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Judges Prue Leith and also Paul Hollywood look at mini rolfes alongside hold Noel Fielding throughout season 12. note Bourdillon/Netflix when it pertains to the grand prize, the display is one anomaly — anyone earns the location of best amateur baker just gets some significant bragging rights.

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But for some winners the "The an excellent British Baking Show," i m sorry is called the "Great British bake Off" in its house nation, the acts as a launchpad for succeeding success and fame in the kind of publication deals, hosting spots, or contributor positions at food magazines.

In honor of a brand-new season obtaining underway on Netflix , below is what every winner of "The good British Baking Show" is up to today.


Edd Kimber in 2013. Mike Marsland/Getty pictures

Back when there were only 10 contestants and the competition only lasted 6 weeks, the former debt collector beat other finalists Ruth Clemens and Miranda Gore Browne to earn the inaugural location of "GBBO"s" finest amateur baker.

At the time, the display was hosted by Mel Giedroyc and Sue Perkins and also judged through Paul Hollywood and Mary Berry. The this original lineup, just Hollywood remains: The others left ~ the present moved networks native the BBC to Channel 4 in 2017.

Prue Leith is currently a judge alongside Hollywood, when comedians Noel Fielding and Matt Lucas host.

Kimber go on to have a successful career in baking and also cookbook writing. The is around to release his 5th baking book.


Edd Kimber in ~ The human being Restaurant Awards in Paris in 2019. David M. Benett/Getty images

Following his victory on "Bake Off," Kimber functioned in the pastry kitchen of famed French chef Raymond Blanc"s restaurant, Le Manoir, according to The Huffington Post.

Since then, Kimber has actually published 4 cookbooks. His fifth, "One tin Bakes Easy," will certainly be exit in October.

He additionally contributes come a variety of food magazines consisting of Olive, BBC great Food, and Sainsbury"s, and also he runs The Boy that Bakes blog. He has likewise made appearances on countless British TV shows consisting of "Sunday Brunch" and "The Alan Titchmarsh Show," wherein he to be resident baker in 2014. He likewise appeared top top the Food Network with his own Christmas distinct in 2013, according to his website.



Wheatley, a mommy of three, gone beyond Holly Bell and Mary-Anne Boermans to win the second season. In the final, she wowed v white chocolate and also pistachio meringues.

The finale additionally famously featured that squirrel.

In the years since, Jo Wheatley has launched a blog and also a baking school, and she has published two books.


She operation the blog Jo"s Blue AGA, has actually turned her residence in Essex right into a cookery institution (which The Guardian included in that is Top five UK Baking Schools), has actually published two cookbooks, and also has contributed recipes come publications including The Sun, The Mirror, BBC an excellent Food Magazine, and also Hello magazine, follow to Limelight Celebrity Management.

According to she Instagram, Wheatley resides in Lisbon but spends much of her time v her grandchildren and traveling the world with her husband.

A 23-year-old legislation student in ~ the time, man Whaite to win Brendan Lynch and James Morton in a surprise win.

man Whaite (left) the minute he discovered out he won "Bake Off." Netflix

Even though he gained off ~ above the not correct foot in the very an initial episode of season 3 (hesprinkled salt into his baking tin instead of sugar throughout that week"s technological bake), john Whaite persevered to win the third season that "Bake Off" with a coco chiffon cake.

Whaite is currently taking part in "Strictly Come Dancing," the British version of "Dancing v the Stars." He's part of the show's an initial male same-sex to dance duo.

john Whaite cooking for Carson Daly and Savannah Guthrie top top an illustration of "Today" in 2018. Lorne Thomson/Getty pictures

Since his success in 2012, Whaite has published 4 cookbooks, earn his patisserie diploma indigenous Le Cordon Bleu, offered as a judge because that the ITV food preparation competition "Chopping Block," and also even opened his very own cookery school.

In 2018, Whaite announced his setup to seek his initial dream of coming to be a barrister.

However, he"s back in the spotlight again as he"s at this time a contestant ~ above "Strictly Come Dancing," where he"s paired with experienced dancer johannes Radebe. They obtained a standing ovation because that their an initial performance.

Frances Quinn gotten in the season 4 finale together an underdog yet won the competition thanks to an outstanding wedding cake.

Frances Quinn (center) with "GBBO" judges Paul Hollywood and Mary Berry in 2013. Sean Dempsey - PA Images/Getty photos

Frances Quinn overcame some baking disasters, like when organize Mel Giedroyc by chance knocked over Quinn"s biscuit tower once measuring its height, to victory season four of "GBBO." she show-stopping, three-tier wedding cake, motivated by Shakespeare"s "A Midsummer Night"s Dream," pushed her ahead of the various other two finalists, with judge Paul Hollywood saying it "beat the other two males hands down," according to The Guardian.

