one American airlines ticket agent"s rapid thinking prevent two teenagers from a human being trafficking scheme, according to regulation enforcement public representative in Sacramento.

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as soon as two girls, aged 15 and 17, make the efforts to board a trip to new York from California"s Sacramento worldwide Airport top top Aug. 31 without identification, adult guardians or suitable luggage, ticket attendant Denice Miracle chose to call the authorities.

She stated the tickets to be first-class and purchased online with a credit card under a name that didn"t match either girl and that the card was flagged for fraudulent activity.

"Between the two of them, they had actually a bunch of tiny bags," Miracle said in one American airlines statement. "It appeared to me as if castle were to run away from home. They kept looking at each other in a means that appeared fearful and also anxious. I had a gut emotion that something just wasn"t right."


Ticket certified dealer Denice miracle (l.) and Deputy Todd Sanderson the the Sacramento county Sheriff’s room Airport Bureau. (American Airlines)

miracle then referred to as the Sacramento county Sheriff"s department Airport office to explain the situation.

The two girls climate told the 4 officers that responded come the airport that their tickets to be bought because that them through a male named "Drey" who they met top top Instagram. The guy apparently told the teenagers that he would certainly fly them out to brand-new York because that the weekend to design in a music video. The girls stated they were going to be payment $2,000.

The deputies said they made contact with "Drey" on society media yet he quickly deleted all of his accounts shortly after.

"We attempted come look him increase on Instagram," Deputy Todd Sanderson told local news outlet KOVR. "Just a few minutes ~ our call with him, he erased every one of his file on social media."

Sanderson claimed that he informed the teenagers that your tickets didn"t have actually a return flight and that they came to be defensive and also seemed dismissive about what could have happened to them.

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"They were rather flippant around (it)," Sanderson said. ("They said) "No, the can"t it is in true" — and also I said, "No, the airline says you have actually a one-way ticket, and also in mine belief, you"re going ago there not to execute the things that you think you to be going to be doing." and also they said, "I wouldn"t let anything occur that i didn"t want." and also I said, "Well, you most likely wouldn"t have a choice in the matter.""


an American airline ticket certified dealer rescued two girls indigenous a potential human being trafficking scheme. (ROBYN BECK/AFP/Getty Images)

American airline praised Miracle and said that her brave actions and employee training likely saved the girls" lives.

"I"m proud the Denice and also how she put her cultivate into action to conserve these children," claimed AA general Manager Aleka Turner. "She is a testament to the critical role our frontline team members pat each and every day in the operation and also the lives of each person they come in contact with."