Time to switch from Bernie. Praised countries with bread lines, "that's a good thing" (imagine the ad)

Who desires to be nipping in ~ his heels? evaluate by part polling, and wall-to-wall ads, Mike Bloomberg, who had vaulted to 2nd place in certain polls, wants to do the case.

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But Bloomberg is hiding behind multiple NDAs (nondisclosure agreements) with former employees subject to sexual harassment — as Sen. Warren spicy out, brilliantly, Wednesday night in las Vegas. Dogged reporting and also court documents get behind the NDAs come reveal enough of the issue to bolster a dyamite oppo ad for him. 

The worst was when a salesperson for Bloomberg told that she to be pregnant. His answer to her, “kill it.” (The sales employee, Sekiko Sakai Garrison, left the firm, filed a lawsuit, and reached a confidential settlement with Bloomberg.)

“Kill it.”

That will go over fine in the society wars this fall.

There are better, much more sensible selections than Sanders, in main voting.

Thoughtful folks have uncovered that Amy Klobuchar would be an ext formidable in an electoral college scenario 보다 Sanders and other contenders. (See the new vox writeup this morning, additionally editorials indigenous California papers and also Houston Chronicle.)

Amy K. Had actually a great New Hampshire debate and surprise boost there a main ago, and a weaker controversy this mainly in ras Vegas, throughout the out-and-out brawl. So she hasn’t recorded fire yet.

Certainly Sen. Warren was superior Wednesday.

I’m likewise struck by that would it is in appointed a instead of Senator, if one of the senators to run succeeds in to win the WH. 

If it’s Elizabeth — GOP branch Charlie Baker would appoint a GOP replacement; Bernie — GOP branch Phil Scott would slide in a GOP instead of senator.

Klobuchar — Democratic governor Tim Walz would appoint a autonomous senator.

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We will require 50 votes in the Senate too! Or no ambitious program, or also sensible program, have the right to get through and also enacted.