Frances Quinn conducting a cooking demonstration throughout the 2016 WTA Aegon open tennis tournament. Jon Buckle/Getty pictures

The 39-year-old clothing designer-turned-pro-baker published the cookbook "Quinntessential Baking" in 2015. She has likewise made many appearances on TV and also radio shows including "This Morning," and she has added recipes come outlets consisting of BBC Food.

She"s tho posting picture of very delicious bakes on she Instagram page.

Nancy Birtwhistle, who managed a doctor's office before appearing on season five, win the formidable Richard Burr at age 60 to come to be the oldest ever before winner.

Nancy Birtwhistle with other season 5 finalists Richard Burr (left) and also Luis Troyano in 2014. Troyano passed away in 2020. Neil Mockford/Alex Huckle/Getty pictures

Despite formerly applyingto the show yet being turned down and fan-favorite Richard Burr to win the highest number of star baker awards in "GBBO" history, Nancy Birtwhistle, the queen the consistency, go on to victory season five.

"Fancy Nancy" wowed the judges with her intricate baking skills, consisting of a specifically splendid summer pudding Alaska and also a miniature version of Paris" Moulin Rouge made of ginger and also orange biscuits throughout the finale.

In January, Birtwhistle published a book packed with advice for to run an environmentally trusted home.

Birtwhistle. Instagram/nancy.birtwhistle

She released a cookbook, "Sizzle and Drizzle: Tips for a modern-day day home-maker," in 2019 and has added recipes come The Telegraph.

At the begin of 2021, she released "Clean & Green: 101 Hints and also Tips for a an ext Eco-Friendly Home."

She regularly short articles recipes on she website and also has an involved Instagram following. Follow to her website, she enjoys travel to France and swapping recipes, and she has a Labrador named Meg who at one allude qualified for the Crufts dog show.

Nadiya Hussain in 2015. Rune Hellestad - Corbis/Getty pictures

Always a fan-favorite for she sass and animated face expressions, and also not to point out her impressive baked developments (remember she tiered cheesecake with the floating soda can?), Nadiya Hussain is one of the many adored winners in "Bake Off" history.

And who could forget she emotional and encouraging success speech? She captured the hearts of the public even an ext after proclaiming, "I"m never, ever before gonna put boundaries on myself ever again. I"m never ever gonna speak "I can"t perform it." I"m never gonna speak "maybe." I"m never gonna say, "I don"t think i can." ns can and I will."

"Great British bake Off" winner Nadiya Hussain in 2019. MelMedia/Getty pictures

Hussain has actually been extremely busy since winning "Bake Off," publishing an impressive collection that cookbooks, novels, children"s and snapshot books, and also becoming a monthly columnist at The times Magazine.

She has likewise created a line of toy cookware, starred on and hosted a variety of TV shows, consisting of "Nadiya Bakes" and also "Time to Eat." Her new show, "Fast Flavours," comes out later this year. She has additionally received awards, including being called one of BBC"s 100 ladies in 2016.

Oh, and also she baked Queen Elizabeth II"s 90th birthday cake.

Season 7 winner Candice Brown, a PE teacher, was recognized for her red lipstick and her imagination in the kitchen.

Candice Brown in 2016. Fred Duval/Getty images

It to be clear beforehand in the season that Candice Brown to be a front-runner. With creations like she gingerbread pub (which helped her victory star baker that week and also gifted us the "Who wants to eat some carpet" joke) to her intricate marzipan peacock (which some fans of the present accused she of stealing native Nadiya Hussain), Brown consistently wowed the judges and surged ahead of rivals to victory the "Bake Off" crown.

Brown swapped her career as a teacher to become a pub owner. Earlier this year, she released a book, "Happy Cooking."

Brown in 2019. David M. Benett/Getty photos

For a duration after her win, Brown went back to her project as a PE teacher, informing Hello newspaper in 2018, "When I entered school ~ the last was on TV the youngsters went: "Why space you in, miss? You"re a millionaire!" ns was like, "No I"m not," and stood exterior eating my school dinner on duty in the cold."

In 2017, Brown exit the cookbook "Comfort: delicious Bakes and also Family Treats" and she appeared on the TV present "Dancing on Ice" in 2018. She has also appeared ~ above "This Morning" and "Lorraine" multiple time to talk baking.

In 2019, Brown revealed that she and also her brothers bought a pub called The eco-friendly Man in Eversholt, Bedfordshire. She was forced to nearby it throughout lockdown, but it"s open for company again.

This summer, she exit "Happy Cooking," which attributes recipes because that pick-me-up meals. At the moment of that release, she spoke about her mental wellness struggles adhering to "GBBO," and how difficult it was to create the book.

