The Brave of heart Fund is currently accepting applications because that Phase II grants. Influenced families may apply for financial assistance of up to $60,000 per family impacted, in enhancement to the earlier-launched phase I provide program supplying grants the $15,000 to aid with immediate expenses. This Phase II charitable approve dollars will assistance the long-term needs of families, such as clinical care and also counseling, housing, food, transportation and educational demands of family members.

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The Brave that Heart money was co-founded in April 2020 through the foundations of new York Life and also Cigna alongside charitable partner E4E Relief. The foundations of brand-new York Life and also Cigna each seeded the Brave of Heart money with $25 million, with the goal of farming it to $100 million through assistance from various other corporations and individuals. New York Life foundation is likewise matching gifts from individuals, dollar-for-dollar, up to secondary $25 million.

"The sacrament of the Brave of heart Fund during what has actually been the toughest time of my life has made such a difference. Ns am so grateful to everyone who uncovered it in the quality of your hearts come think the the family members of the heroes who gave the can be fried sacrifice caring because that their other humans during these unmatched times."- john Varkey. 

The Fund began disbursing charitable accumulation in May, supporting an ext than 100 households with $15,000 towards prompt expenses, and continues to expropriate applications for grants to support eligible family members members the frontline medical care workers and also volunteers who shed their resides to COVID-19 when caring because that others. The fund will currently award up to second $60,000 per household for long-term needs. Family members are may be to use for both short and also long-term grants. Come date, the fund has obtained applications from impacted families throughout 19 says seeking support.

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In a push release authorize by E4E Relief, john Varkey, who recently shed his wife, Aleyamma John, a longtime queens Hospital center nurse, to COVID-19, said: “The generosity of the Brave of love Fund throughout what has actually been the toughest time of my life has made together a difference. Ns am so grateful to everyone who discovered it in the quality of your hearts come think of the families of the heroes who offered the ultimate sacrifice caring for their other humans throughout these extraordinary times."

If you space a family members member that a medical care worker or volunteer who has actually passed because of COVID-19, find out if you are eligible for support here.