Character meals are vital part of a Disney vacation for many travelers. Personality dining provides you a chance to connect with multiple characters in a short duration of time while taking a break from lines and also the heat (or rain or cold, depending upon the season). Even though these experiences deserve to bea small pricier than other dining choices at Disney parks, the benefits regularly greatly outweigh the couple of extra bucks.

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My family almost always provides time because that at least one character enjoy the meal on every Disney pilgrimage we take. Since Disneyland is the will we visit most often, we’ve experienced all of the character dining meals in Anaheim (most of castle multiple times!) and also can sell up some an useful comparisons. I’ve produced a handy printable below that summarizes the choices in chart type so girlfriend can select for your family too.


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Last updated: November 9, 2021.

Disneyland character Dining Basics – Updated because that 2021!

First things first: what execute you should know around character breakfasts and other meals in ~ Disneyland?

First, be mindful that contrasted to Walt Disney World, Disneyland actually has actually relatively couple of character dining options. Up until March 2020 as soon as the parks close up door down, over there were only 5 choices, to it is in exact. Currently in 2021 together Disneyland has actually reopened, over there are just four.

The existing 2021 Disneyland character meal offerings incorporate two meals (one standard and one premium) in ~ Disney’s grand Californian Hotel, one in ~ the Disneyland Hotel, and one in Disneyland park. Lock are:

Minnie & girlfriend – Breakfast in the Park in ~ Plaza Inn in Disneyland park (breakfast only)Goofy’s Kitchen in ~ the Disneyland Hotel(breakfast and also dinner) Mickey’s tales of Adventure Breakfast Buffet (formerlyChip ’n Dale’s Critter Breakfast) at Storytellers Cafe in ~ the grand Californian Hotel(breakfast daily, brunch ~ above Friday, Saturday, Sunday)Princess Breakfast Adventures at Napa rose at the grand Californian Hotel (breakfast/brunch only, Thursday-Monday)

(Note: if you find older information around the character meal selections at Disneyland out there ~ above the internet, the is most likely outdated. Tread carefully! A personality dining restaurant referred to as Ariel’s Grotto closeup of the door in early on 2018 and Disneyland changed several character meals surname on July 10, 2018. A brand-new meal debuted in feather of 2019. And also in 2021, Disney also announced that PCH Grill in ~ Disney’s paradise Pier Hotel would certainly not it is in reopening, meaning that Donald Duck’s Seaside Breakfast – formerly Mickey’s Surf’s Up! Breakfast – would not it is in making a return either.)

These meals will, that course, operate a bit differently now than they go in 2020 and earlier. Characters come the end at a usual distance, generally dancing and also parading roughly the restaurant. If you have actually cameras in ~ the ready, you have the right to sometimes snag a distanced selfie but hugs and autographs are still off-limits.

Buffets are ago at every the areas that have had them in the past. Some locations, however, will offer you a plate the a cast member prepares on the organization line. For now at least, part locations also include totally free Photopass images with her meal expense – bonus!


How early on Do You require to book Disneyland character Dining?

Character dining is really popular, yet Disneyland visitors historically haven’t necessary to make bookings crazy-early, especially in comparison come Walt Disney World. However these are unusual times we are in. Dining at Disneyland in 2021 has actually now has become highly compete too. In the past, while girlfriend may have been able to publication a character meal also just a main or 2 in development of a Disneyland trip, the is no much longer the case. Character dining reservations have been going very fast – regularly within minute from as soon as reservations are released for the most renowned restaurants and time slots.

If your youngsters simply should dine through Mickey, you need a vain advantage. Start checking in the official Disneyland application ASAP. Bookings are normally – however not constantly – exit at 6am precisely 60 days in advance. Refresh often to snag cancellations or new openings. I also highly recommend using a business called mouse Dining which will alert you come openings and save her sanity. There is a cost-free version with a minimal number of email alerts and also a fairly priced paid version that sends out instantaneous text alerts. Paying for 1 month of computer mouse Dining message alerts right before your trip is money well invested if character meals room a must-do.

See my overview to just how you must do Disneyland in different ways in 2021 for finish current dining reservation tips.

What is the ideal Character meal at Disneyland?

I watch this question asked so frequently by travelers top to Disneyland because that the first time. If you watch someone trying come answer it definitively, I’d actually recommend no taking their advice.

Why? In my experience, the finest character enjoy the meal is different for every guest. Because that my family, the best character meal at Disneyland is the one that fits in ideal with our schedule, logistics and also location first and foremost. We worth park time and also rides. Meals that occupational with our in its entirety touring arrangement are best for us. We likewise go come Disneyland regularly, so us have more than one possibility to shot character meals.

For a family members taking a bucket list one-time vacation to Disneyland, your calculus might be very different. If they have actually a kid who is obsessed v a particular character, the ideal character enjoy the meal for them may well be the meal that gets them that coveted character interaction time and also photo opp.

The bottom line is that every one of these meals space very good and you likely won’t go wrong with any kind of of them. You just may go more right with few of them depending upon your personal situation.

