This is a overview to the next Quest, A mam Washed Away, in Legend the Zelda: Breath of the Wild. Here you can uncover a quest walkthrough, wherein to begin A wife Washed Away and also all pursuit rewards.

How to begin A wife Washed Away


A mam Washed far Location

pursuit Giver place
Zora"s Domain

You deserve to talk to Fronk to start this search after the Divine Beast Vah Ruta dungeon has been cleared.

Fronk"s Location wherein to find Fronk at Night wherein to find Fronk throughout Daytime

At night, Fronk can be discovered in the center of Zora"s Domain, one level over the shrine in the area.

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Talk come Fronk
Talk to Fronk
First, start the search by detect Fronk. You have to clear Vah Ruta prior to he will provide you the quest.
Get Hints(Optional) Optional: If you save talking to Fronk after agree the quest, that will give you hints on wherein his wife might be.

Find Mei


2 3

Go to Lake Hylia
Mei is additional away than you might suspect, and finding her requires first going to Lake Hylia. The shrine closestly to her is the Ya Naga Shrine top top Hylia Island, so teleport over there if girlfriend can.

Getting come Hylia Island
If girlfriend don"t have access to the Ya Naga Shrine, friend can acquire to Hylia Island through going phibìc from the Lake Tower or south from the Great Plateau Tower. The island is situated on the left side of the Bridge the Hylia.

Talk to Mei
Mei will either be swim close to the island or standing on the banks, so discover her and also talk to her. This will complete the pursuit for you and earn friend the search rewards.

A mam Washed Away pursuit Rewards


Mei, the lacking wife, will give you 5 Staminoka Bass when you discover her, then leaving to go earlier to Zora"s Domain.

Adventure log in Entries

This is a complete list that the Adventure log in entries because that A wife Washed Away.

entrance Entry message
Quest Clear You found Mei fishing in Lake Hylia. She left the fish she captured with you and also hurried back to Fronk.

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