Tallahassee, FL - appearing before a group of service leaders Thursday, Gov. Ron DeSantis warned about following a “woke” … review More

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Bunnell, FL - State lawyer R.J. Larizza stated Keith Johansen told an "incredible lot of lies" throughout his three-day trial. It take it … read More

Deltona, FL - A automobile burglar left a pizza trace behind him and said “you captured me red-handed” once Volusia Sheriff’s … review More

Daytona Beach, FL - Halifax Humane culture (HHS) and the Tomoka Correctional center are partnered up with the prison Pups "n Pals … check out More

Daytona Beach, FL - Daytona beach police require the public’s help in tracking under the doubt responsible for stabbing another … review More

Palm Coast, FL - v Veterans Day comes up next month, the Flagler ar Public Library has actually a "White Table Ceremony" booked on … read More
Tallahassee, FL (NSF) - when slightly over the nationwide mark, Florida’s unemployment rate inched under to 4.9 percent in September as workers appear to have actually become more selective around …
Tallahassee, FL - An governmental law referee Wednesday garbage a request by the Florida department of wellness to i have dissolved a challenge by six college boards come a dominance that seeks to avoid student …
Tallahassee, FL - Florida utilities space warning the volatile natural-gas prices can translate to higher-than-expected electric bills in 2022.Florida strength & Light, fight it out Energy Florida and also …
Daytona Beach, FL - gasoline prices are the highest possible they"ve been due to the fact that October 2014. The increase is due to a restricted supply of crude oil and also rising futures prices. Triple-A spokesperson note …

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Tallahassee, FL - Pointing come a “hierarchy” that needs school districts to monitor state laws and also rules, the Florida department of health and wellness is questioning a judge to toss out a an obstacle by …