Uniting understanding brings human being together for neighborhood Toy Giveaway

Uniting Hearts, a Richmond nonprofit that gives essentials and basic needs items come families, children and day employees in require via donation events, is hosting a neighborhood Toy Giveaway this weekend.Set for Sun., Dec. 19 from 11 a.m. Come 2 p.m. In ~ St. Mark’s Church, 159 Harbour method South in Richmond, the occasion will distribution 120 winter break goodie bags—including arts & crafts molding sets, fidgets and the like—and toys offered by playthings for Tots and also other donors for youngsters ranging in age from babies to teens.

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Acclaimed Senegalese Chef master Grain-Rich Pop-Up at Chez Panisse

Alice Waters wishes the fonio-focused pop-up leader to a “delicious revolution”Alice Waters, the top Berkeley chef who popularized new fava beans, baked goat cheese salads, and California-style woodfired pizzas (sorry, Wolfgang) is hope to aid do the very same for fonio, the West afri super grain.

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Sundar Shadi Holiday display screen returning come El Cerrito hillside

A lovely holiday display will note its return to an El Cerrito hillside this Sunday following a pandemic stop in 2020.The Sundar Shadi vacation Display, one expansive seasonal display screen that volunteer touch increase and collection up this time the year, will go back to its ar upon the hill in ~ Moeser Ln.

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Specialty food shipment coming come Richmond, nearby cities

Residents of Richmond and surrounding cities will get easy accessibility to specialty foods items from transparent the only Area thanks to a weekly residence delivery organization launching locally next week.Locale, unveiled in 2020 by Los Gatos natives and also Co-founders chris Clark and Jonathan Friedland, “helps small, local businesses and also farmers reach much more customers” v Saturday deliveries the will currently be easily accessible to inhabitants of Richmond, mountain Pablo, El Cerrito and also Albany, per a current Facebook post.

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In brief: El Cerrito’s minimum wage going approximately $16.37 one hour Jan. 1

4.9% raise native $15.61 regular with yearly increases based on changes in local customer Price IndexEL CERRITOStarting Jan. 1, El Cerrito’s minimum wage will rise 4.9%, indigenous $15.61 every hour come $16.37 every hour. The city minimum wage standards need all employers come pay their employees no much less than the minimum fairy for every hours functioned in the city the El Cerrito, nevertheless of wherein the company is headquartered (employees who work less than two hours a week in ~ El Cerrito room exempt).

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California high college coach put on leave after 2019 video of brutal soccer drill walk viral

EL CERRITO, California (KGO) — An eastern Bay institution district states they are investigating after ~ a video clip going famous online reflects high college football players participating in potentially dangerous and also illegal drills throughout a practice.Two students who were over there told ABC7 News the video clip was from a football practice at El Cerrito High School.

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Imposters posing together PG&E workers demand pay or strength goes out

EL CERRITO, California (KGO) — An immediate warning Tuesday indigenous PG&E — scammers room out in force and also targeting only Area residents. Officials say imposters declare to it is in from PG&E room calling victims’ dwellings saying your power will be closeup of the door off unless they pay cash immediately.

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Prep football: Marin Catholic shuts out El Cerrito in low-scoring opener

EL CERRITO – A young and relatively untested Marin Catholic defense had actually to step up no once yet twice to secure a success in the final minute of its roadway tilt against the Gauchos.After a facemask penalty on the Wildcats negate what would have actually been a game-winning sack, their defense, choose it had all evening, hosted firm when again, this time top top fourth and also three deep in their own territory to pressure a sales on downs and also bring an proper end come a low-scoring and also often time messy opener.

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WCCUSD might limit outdoor activities amid ‘Spare the Air’ alert

As the only Area waiting Quality administration District (BAAQMD) authorize a “Spare the Air” alarm Aug. 19-20 because of wildfire smoke indigenous the north and also east of the only Area, West Contra Costa Unified institution District (WCCUSD) Superintendent Dr. Kenneth chris Hurst advised family members via email Friday the schools continue to be open, however situations could change.