The foodie human being contains ever-changing trends like zoodles and also açaí bowls. However, one thing remains the exact same in every student"s diet: quick food breakfast. Nothing beats quick, cheap breakfast food. V so many options though, it"s tough to know what the finest fast food breakfast options are. That"s wherein I come in. Here space nine fast food restaurants that market the ideal breakfast in my humble opinion, to add a few suggestions on what to order. 

1. McDonald"s

Availability: good news, breakfast lovers. The agency made nationwide headlines when it determined to offer breakfast items all day, everyday. Clever move, McDonald"s.

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best Item: Honestly, you can"t walk wrong v a Bacon, Egg & Cheese Biscuit or some Hotcakes. In mine opinion, however, any type of McMuffin tops the menu. 

Why: It"s a standard for a reason. The McMuffin is finest egg sandwich I"ve taste on the go, and also it comes in so plenty of varieties. Bonus: the doesn"t rest the bank. 

Available: just like McDonald"s, Jack in the box whips up tasty breakfast every day long. That way you can gain your late-night breakfast fix. 

best Item: The Jumbo Breakfast Platter is Jack in the Box"s ideal breakfast item, in my opinion. 

Why: This item resides up to its "jumbo" name. If you"re yearn a wide variety of breakfast items, order the gigantic platter. It has everything. The order consists of scrambled eggs, hash browns, eight mini pancakes, and also your an option of sausage or 3 slices of bacon. Talk about a breakfast the champions. 

3. Burger King

Availability: This well-known fast food ar serves breakfast until 10:30 am. 

Best Item: The breakfast menu at burger King functions a most delicious items, however the French Toast Sticks tops the list. 

Why: I mean, French toast pole on-the-go? No inquiry there.

4. Subway

Availability: This might come as a surprise to many, but Subway does serve breakfast. This famous sub shop offer breakfast till 11 am. Give it a shot one of this days, it might surprise you. 

finest Item: The breakfast food selection at Subway"s is short and sweet v only 4 items. My favourite of the four is the Bacon, Egg, and also Cheese. 

Why: It"s crispy bacon, egg, and melted cheese on freshly toasted flatbread or everything you choose (but I"d go for the flatbread, really). Include tomatoes, too, and you"re really set. Did I mention cheese?

5. Taco Bell

Availability: Taco Bell stops serving breakfast in ~ 11 am.

ideal Item: The Breakfast Crunchwrap (another favorite) is delicious and all, yet the Grande Scrambler Combo is the ultimate Taco Bell breakfast item. 

Why: Personally, I think the Grande Scrambler Combo is a much better deal for both her stomach and also wallet. For $4.69 you receive a breakfast burrito and a side of hash browns. What an ext do girlfriend need? 

6. Wendy"s

Availability: Wendy"s offer breakfast items till 10:30 am.

Best Item: Wendy"s whips up a Honey Butter Chicken Biscuit that"ll make her morning that much better. 

Why: Brace yourselves (and her stomach). This sandwich is emphasizes simplicity with couple of ingredients. The sandwich consists of crispy chicken topped with real honey butter ~ above a warm, flaky biscuit. Room you drooling yet?

7. Carl"s Jr.

Availability: Carl"s Jr. Offer breakfast until 10:30 am.

ideal Item: You won"t go wrong v the Breakfast Burger. The restaurant chain led to a frenzy as soon as it chose to offer this bad boy all day long. This is huge news since the various other breakfast items aren"t served all day.

Why: This breakfast creation consists of everyone"s favorites: bacon, eggs, hash browns, a charbroiled beef patty, American cheese, and also ketchup. It"s a combo that"ll blow her tastebuds away.

8. Chick-fil-A

Availability: Chick-fil-A offer breakfast until 10:30 am.

ideal Item: This may come as a surprise, yet Chick-fil-A makes a typical Greek Yogurt Parfait. It"s healthier through its vanilla Greek yogurt, fresh berries, and granola. 

Why: Don"t acquire me wrong, Chick-fil-A death the breakfast video game with its breakfast sandwiches and also burritos. But this parfait is filling and also refreshing. Perfect for a Saturday morning treat.

9. Dunkin" Donuts

Availability: all day. 

ideal Item: Big N" Toasted is the best. This flavor-packed sandwich has two eggs, bacon, and cheese layered in between Texas toast. 

Why: Go huge or walk home. This huge sandwich is no for the faint-hearted. It"s delicious (and giant), and also it"ll store you full for a lengthy time. 

Even if you"re no a "breakfast person," you have to shot some of the ideal fast food breakfast options. They"re wallet-friendly and also tasty in ~ the same time, therefore there"s naught to shed (other than perhaps sleep if you need to wake up early for these). If anything, shot the breakfast-all-day options if you occur to be at among these fast food restaurants. You"ll be glad you did! 

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Jamie Hwang

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