Thingsto Think about When picking Disneyland character Meals

As a result, the objective of this short article is to assist you choose the character meal the is best for YOU. Below are the determinants to think about in making your decision.

1. How huge is her budget?

Before 2021, Disney in the history did not publish character dining prices. Prices appeared to fluctuate without notice, so it was difficult to compare specifically over time. Thankfully, prices are somewhat more transparent currently with few of them post on the Disneyland website.

In 2021, prices space (from least expensive to many expensive):

As prices have gone up throughout the board, the spread out in pricing continues to flourish although all non-premium character meals are still in the same ballpark. Plaza Inn Breakfast is quiet the least expensive, and dinner at Goofy’s continues to it is in the many expensive the the continuous meals.


If you have a much bigger budget and a princess pan in the family, over there is a super-premium character dining suffer to understand about. Princess Breakfast Adventures is a personality breakfast v Disney princesses in Napa increased in Disney’s grand Californian Hotel that released in may 2019. In ~ $125 per human being pre-tax and tip (for both adults and children periods 3+), it’s a spendy suffer in one more league entirely. It’s open 8:00 am until noon Thursday v Monday. The meal consists of gifts and also premium task experiences in the price, therefore it’s a bit misleading to to compare it directly to the other character meals since it offers much more for the price.


Some travel agencies used to sell discounted character enjoy the meal vouchers, yet sadly those have actually been discontinued across the board. However remember that you can constantly save on your as whole Disney vacation costs by purchasing park ticket or a vacation package indigenous Trips with Tykes partnerGet far Today. That will definitely help free up a small cash in your spending plan to bought a character meal! (Use promo codeTYKES10for one extra $10 off all package continues to be of 2 nights or more.) inspect out the end my various other money-saving Disneyland tips.

2. In-park or out?

The next major choice to make is whether you want to eat in-park or out-of-park in one of the hotels. If you space dining out-of-the park, girlfriend won’t require a park ticket the day to have a Disney experience. For that reason, I frequently schedule a character meal in a hotel location on my come or exit day when I currently might no be purchase a park ticket for just a partial day. This strategy enables my family to make much better use of our park job and also potentially to conserve money by to buy tickets because that fewer job in the parks.

Plaza Inn in Disneyland park is the only character dining endure where a park ticket is required, so your options of out-of-park alternatives in the on-property hotels are pretty extensive.

3. What time of day?

All the the character meals in Disneyland offer breakfast.Since the early on morning breakfast hours can be beneficial park time once lines room shortest, however, I very recommend a non-breakfast alternative if you room an early-morning drive fan.

There is just one restaurant the serves a character dinner (Goofy’s Kitchen).With the close up door of Ariel’s Grotto in January 2018, there is no longer any location the advertises lunch through characters. But hope is not lost. Mickey’s story of Adventure uses brunch with 1pm top top Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays v a somewhat various buffet of foods items at the time. This choice is the closest to a brand-new lunch offering as you might get. And also Goofy’s now likewise serves breakfast till noon daily and 1:30 pm on Saturdays and Sundays. For this reason it’s easier than ever to eat midday, even if it’s not labeled as lunch!

Brunch is available to Storytellers cafe on weekends v the Mickey’s story of Adventure personality meal.

The strategy ns recommend many is come schedule a later breakfast or brunch if you setup to dine v the personalities on a park day. My household regularly schedule breakfast at Plaza Inn at 9:30 or 10:00am., i m sorry is just about perfect. We spend the early morning hours in the parks when ride lines are shortest. When things start acquiring busier and we need a rest anyway, it’s time for our character meal! we usually give the kids a couple of snacks in the beforehand morning so they aren’t be starving before meal time. (Check out a finish review of the Plaza Inn character breakfast for much more information.)

4. What characters are a can’t miss?

Is over there one character that your children MUST see? climate your selection in character meals might be narrowed down easily. When you’ll probably meet 4-8 characters during any given meal, there is only one character guaranteed at each Disneyland dining location (with the exemption of Disney Princess Breakfast Adventures):

Goofy in ~ Goofy’s KitchenMinnie mouse at Plaza InnMickey mouse at Storytellers Cafe(No princess is guarantee at Napa Rose, yet Rapunzel generally greets guest upon come in the waiting area and Ariel closes the meal v an included Photopass photo).

Even though there is only one guaranteed character, there are some characters that make relatively regular appearances at certain locations. For example, you’ll practically always see Chip ‘N’ Dale at Mickey’s story of Adventure and also Winnie the Pooh is a regular guest at Plaza Inn. Minnie Mouse have the right to regularly be watched at all character meals (except Princess Breakfast Adventures) this days. Examine out the printable below for common characters you might see at every location.

5. What kind of food?

The simple breakfast alternatives at many of the character dining restaurants are all relatively similar. You’ll find standard fare choose eggs, sausages, bacon, and also Mickey shaped waffles everywhere.

Mickey waffles and pancakes and much more at the buffet at PCH Grill because that Donald Duck’s Seaside Breakfast (note: this enjoy the meal is no reopening in 2021).

