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Brandi Glanville may no longer be a real Housewife, but she"s happy to play a fake one ~ above TV. The Real Housewives the Beverly Hills alum brings her years of truth TV endure to the scripted human being with her guest insignificant on part 3 of Netflix"sFamily Reunion, play snobby, gold-digging "Trophy Wife"Heidi in an episode that parodies Housewives -- alongside The genuine Housewives of Atlanta"s Kenya Moore and also The real Housewives the Potomac"s Candiace Dillard.

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"My manager got to out and she said that they particularly wanted myself, Kenya and Candiace, and they were no going to take it no for an answer,"Brandi, who self-admittedly is not an actress, recalls of getting the gig. "And ns was nervous since of Kenya."

Brandi and also Kenya have actually some fact TV history of your own, feuding because that multiple episodes of The Celebrity Apprentice"s seventh season. The women tossed an individual digs earlier and forth till they were eventually fired simultaneously earlier in 2015.

"I to be like, it"s to be a long time, possibly we have the right to do it and work together and be fine,"Brandi says. "It to be fun. I mean, in the beginning, when I to walk in the morning, i was top top time, but everyone was currently there -- and I had actually gone to the wrong stage, but I was still on time -- and she said, ‘Nice of friend to do it.’ and I was like, oh no, we"re starting like this? yet it was fine."

"She lived up to her diva-ness a small bit, with, like, asking everyone to acquire her tea constantly, also like the producer,"she adds. "I"m like, "I think that"s your boss. Ns don"t think he"s going to acquire you tea,"but it to be great. She go a good job and we all worked together to execute the best that we could. And you know, it was a really an excellent time and also I loved anyone on the set was for this reason lovely, prefer really, yes, really amazing."

Brandi"s illustration of Family Reunion struggle the streaming platform just weeks after she ex-husband Eddie Cibrian"s new sitcom, Country Comfort, premiered. Housewives fans were quick to pick up ~ above the reality that Eddie’s co-star is Katharine McPhee, who is married come music producer David Foster, the ex-husband that Brandi’s RHOBH castmate,Yolanda Hadid.

"I believed it was sort of ironic and also funny," Brandi says of hitting Netflix at the exact same time, with a most Housewives connections. "We were at dinner critical night because that my son"s birthday, every one of us, however then i congratulated that on his show and I was wait for congratulations back -- clearly I was in one episode for 5 minutes, but it"s nice. It"s pretty to have actually nice things being said around my ex and also even myself, ‘cause we acquire a lot of an unfavorable things."

It’s been an ext than a decade because Brandi and Eddie separation up in the wake of his affair v singer LeAnn Rimes. Eddie and also LeAnn will quickly celebrate 10 years of marriage, and Brandi states the big, blended household is lastly in a great place.

"This took time and 10 years," Brandi notes. "And ns think the LeAnn thrived up a lot, and I know that I"ve grown a lot. We simply we"ve get an impressive up. We"re not small brats anymore."

Brandi states she and also LeAnn have actually bonded end co-parenting the sons she shares with Eddie --Jake, 14, and also Mason, 17.

"We"re, like, girly girls, us talk around everything and it"s all fine and also great,"she says. "Honestly, there"s no weirdness, there"s no awkwardness. The youngsters are super happy as soon as we"re every together and also it"s finally good."

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"She went through some stuff and with anxiety and also went to some rehab, and also she"s simply a completely different person than the human being I met at the start that to be poking me a lot and also then gaining me to it is in super b**chy,"she adds. "She"s not that method anymore. I"m not really that means anymore either. Ns really don"t choose to fight. Ns don"t, but I will. I"m no a wallflower. And if someone makes me mad, they"re going to know."

RHOBH fans are well mindful of that reality after city hall Brandi on and also off the show since she joined in 2011. Brandi last showed up on the series at the tail end of season 10 in 2020, bringing through her the story that drove the season: walk she and Denise Richards hook increase or not? Brandi offered up so-called proof, if Denise denied, denied, denied, and also the remainder of the ladies were caught in between. The drama was never ever resolved, and also Brandi completely expected to it is in asked earlier for season 11 to clean the air, particularly after Denise announced she to be done v the present as the reunion illustration aired.

"I was disappointed, honestly, since I felt choose I really gave them their season,"Brandi admits. "They used the couple of times that ns shot, prefer in the trailer and every commercial. I didn"t make very much money. I really thought possibly they"re going to ask me to come back, because I walk so lot for that season, and also it"s just been crickets. No one"s got to out to me. No anyone come say ‘yes’ or ‘no.’ i would"ve thought I would"ve gained a call call and been like, ‘Listen, we"re going come go an additional route, but thanks…’ from anyone."

"I just felt prefer it was type of crappy,"she continues. "I had had conversations in the past around coming back, and I had. He"s like, ‘Maybe after leaves, and also we"ll look into that.’ and also then Lisa left and also then really, unfortunately, she mom and brother passed, and they to be like, "Listen, we don"t desire to pour salt in her wounds." and I"m like, i don"t either, however I want a job."

Brandi claims she thinks she "Housewives days room done" ~ not obtaining a call for season 11, and that the writing was a tiny bit on the wall when production canceled she appearance at the season 10 digital reunion the morning that filming. Brandi doubt Denise threatened to pull out of the taping if Brandi proved up top top screen.

