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Breast milk naturally has all the nutrition your baby needs and also protects your baby indigenous a long list that illnesses.

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Want to donate chest milk to a fellow mother?Considering marketing or donating to a needy baby?Need herbal breastmilk because that your farming baby?Are friend overproducing and want come list her liquid gold because that sale?Looking to do a few extra bucks while clearing out your freezer?


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The vast bulk of OTB members space honest, abide through OTB terms, and are just looking to carry out safe milk for babies in need. However, in light of cow’s milk pollution of some breast milk samples purchased via the internet, only The breast reiterates our long-term guidance the all OTB sellers need to follow best practices utilizing aseptic techniques for expressing, handling, and storing human being milk which likewise addresses shipping and freezing. All buyers must follow security guidelines for peer to peer donor screening. Additionally, it is specifically forbidden in our regards to use to add any form of contaminants such together bovine i.e., cow’s milk.

Proper DONOR SCREENING is crucial and should be followed prior to feeding milk come babies in need. Studies show that unpasteurized milk may have bacteria. It IS ADVISED the ALL MILK need to BE PASTEURIZED prior to USE. Please check out our At residence Pasteurization Tips.

WARNING: perform NOT accept COURIER SERVICES. These are nearly always scams to gain you to send them money. Never ever wire funds or usage services like Western Union. Sign IN and also CHECK your PAYPAL BALANCE to be certain that funds have actually been sent and you haven’t received a fake email.

Listing milk for much more than $1/oz is most likely to receive only responses native scammers.

WARNING: carry out NOT accept CHECKS. FAKE CASHIER checks & MONEY ORDERS room COMMON, and BANKS will certainly CASH THEM and THEN host YOU RESPONSIBLE as soon as the fake is found weeks later.

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More details on how to recognize and also avoid scams

Only The chest is no affiliated with any breast milk financial institutions or human being milk handling companies other than those determined on the about Us page of the just The chest website. Any type of other statements of affiliation not made by just The Breast, Inc. Should be reported via the an alert procedures.

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