But each restaurant does have actually some variations and also unique offerings. If you are looking for something a little much more unusual, I typically recommend Goofy’s Kitchen, Goofy’s is recognized for a couple of wacky options like pizza topped v macaroni and cheese or PB&J. And of course, because Goofy’s provides dinner, over there is much more than just breakfast cooking if girlfriend dine in ~ the later on time that day.

Princess Breakfast Adventures has a unique and much more extensive menu. While there is a breakfast buffet component to the meal, the offerings space much much less mass produced and also definitely aimed at foodies – consisting of champagne because that adults. The meal begins with a bread basket that breakfast pastries, complied with by tiered display screen of starters like an open faced and also cheese sandwich through cranberry cream cheese or a chia and granola parfait.

Then the warm buffet is open, special kid-friendly favorites like Mickey waffles, macaroni & cheese (with and also withOUT breadcrumbs because that pickier eaters), and also scrambled eggs. Adults will also enjoy more exotic options like tempura shrimp v a spiced dipping sauce and also braised short ribs. Home fries room also detailed on the table as well. Finally, the enjoy the meal finishes with a tiered screen of 5 various miniature desserts like cake pops, seashell macarons, and also strawberry honey sorbet.

The menus that every character meal are obtainable on the Disneyland website now, so check them out in advance to see what looks many appealing come you.

6. At home or out dining?

If you space visiting Disneyland throughout a satisfied time that year because that weather, having outdoor dining as an option throughout your personality meal could be a big draw. But if you room visitingduring one Anaheim warmth wave (they do occur – it to be over 95 levels during my visit in so late September a few years back), you may prefer a location where you space guaranteed at home seating and also air conditioning.

And of food in 2021, everyone’s lull levels with indoor vs. Out dining is a constantly relocating target due to health considerations. For this reason it’s especially an important to understand what restaurants market what.

If at home dining is a must-have, pick one the the hotel restaurants, as all of them have actually only at home seating. The in-park character enjoy the meal at Plaza Inn has both indoor and outdoor spaces. When you deserve to make a request to be within or out, there are no assures on wherein your table will certainly be. That said, Disney cast members have been very good at accommodating guest preferences for the end seating in 2021, so girlfriend should be able to get an the end table if the is essential to you. Simply be all set that you may need to wait a little longer.

7. What Extras attention You?

While all character meals include food and character meet-and-greet time, a couple of of them have actually some extras that could matter come you or her kids.

For example, at every one of the personality meals except Mickey’s tales of Adventure, Disney PhotoPass photographers take a formal photo of you. This photo is usually through the meal’s main character, however Goofy doesn’t join the photo at Goofy’s Kitchen right now in 2021. Photopass photos are consisted of the price of the meal as well. If you want a posed and much more professional character photo with a character, Plaza Inn could be the top an option this year.

And as soon as things go back to normal again, if your kids are outgoing and want even an ext character fun, they might like several of the offerings that permit them to obtain up out of your seats and also interact through the characters. Because that example, at Mickey’s story of Adventure, the characters used come parade about the restaurant every 20 minutes or so, top the children who carry and also play music instruments and noisemakers (this final component is currently on pause). At Goofy’s, over there is a comparable character procession the where children can acquire up by your tables and dance along. Plaza Inn is traditionally a bit quieter; it has a personality procession, but it isn’t quite so noisy!

And once it concerns activities, none of the character meals can hold a candle to the offerings at Disney Princess Breakfast Adventures. There, children can get involved in story time with Belle or learn some warrior an abilities with Mulan. Youngsters ages 3 and up receive an autograph publication at the begin of the meal and also can likewise choose between a parting gift – a tiara necklace or a sword and shield set. Adults obtain a cost-free Photopass image and also a carry bag through chocolates.

Additional advice & Tricks because that Disneyland character Meals

Need even more tips and tricks for a effective character dining endure at Disneyland? A few final thoughts:

Anyone deserve to dine in ~ the hotel personality meals. You do not must be a hotel guest to make a reservation or dine.If friend are remaining at one of the Disneyland resort on-property hotels and can’t find availability for a personality meal, speak to (714) 781-DINE and also ask around Preferred reservation Access. Disneyland holds earlier a small choice of dining reservation times for your hotel guests!Kids under 3 are totally free at every character meals. Girlfriend should, however, count them in making your table reservation. The true count is required to assure suitable table size.Parking validation is obtainable for character meals in the Disneyland will hotels if you journey to her meal and also park. Yet don’t shot to use this trick come then go to the parks because that the day – the validation limit is usually only for 3 hours and also you’ll gain stuck v a hefty bill if girlfriend park every day.If you setup to dine at Princess Breakfast Adventures, plan on at the very least 3 hrs to finish the experience. Consider carefully whether your toddler or preschooler has the patience because that a enjoy the meal of that size – i personally think the enjoy the meal is really ideal suited to kids 5 and up.

Free Printable for Disneyland character Meals

Want to heat up every the Disneyland character enjoy the meal choices and also compare them? You’re in luck! check out the complimentary downloadable printable with necessary comparison information around Disneyland personality dining, including what additional characters regularly make appearances at each meal. Now completely updated because that 2021!

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