MOREHEAD CITY — Bells to be ringing and brass tools were play Thursday throughout the kickoff ceremony because that the 2021 Salvation army Red Kettle campaign, held in front of Belk.

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MOREHEAD CITY — Street paving will ramp increase again in Morehead City soon as employee prepare to seek bids for job-related to deal with some the the many problematic spots on city-owned roadways.

MOREHEAD CITY — In two Veterans day ceremonies Thursday, about 50 attendees honored and also remembered army veterans.


MOREHEAD CITY — new residential development could it is in coming shortly to the Morehead City waterfront v the city council’s unanimous decision Tuesday night to rezone a property for a propose condominium complex on Shepard Street in the heart of downtown.

MOREHEAD CITY — Area volunteer with procedure Christmas child are gearing up to open up their local shipping center and two relay centers to collect gift-filled shoeboxes come send to youngsters in need about the world.


MOREHEAD CITY — through the green light provided by the N.C. Room of Public safety and security to development to the application stage, the city will certainly be vying because that a give from the commonwealth Emergency Management company to deal with shoreline erosion ~ above Sugarloaf Island.

MOREHEAD CITY — No injuries to be reported in one accident including a Morehead City Police Department vehicle that occurred around 8:25 a.m. Thursday top top Arendell Street.

MOREHEAD CITY — Due to predicted incl weather from a strong coastal low-pressure system, organizers stated Friday afternoon they to be canceling the 2021 Carteret ar Veterans work Parade, i beg your pardon was scheduled for 11 a.m. Saturday in Morehead City.

MOREHEAD CITY — together the time approaches to respect the country veterans, organizers that two events are busy v preparations.

MOREHEAD CITY — Harvey Walker yielded an upset end one-term incumbent candidate Keri McCann in Tuesday’s municipal challenge to reclaim his chair on the Morehead City Council, along with longtime incumbent George Ballou.

CARTERET ar — Polls opened up bright and early in ~ 6:30 a.m. Tuesday to welcome voters in Carteret County’s 2021 municipal elections.

CARTERET ar — The future of local stormwater management, growth planning, climate resiliency and an ext are ~ above the ballot Tuesday as eligible voter head to the polls to do their selections for town governing boards.

Officials cut ribbon for brand-new Carteret children Advocacy Center; basic to help with abuse investigations

MOREHEAD CITY — it’s been virtually three years because Carteret ar Consolidated human being Services director Cindy Holman approached ar commissioners v the idea of opening a center to rationalization interviews, examinations and also the therapy of abused children.

McElraft endorses raises for ar college staff during Friday tour of Carteret ar College

MOREHEAD CITY — State Rep. Pat McElraft, R-Carteret, said she is hopeful the 2021-22 state budget plan will contain salary rises for community college device employees.

MOREHEAD CITY — Crews have started tearing down the dilapidated armory garage building situated top top the former National Guard building on Bridges Street together Carteret Health treatment officials continue with plan to construct a helipad top top the site.

Morehead City nonprofit to sell tutoring routine to center school students with $45K rise from county

MOREHEAD CITY — With numerous Carteret ar students struggling through reading and also math during the coronavirus pandemic, a team of retirement educators and also volunteers room preparing to market after-school tutoring to middle school students.

MOREHEAD CITY — Feet struggle the pavement Saturday evening to advanced money because that the American Cancer culture during Relay because that Life that the Crystal coastline in the parking most Carteret neighborhood College.

MOREHEAD CITY — The N.C. Department of transport is considering structure a reduced conflict intersection, additionally known as a superstreet, top top a stretch of Highway 70 in between Arthur farm yard Road and Gladys Teasley Lane as a potential safety resolve to the high frequency of website traffic collisions in the area.

MOREHEAD CITY — In the midst of nationwide Women’s little Business Month, Carteret County held the first Crystal coastline Women in organization conference this month as a networking and also professional breakthrough opportunity for women in the workforce.

Morehead City vocational rehab company highlights services during National impairment Employment Awareness Month

MOREHEAD CITY — Longtime paralegal Paula Williams, 68, shed her foot to cancer in 2016 and also faced uncertainty about continuing to job-related in her profession and maintaining independent living as a solitary woman.

NEWPORT — as the spookiest holiday of the year approaches, numerous Carteret county organizations have celebrations and events plan for children to enjoy.

MOREHEAD CITY — A controversial proposal because that a 30-unit condominium advancement on the downtown Morehead City waterfront cleared its an initial hurdle this week through a recommendation secured indigenous the city’s planning plank to rezone the building for the residential use.

MOREHEAD CITY — The name and venue have actually changed, however the mission continues to be the same — to raise money because that cancer research and find a cure because that the an illness that claims millions that lives worldwide each year.

Morehead City to relocate Webb library collection into municipal building, sell previous city hall via auction

MOREHEAD CITY — The Morehead City council Tuesday finalized a pair of decisions to relocate the collection of books and other materials currently housed in ~ Webb Memorial Library come the municipal structure on S. 8th Street and also to sell the former city hall structure on Arendell Street through a publ…

MOREHEAD CITY — Martha’s Mission cabinet is to plan a second trip to deliver relief provides to Hurricane Ida survivors in Louisiana.

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