Megan Fox and her ex Brian Austin eco-friendly share 3 adorable children. Find out everything you should know about their sons!

Megan Fox, 35, andBrian Austin Green, 47, may have referred to as it quits, yet the pair have still to be co-parentingtheir kidssincetheir separation in early 2020. The previous couple, who broke up after practically 10 year of marriage, share three sons: Noah, 8,Bodhi, 7, andJourney, 4. Together fans would know, the trio have mostly been retained out of the public eye.

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Megan and Brian v their kids. Image: MEGA

Since Brian and Megan finished their relationship, they have actually publicly do not agree over how much of an understanding they desire to provide fans once it pertains to their kids’ lives. The previous lovebirds do headlines after Megan expressed her disapproval of a pic Brian posted through the kids. He later on cropped castle out, and also since then, it appears they’ve been making the children their number one focus. Here’s everything to know about Megan’s three young sons.


Megan’s boy Noah. Image: IXOLA / BACKGRID

TheTransformers actress’ eldest son Noah has constantly been “really into fashion” she revealed in 2019. In spite of his distinct taste, eight-year-old Noah together unfortunately been subjected to cruel bullying attract dresses. Megan described the world who write awful things about her kid as “mean, terrible people and also cruel people” in a July 2021 profile v InStyle.

Despite attending a “liberal, hippy school” in California. “He still has little boys going, ‘Boys don’t undertake dresses,’ or ‘Boys don’t undertake pink,’” she said.Megan even melted a tear as soon as she speak further about the comments tiny Noah received online, just for to express himself. “I don’t desire him to ever have to read that s**t since he hears the from tiny kids in ~ his very own school who space like, ‘Boys don’t undertake dresses,’” she said.

Nevertheless, Megan and Brian have actually both been completely supportive with the years of whatever their son chooses to wear. Noah has previously been spotted out and around with his parents, put on dresses similar to those of standard Disney princesses like Snow White and also Elsa from Frozen.

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Megan’s kid Bodhi. Image: BACKGRID

The couple welcomed their second child Bodhi ~ above February 12, 2014 — and also he’s completely Megan’s mini-me! The brunette beauty opened up in a may 2021 interview withKelly Clarksonon The Kelly Clarkson present about the trio’s relationship with one another.“They love each other. They’re finest friends, yet the fighting is non-stop due to the fact that they have so much energy and also they’re for this reason rambunctious that it’s simply a melee. My kids will pull out fists complete of hair and also be like, ‘I got your hair, Noah!’”


Megan’s kid Journey. Image: Marksman / MEGA

Megan and also Brian invited their youngest son, Journey, on respectable 4, 2016. Lot like his enlarge brothers, the youngster has actually largely been maintained out that the spotlight, however the topic involved averypublic head in November 2020.TheTransformersactress required to Instagram on come publicly the shade the Beverly Hills, 90210alum ~ he post a photo of their youngest son. “Why does Journey have to be in this picture? It’s not difficult to chop them out. Or select photos that they aren’t in,” she commented.