Lodi institutions Hit with District-Wide Cyber protection IncidentThe district would not confirm whether or no this was a ransomware strike or whether any kind of student data to be compromised, but this is no the first cyber security incident at the district.

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Man suspected Of 2017 Lodi shooting Arrested In Tulare CountyA suspect wanted for a shooting and also kidnapping occurrence in Lodi from back in 2017 has actually been arrested.

Remembering contact Kurtis Volunteer Luanne ‘Thursday”Luanne Hyde simply couldn’t retire. She functioned for the Stockton Record, elevated her kids, had yet another career to run a paramedics school, and helped her husband operation his trucking company from your Lodi home. 

Northern California guys In civilization Trade center On 9/11 Share their StoriesTwo survivors from northern California were in the world Trade center for really different reasons that day, and they both do it the end at around the very same time.

Man found Guilty of 2018 First-Degree killing Of Lodi Podiatrist thomas ShockA guy was found guilty the first-degree murder for the shooting fatality of a beloved Lodi podiatrist ago in 2018, the san Joaquin County district Attorney's Office announced ~ above Sunday.

Detectives Seek much more Info In instance Of Lodi Man, 65, Allegedly killed By SonDetectives space asking because that the public’s aid in the situation of a Lodi male suspected of killing his own father.
1 Arrested In Fatal shooting Of teen In LodiAn arrest has been made in link to a deadly shooting in Lodi that asserted the life that a 15-year-old boy, police announced ~ above Thursday.
Acampo Skydiver Hit through Federal cable Fraud, i would Theft Charges end Unauthorized Tandem Instructor CoursesA mountain Joaquin ar skydiver is dealing with federal charges because that allegedly to run unauthorized tandem instructor courses.
'It's walk To take it A Bit': Lodi Cyclist to plan Cross-Country Bike ride For good CausesA Lodi man is riding throughout the country to benefit five causes that room special come him.
Man, 25, killed In Overnight shooting In LodiA 25-year-old man died after gift shot multiple times overnight in Lodi, police said on Sunday.
Lodi male Arrested after ~ CHP automobile Hit v GunfireA Lodi man has been arrested after ~ a California Highway Patrol vehicle was hit with gunfire on Sunday night.
Special Memorial Day company Held In Lodi To respect Fallen HeroesAll gave some however some gave all. Memorial job is when we commemorate those heroes. CBS13's Rachel Wulff took united state to a special company in Lodi.
Police: Pellet Gun discovered In Backpack Of student At Lodi center SchoolOfficers speak a pellet gun was found in a Lodi middle School student’s backpack ~ above Friday.
Police: Young young Drowns On mummy Day at Lodi LakeA young boy has passed away after drowning at Lodi Lake over the weekend, authorities say.
Supply Chain situation Forces fort Worth Restaurant to CloseDrew's heart Food Restaurant has closed that is doors, changing to catering only, together the owner struggled to secure the supplies needed to stay open.
'Survivor' Contestant Michelle Yi describes Frightening Santa Monica AssaultFormer 'Survivor' contestant Michelle Yi, who goes by "Piper," never thought she would certainly be the victim of a brutal assault.

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'Survivor 41' episode 6: The Merge part 1 Drop her buffs! It's lastly halftime in Survivor! But... Not so rapid – this wasn't any kind of traditional merge favor the past. This episode included so plenty of twists – us were left with a game-changing cliffhanger.