Contestants contend at the miss Universe pageant Sunday, Dec. 20, 2015, in las Vegas. (AP Photo/John Locher)

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SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico -- Puerto Rico"s 2016 miss Universe contestant was stripped of her crown ~ above Thursday after ~ officials claimed she had actually an mindset problem.Kristhielee Caride will certainly no longer represent the U.S. Territory in the upcoming international beauty contest. Caride won the crown four months ago but recently did one interview with a neighborhood newspaper in i m sorry she to be criticized because that being dismissive and also saying she did no love cameras.Desiree Lowry, nationwide director of miss Universe Puerto Rico, was present during that interview."I wanted the planet to sloop down me," Lowry said. "You constantly have to put your ideal face front ... It"s a provided that we are going to be in prior of cameras and that we have to answer all types of questions."
Lowry claimed Caride never apologized and also only said officials that she was having actually a an individual problem and that the incident would no repeat itself. But Lowry said Caride climate canceled other appearances since she stated she had a doctor"s appointment the she refuse to reschedule.Caride claimed in a an extensive Facebook write-up on Thursday that beauty emperors are not exempt from having a negative day and also that she to be sincerely sorry."I permitted my feeling to acquire in the way of my work," she wrote.Here"s a recent photo she"s posted to she Instagram account:
Caride claimed she did not agree through the decision that Lowry and other public official made, but that she was turning in her sash through dignity.Lowry gift the new Miss universe contestant in ~ a push conference organized on Thursday in ~ a restaurant in the resources of san Juan. Brenda Jimenez appeared in a sparkling tiara and a strapless red dress through a rather surprised look at on her face."I still haven"t completely processed the information," she said.It is the first time a Puerto Rico miss Universe contestant has lost she crown prior to the huge event is held. Miss Puerto Rico 1994, Brenda Robles, was dismissed throughout that year"s miss Universe contest due to the fact that she to be pregnant.



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