Ask Brett Eldredge his favorite song at the moment, and it’s for sure to speak it’s Steve Goodman’s “Go Cubs Go.”

The Illinois native and lifelong fan of the Chicago Cubs returned to the windy City end the weekend to sign up with their World series championship parade from Wrigley field to give Park to song the victory anthem with team.

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A parade v 5 million that the ideal fans and also a extremely special ending…love this crew, love friend all, go

Backstage in ~ Tuesday’s (Nov. 8) CMA nation Christmas taping, Eldredge claimed he’s tho on a high ~ their historic World series win; specifically after filming the “Wanna Be the Song” video at the ball ar on the year castle won.

“I grew up a substantial Cubs fan,” the said. “Wrigley ar has that magic aura about it. I have actually connections there the let me take regulate over Wrigley field for a totality day, and I acquired to play approximately like a boy as a baseball player. It was the coolest experience and to have actually it be the year that we won the world series was just the most magic thing in the world.”

According to Billboard, “Go Cubs Go” gotten in the pop Digital tune Sales chart for the first time in ~ No. 21. The song additionally debuted ~ above the hot Digital track Sales graph at No. 49 with 15,000 download in the week finishing Nov. 3, follow to Nielsen Music.

Eldredge has another major parade coming up. He will certainly be in new York City in 2 weeks because that his second Macy’s Thanksgiving job Parade, i m sorry will additionally include performances by Kelsea Ballerini, Easton Corbin, Maddie & Tae and Cole Swindell.

“I did the Macy’s parade not too long ago, and it was once I was very first getting started,” Eldredge said. “I did the Macy’s parade not also long earlier and it was when I was an initial getting started. It to be freezing and also all these little kids to be dressed up as cookies and also all this crazy stuff. Anyone was just so happy.

“And it came to be a storage I gained to share v my family, and also I acquired a Christmas album out. It is the time once everyone starts listening come Christmas music — what a perfect time come hop ~ above a float, sing Christmas songs till I can’t sing them anymore and also then celebrate Thanksgiving through my family in new York City.”

Eldredge released his very first Christmas album, Glow, top top Oct. 28. He and Maren Morris continue Keith Urban’s ripCORD tourism on Friday (Nov. 11) in Nashville. The phibìc American leg wraps Nov.

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19 at the Barclays facility in Brooklyn, new York, and picks increase in new Zealand on Dec. 3 v Carrie Underwood.