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One the Howard Stern’s longtime producer on the show, and also frequent on-air talent, Brent Hatley, has left the present after a series of occasions including several very heated occurrences involving his wife, Katelyn.

In the past couple of weeks, Brent has been noticeable lacking from the show after the subject of his swinging lifestyle came to be a focal allude on the show. Also, Hatley has been open around some recent medical problems he had actually been suffering from, including headaches and also vision problems.

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“After six good years, I’ve made decision to leave SirisuXM Pandora. I’d prefer to thank Howard Stern for his kindness and for the chance to work-related on his show and also channels ~ above two different occasions. Some of the best work of mine career was done there. The employee on-air and behind the scene at The Howard Stern networks are civilization that work and perform in ~ the greatest level every single day. It to be an respect to work-related alongside each and also every one of them. I will miss out on the all dearly,” Hatley posted in a declare on Instagram.

He continued, “To the fans of the Howard Stern Show, you space truly the many unique and also wide-ranging fanbase in every one of entertainment. It’s to be a humbling suffer to execute for friend on-air and behind the scenes. Thank you native the bottom the my love for any kind of amount that time that you spent listening while i was component of the show.”

It’s uncertain if the swinging discussions or his medical problems are the reasoning behind the abrupt leave from the show, as numerous fans of Stern’s believed some that the on-air antics wouldn’t in reality spill over and cause problems in their actual lives.

But, in the very same resignation letter, Brent guarantees to announce his newest venture, saying, “My newest venture will it is in announced today.” so it’s feasible he is simply moving on to a new gig.

Fans of the show instantly took to society media to reaction to the news. One human wrote, “Thanks for being for this reason open and honest about your life. That made for an excellent entertainment. Good luck on whatever comes next.”

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Another added, “Damn Brent. One of the ideal on the show! We’ll miss out on you. #SuperSteamy”

A couple of fans were shocked in ~ the news, and also had a opinions regarding what may have happened. “What??? Ahhh male Brent you to be thee best component of the show. Ns gonna miss you buddy. I hope this isn’t real but if that is, might you have a better career,” one pan posted.

“It clear didn’t finish well……. Howard couldn’t say good-bye on air because that the fans?????” one more added.

As always, the speculation is running wild ~ something like this happens v many world asking, “Does that mean Howard is retiring?”