Milton High college students arrested because that murder the Alpharetta man

Police arrested two Milton High college student-athletes for the killing of a man discovered shot to fatality at one Alpharetta apartment complicated in October.

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Alec Baldwin accused of play "Russian roulette" ~ above "Rust" set by Gloria Allred together she announces new lawsuit

With instances rising, 4 states open COVID-19 booster shots to all adults

as soon as it involves who should get a COVID-19 booster shot, microbiologist Dr. Amber Schmidtke, Ph.D., the Chair of the department of organic Sciences and also Mathematics at the college of Saint mary in Leavenworth, Kansas, says the perform is long and also a tiny complicated.

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Hawks collection date for "Pride Night" game

The Atlanta falken will host their fourth annual ‘Pride Night’ at the game versus Charlotte Hornets this Saturday, November 20.

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Atlanta Holiday occasions 2021: family members events, seasonal skating rinks, performances, pop-up bars

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Missing 3-year-old Tennessee boy, absent Kentucky teen found safe; suspect in custody

“UPDATE: #NoahClare and also #AmberClare have been found safe and also sound, just external of san Clemente, CA!” the Tennessee office of investigation tweeted top top Nov. 18.

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Alec Baldwin accused of playing "Russian roulette" ~ above "Rust" set by Gloria Allred as she announces brand-new lawsuit

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Arizona man known as "QAnon Shaman" to spend much more than 3 year in prison for role in Capitol riot

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Pet of the day from PAWS Atlanta

Cashew is one 8-year-old domestic longhair who loves to relax and also enjoy a good nap in the sun. If you"re interested in Cashew, contact PAWS Atlanta.

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Austell Police chief Bob Starrett paid full salary to work from home

The city that Austell is now paying 2 different people to be their Chief the Police. One, cook Bob Starrett, no longer pertains to the office and also is functioning from house on what is dubbed special projects. Starrett is slated come retire beforehand next year, follow to the Austell Mayor.

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Gwinnett medical examiner explains why she didn"t contact police end concerns around missing narcotics

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Gwinnett medical examiner staff compelled to work for free, clock colleague be fired end Zoom

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Hawks collection date because that "Pride Night" game

The Atlanta hawks will hold their fourth yearly ‘Pride Night’ at the game versus Charlotte Hornets this Saturday, November 20.

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Matthew Stafford"s wife apologizes after cram pretzel at fan throughout Rams-49ers game

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Georgia republic release brand-new congressional map, democrats "disappointed"

A newly-released map of Georgia"s proposed congressional districts would provide Republicans the benefit in nine of the state"s 14 seats.

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CVS to close 300 shop a year because that the next 3 years

CVS health and wellness will close 900 stores over the following three years as it evaluate its sleeve businesses.

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CVS come close 300 shop a year for the following 3 years

CVS wellness will nearby 900 stores end the following three years together it evaluate its retail businesses.

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Flat mortgage rates offer buyers another day to lock in a cheap | Nov. 18, 2021

examine out the mortgage rates for Nov. 18, 2021, which are unchanged indigenous yesterday.

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Sallie Mae study mirrors 44% of families didn"t utilize scholarships to pay because that college in 2021: Here"s why

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Longest partial lunar eclipse because that 1,000 year to dazzle skywatchers top top Nov. 19

during the event, most areas will see as much as 97% the the moon slip right into Earth’s shadow.

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