On Valentine's Day, trace Cyrus released into the human being a tune that he created for his ex, Brenda Song.

The brothers of Miley Cyrus described his motivations for releasing the monitor now rather of a year back over once they officially damaged up on his Instagram. He shared an old photograph of him and Brenda, which shows them in a romantic embrace on the beach. Trace went top top to offer everyone a little bit of the backstory about the song in the post's caption.

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"This is no the video I plan to release today," the explained. "I created this track last year in Nashville after Brenda & I damaged up. Her and I have both relocated on and also I’m extremely happy for her. She influenced me come write numerous songs and also was such an important part of my life. I will always cherish song I have like this one to remind me of our crazy 7 year together. As soon as I created this tune it to be my last goodbye together we ended our relationship. I told myself ~ I created this song it would certainly be my last song around Brenda and I’ve kept my word. Music like this is my therapy.

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