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The 3 brothers, Onya, Akrah and Garshon, that offer you this pursuit will be hanging out at the Serenne Stable — inside if that night or raining, or external by the horses otherwise. This stables are simply southeast the the Hebra Tower and also north the Monya Toma shrine.

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Talk to them to hear their three different theories about why Hyrule’s leviathans go extinct. They’ll ask you to go draw pictures (take photos) of 3 sets the leviathan remains around the map — the Eldin Mountains, the Hebra region and also the Gerudo region.

What you need

Like us said, this side quest will take it you ~ above a tourism of some of the harshest environments on the map. You’ll require a method to take care of both too much heat and extreme cold. The snowquill set (which you more than likely picked up throughout the divine Beast Vah Medoh quest) will certainly cover you because that the cold parts and the desert voe set or gerudo collection (which you have the right to pick up throughout the ‘From the floor Up’ and also Divine Beast Vah Naboris quests, respectively) will aid you regulate the heat. Or friend can cook up some elixirs.


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The three locations you must visit are scattered anywhere the map. Having actually sought out and also unlocked a big number of temples will aid you finish this quest fairly quickly, but it’s no required.

What you have to do

All you should do in ~ each location is acquire a photo of the skeleton that has at the very least the skull. This is pretty basic for the Eldin stays where there are plenty that cliffs to climb for a great vantage point, but kind the tricky for the Gerudo remains where a sandstorm will block her vision. Just focus on gaining the skull and also make sure the tag reflects up in her camera’s view prior to you snap the picture and leave.

Eldin great Skeleton location



The stays in the Eldin hills are situated to the west of Gut check Rock and Gorae Torr shrine. This is the same ar where the dragon Dinraal starts its daily journey.

Gerudo an excellent Skeleton location


The Gerudo continues to be are located in the really southwest corner of the map. You might have found this searching for Hawa Koth shrine or the an excellent Fairy fountain located in the skeleton’s ribcage.

Hebra good Skeleton location

The continues to be in the Hebra region are tough to find, mostly due to the fact that they’re not above ground. They’re buried in a cave together with To Quomo shrine in the much northwest corner of the map.

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Return to the brothers

Head earlier to the Serenne Stable and talk to each of the three brothers in turn to show off your pictures. Every of them will take her photos as proof that their theory is correct, yet that’s not your problem. Once you display off the 3rd picture, you’ll obtain your price of 300 rupees.