Sophie Faldo hoisting her trophy right into the air. Netflix

Prior to her win, Faldo served in Afghanistan through the imperial Artillery, follow to Forces, and also was maintain to be a stuntwoman. During her time top top the show, she climbed the ranking from amateur baker to at some point win the all, impressing the judges through her specialty cakes.

Faldo"s victory was notoriously spoiled after referee Prue Leith coincidentally tweeted the winner"s name the end prematurely. Leith apologized for the mistake and also explained she was perplexed by the various time zones in between Britain and Bhutan, where she to be vacationing.

Sophie Faldo in 2018. Mike Marsland/Getty photos

Faldo said the BBC in 2017 that she"s "a private person" that struggled through the level of public fist — especially from the tabloids — she received complying with her victory.

Like her other winners, she went on to compose recipes for multiple publications, such together The Telegraph and also The Sunday Times. She had actually a deal for a cookbook but, according to Bustle, is still working on that after parting means with her monitoring company.

She additionally runs Sophie Faldo Couture Cakes, described on that is website together "luxury well cakes and dessert tables."

University that Sheffield professor Rahul Mandal wowed the judges and also captured the public's hearts v his baking skills in season nine.

Rahul Mandal in 2018. Steve Parsons - PA Images/Getty pictures

Even though his glass storage jars wrong from heat in the tent, extending his job-related station through tiny fragments of glass shards and compromising his mixture throughout the finals, Rahul Mandal controlled to get ago on track and also win season ripe of the show.

Prue Leith and also Rahul Mandal in ~ the 2019 national Television Awards in London. David M. Benett/Getty photos

After win "Bake Off," Mandal went back to his project as a professor and also Nuclear progressed Manufacturing Research facility researcher at the college of Sheffield. He also created the #AMRCtribe project in 2019 come encourage more women to come to be engineers, phone call on them to "Be brave, try new things and don"t be afraid to questioning questions."

Mandal tho bakes and shares his elaborate creations top top his Instagram page. His recipes have also appeared in The time Magazine.

He returned to the"Bake Off" time for a seasonal new Year"s special, i m sorry aired in January, and proved his first win was no fluke. The beat season 5 winner Nancy Birtwhistle, and season 10 rivals Henry Bird and Helena Garcia come win.

"What a privilege to be in the tent with these three!" he composed alongside a picture of the four bakers top top Instagram. "Was i #nervous ? Ofcourse ns was! I remained in the tent v THE NANCY, THE HENRY and THE HELENA!!!! was fan-boying lock the whole time! come the extent that human being might think that is a bit creepy!"

David Atherton was the an initial "GBBO" winner to never earn a star baker recognition throughout his time on the show.

David Atherton ~ his win. Netflix

David Atherton studied art and design prior to transitioning to functioning in nursing and also healthcare. That told iNews in 2019 the he had been a pan of "Bake Off" because its very first season and dreamed of showing up on the show.

Once that earned a point out on the 12-person roster, he didn"t waste any kind of time racing toward the crown of finest amateur baker. The wowed the judges with many of his creations, consisting of a unique memory cake he said was inspired by his an initial date v his partner and also a technical challenge-winning Moroccan pie.

Atherton, who has actually a master's level in publicly health, has actually published 3 cookbooks v a focus on healthy and balanced eating.

David Atherton. Mike Marsland/Getty pictures

He"s the writer of the children"s cookbook "My first Cookbook," and "Good come Eat." previously this month, he released a vegetarian children"s cookbook, "My first Green cook Book."

He has additionally become a columnist because that The Guardian.

Most importantly, he remains in touch with his other "Bake Off" competitors, as evidenced by picture on Instagram.

Peter Sawkins, then 20, became the youngest winner in "Bake Off" background when he won season 11. He claimed watching the show when he was 12 gained him right into baking.

The last three. Netflix

Sawkins beat Dave Friday and Laura Adlington to take the crown in November 2020. And becoming the youngest ever before winner, he additionally became the very first Scottish baker to take it the crown.

It was a year of other firsts together well: as result of the coronavirus pandemic, the contestants and crew had to self-isolate because that nine days and then live with each other in a hotel for 6 weeks. Your partners, children, and also dogs were invited too, and every one of the ingredient for your bakes to be pre-ordered. The bakers had actually individual kitchens in the hotel for this reason they might practice, and also Matt Lucas even hosted a bingo night to keep them entertained, The Guardian reported.

Peter Sawkins, winner of season 11 the "Bake Off," pictured in September 2021. David M. Benett/Dave Benett/Getty pictures

"Peter Bakes" will certainly be released in the UK in October. He"s likewise shared recipes with publications, including Food & Wine.

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He proceeds to study audit and finance at the college of Edinburgh, while in which method finding time to play badminton and also post recipes ~ above his Instagram page.