heartfelt praise.


Fox and also Green an initial met as soon as the actor to be guest-starring in an illustration of Fox"s abc sitcom Hope & Faith. At the time, Fox to be 18 and also Green to be 30, an age difference that eco-friendly later recalled was something that came to him. However, together Fox stated in a new York Times profile several years later, she liked him immediately.

"I didn’t recognize who he to be from 90210, but I favored him best away," Fox recalled."Everyone was around the monitor watching a scene, and Brian accidentally touch my leg. I remember literal electrical energy shooting with me and also out the me indigenous every direction. The was like magic."


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November 2006

After two years of dating, Fox and Green got engaged and were currently living together. The pair remained significantly quiet around their relationship, though both stars appeared committed to tying the knot.

February 2009

With Fox"s career taking off in a large way because getting engagedand Green"s consistent work maintaining him busy, both celebs seemed to drift apart. Amid tabloid speculation that Fox had sparked a romantic fling through Transformers co-star Shia LaBeouf, the pair quietly dubbed off your engagement.

"The decision was mutual," a source told People in ~ the time. "They’re quiet friends."

Fox later told Us Weekly, "Marriage isn"t a realistic goal because that someone who is 23, that"s all.I just wanna concentration on becoming a far better person before I try to walk to being someone else"s wife."

June 16, 2010

Fox"s rep confirmed that Fox and also Green"s engagement was back on, and that the pair were when again plan on tying the knot.

June 24, 2010

Wasting no time this go-around, Fox and also Green wed in a an enig ceremony in ~ the four Seasons will on Hawaii"s big Island just days after news damaged that they"d resumed your engagement. Nearly nothing was revealed around their wedding, other than that Green"s son, Kassius -- native a previous relationship -- to be there to provide his dad away.

Sept. 27, 2012

Fox and Green invited their first child together, sonNoah Shannon. However, the news the their infant boy"s bear wouldn"t it is in revealed for one more month. In October, Fox took to Facebook come announce the belated news.

"He is healthy, happy, and perfect," Fox wrote. "We are humbled to have actually the opportunity to speak to ourselves the parental of this beautiful soul and also I am forever grateful to God for permitting me to recognize this type of boundless, immaculate love."

February 2014

Two year after welcoming their an initial son together, the pair welcomed their second child, Bodhi Ransom.

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August 2014

Based ~ above several various interviews, Fox has actually no qualms dishing ~ above how having actually two kids had impacted her and Green"s love life. In one interview through ET at the premiere the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles in Los Angeles, Fox said thatbetween raising children and also maintaining a career, the pair hasn"t had much alone time. "Brian doesn"t get any type of intimacy whatsoever," Fox joked.

Around the very same time, Fox satellite down through the hostsofThe Viewand addressed comments environment-friendly had made about wanting much more kids in the future, explaining, "Well, yeah, but he doesn"t have to do any kind of of the work."

August 2015

After theA-list pair hadn"t been watched at a public event because December 2014, news damaged that Fox and also Green had referred to as it quits. According to reports in ~ the time, the pair had technically separated number of months earlier.

Two days after news of the splitsurfaced, Fox officially filed for divorce,citing "irreconcilable differences" together the cause of the split, and asked for joint physical and legal custody over their 2 sons. The documents stated their date of separation as June 15, 2015.

September 2015

A month ~ Fox filed because that divorce indigenous Green, heresponded with a request for spousal support, according to court documents obtained by ET in ~ the time.In his petition because that divorce, Green’s submit mirrored nearly every allude made by Fox in her earlier petition, except for the spousal support. Fox could have request the court to end Green"s appropriate to seek support in she initial petition however chose no to.


News brokethat Fox was pregnant, and also the actresswalked the red carpet in ~ the opening night gala of CinemaCon at Caesars royal residence in las Vegas, where she verified off her infant bump. Speculation arose concerning whothe father might be, yet it was soon evidenced that it was Green.Despite filing for divorce, the pairhadbeen spotted safety time with each other over the recent months, and also no front progress had actually been make in their divorce.

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Aug. 4, 2016

After celebrating with a babymoon in Apriland then being sure she"d offer birth "any minute"in June, Fox eventually gave birth to the couple"s 3rd son,Journey river Green, in at an early stage August.