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People the play together Fi in Hyrule Warriors more than likely think that paste is a valid nutritional choice. They room to be tenderness corrected, they don"t know any type of better.

Thanos_Galactus posted...even after ~ you"ve unequipped every your metal things?But lightning will strike metal things ~ above the ground.In reality put ~ above the full rubber equipment at 2 stars on that silly hat and also durring lightning you have the right to throw numerous metal on ground durring a struggle to make it watch all negative ass and aid you.

I to be hit by the outer blast radius the a lightning strike once and also got knocked over. Wasn"t wearing something metal and also it scared the crap the end of me!
"Gwee-hee-hee... You"re increase the creek there is no a paddle! and I"m no gonna let friend through! ... Does the make me a negative octopus?" Ultros

Lightning strikes incredibly close to you even when you"re wearing nothing metal. Ns think it"s simply to scare you for this reason they intentionally made the so the hits an extremely close to you. But when you"re moving, there is the chance of it actually hitting you. I to be riding on my equine making my method towards a lynel and it struggle me despite me being steel free. I literally just took fifty percent a hearts precious of damage but my steed screamed together if it was going to die.And I recognize for a reality I wasn"t wearing something metal since when I come close to the lynel I simply waited because that the storm to happen so I can use my metal weapons. During the wait, no lightning fight me nor did ns sparkle no one did I readjust any of mine equips.
It"s impossible to gain struck through lightning "randomly". There space really two various kinds the lightning strikes - random and also "targeted".Targeted lightning strikes room attracted come metal. These deserve to either seek out link wearing steel equipment, or metal devices on the ground, and they blast the hell the end of everything nearby.Random lightning strikes space programmed come strike surrounding during a thunderstorm once there is no steel to target. These bolts are hard-coded to not be able to do damages to you, return I believe they still influence the environment which have the right to hurt girlfriend (such together by light grass on fire).Even if you run a horse directly into the arbitrarily bolts, that won"t reason damage.If you think you"re gift struck "randomly", there room a couple of possibilities regarding why:- girlfriend unequipped target metal, but didn"t move from wherein you to be standing. This way a targeted lightning to win is still collection to win in the last place where the metal existed, and also you keep standing there.- over there is metal equipment hidden top top the floor nearby. Possibly it"s a arbitrarily Rusty Shield lying in the grass. Maybe you simply killed a Lizalfos and its stole Lizal Bow is top top the ground. Remember that strikes which are targeted at metal equipment also blast a adjacent radius for this reason you might just be recorded by being as well close.- It"s no a lightning strike, however some kind of electrical attack. The dragon Farosh immediately generates round lightning i m sorry is fired in ~ a surrounding Link, therefore if you"re in his are he can be shooting at you native offscreen. The could likewise be a Wizzrobe through a Lightning Rod.We had actually a topic pretty early on where a guy was "struck" while utilizing Cryonis to climb a waterfall in Faron, yet seeing as Farosh likes to fly close come the waterfalls it seems favor that was yes, really the culprit.
And though us deserved not his mercy, he has actually led us to this brand-new Eden, a last opportunity for redemption.

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Can girlfriend still be struck by lightning randomly?
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