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Brenda Song and Macaulay Culkin room first-time parents. The home Alone actor and also the previous Disney Channel star quietly welcomed their baby, a son named Dakota song Culkin, in at an early stage April and revealed the brand-new addition to your family specifically a week later.

Culkin, 40, and also Song, 33, very first confirmed the baby"s birth to Esquire. "We"re overjoyed," the couple declared in a statement. The kid was born ~ above Monday, April 5, in Los Angeles. He likewise happens come share a sentimental name through his so late aunt, Dakota Culkin, who passed away at period 29 after being struck through a car.

It"s the very first child for both Song and Culkin, who very first started date in 2017, after meeting on the collection of the movie Changeland. Prior to Song, Culkin was in a irreversible relationship v actress Mila Kunis, who is currently married come Ashton Kutcher.

In a 2020 sheathe story with the exact same mag, both Song and also Culkin common intimate snippets around their otherwise low-key lifestyle. "You can"t be around him and not it is in happy," the Social Network actress said. Included Culkin that his partner: "I was waiting for the other shoe to drop… No—sometimes it"s simply good."

Though greatly private about her relationship especially on social media, tune took come Instagram in summer 2020 to commemorate Culkin"s 40th birthday. "I can sit here and also write endlessly about how wonderful, kind, loving, genuine, loyal, honest, brilliant and also hilarious friend are, and also how grateful I am that I acquire to share and also do this life thing with you," she wrote. "But firstly, that would take me one eternity and also secondly, you won"t also see this since you don"t ever before use instagram. Hahaha. My unicorn that I never thought might exist, i am luckiest person in the world due to the fact that I am love by you."



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