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"Which provides me like, why?"Brandi asks. "You deserve to walk away from the camera the second you view me. There"s no point. Like, in the same room I would certainly be like, ‘I don"t want to be about Brandi.’ but if ns come on screen, she might walk away. Girlfriend know?"

"There to be no closure for me,"she adds. "There was no closure for the audience or the other women, and I felt prefer it to be selfish of she to no be honest, because that"s what you sign up to execute on a fact show. And if you have skeletons or something, they will certainly come out, as we all know."

Brandi is adamant the she didn’t which the season v the will to disclose this supposed an enig between her and also Denise.

"It had actually happened the season prior to with Denise, wherein I wasn"t shooting,"she says. "And if I wanted to, I could have simply said, ‘Hey, placed me top top the show. I have actually something to say.’ however I really believed that Denise and I had a connection. I believed we to be friends. I was wrong."

Brandi says Denise "ghosted" her after their alleged encounter, and also Brandi insurance claims she feeling "extorted"by the situation because Denise allegedly warned her that if she husband, Aaron Phypers, ever uncovered out around the incident, "he’ll death you."

"I felt like a cheater, and also I hate cheaters,"she declares. "So asked me come come back and film -- they go not know anything around what occurred with Denise, and I wasn"t also sure i was going come talk around it. But all of a sudden, Denise is, like, calling me, text massage me. She"s my ideal friend again, talking s**t about all the various other ladies. And I"m like, you"re just as bad. Like, i was reasoning to myself, you"re fake. You"re all of a suddenly my friend, because you recognize I"m filming? yet when i wasn"t filming, you just let me hang out to dry v this an enig that I had actually to keep, that was killing me since I don"t choose secrets."

Brandi claims she confessed the secret to Kim Richards the night of her very first scene back, which was after a charity occasion hosted by Kim’s sister, Kyle Richards.

"I was very inebriated, and also I told her what happened and she"s like, ‘You need to say something,’" Brandi recollects. "I"m like, ‘Idon"t think I"m walking to.’ ns go, ‘Let me sober up and think around this.’ and Kim was egging me on come talk around it, and I"m like, ‘If I want to talk around it, it comes up naturally, I"ll execute that. Yet I haven"t make a decision yet.’ therefore then ns go come Kyle"s, and also Kim"s like, ‘Well, Brandi has actually something come say…’ I"m like, ‘No!’ ns looked in ~ her, like fatality in my eyes. Ns was like, i wish I had actually laser beams. And I to be like, that"s simply not the method I would have wanted to -- i would have wanted to talk to Denise, ~ above camera."

The moment Brandi carried up her Denise story has been greatly dissected through Bravo watchers, with countless believing the scene to have been faked to fill in the gaps, together if Kyle and also co-star Teddi Mellencamp learned around the alleged hook-up turn off camera and also production required it top top camera to make the present make sense. But Brandi says, the minute was fully authentic.

"Why would it it is in fake?"Brandi asks. "If it to be after, i would just say it. I don"t fan anyone anything."

Kyle and Teddi took the info Brandi gave them and also confronted Denise about it top top the all-cast expedition to Rome. When the women returned to Los Angeles, Denise quit filming with the group.

"Since the night in ~ Kyle"s house and also Teddi was there, I have actually not seen Denise,"Brandi says. "I had a pair of times that ns filmed after. She go not show up, since she knew ns was walking to be there."

While she"s quiet wanting closure, Brandi has actually no regrets about sharing her side of the story ~ above TV.

"It feeling freeing, once I said it,"she admits. "I"m like, OK, now people can think whatever they want of me, yet I don"t need to keep the mystery anymore, and also it was nice. I want to have a conversation v her. Ns do. I"ve got to out through her agent. I"ve got to out to her. I"m sure I"m blocked in she phone. But, who cares if 2 chicks hook up? I simply don"t think it"s that large of a deal."

"And by the way, she"s known for being a sexpot,"she adds. "She"s talked about it on Howard Stern. Yeah, she"s kissed girls. Ns don"t think it"s that large of a deal. I in reality think that world would have been like, ‘She"s awesome. She"s rad…’ for just saying, ‘Yeah, that"s me.’ She simply talked around happy endings and also hookers, why not simply say, ‘Yeah, we had actually a night?’"

The confession did have some unanticipated fallout for Brandi, though. She and Kim quit talking in the wake of the Denise saga airing ~ above TV, ~ a joke about threesomes rubbed Kim the dorn way. Brandi states she and Kim briefly reconciled prior to losing touch again.

"We fight, it"s just because we do," Brandi says. "I critical talked to her brand-new Year"s Eve and also I witnessed the promo because that Housewives whereby said she adjusted her number. I don"t understand if that"s the case. Ns texted her, i emailed her. Nothing happened to have actually us not be talking, and also we have actually the Blonde and Blonder thing coming increase The Improv, we retained pushing it back, and so ns don"t understand where any of the stands now, since we"re not talking."

"It"s depressing,"she continues, "and ns talked to Kyle around it and, girlfriend know, Kyle is no that close to her either. Therefore she"s like, ‘I don"t recognize what come tell you. You’ve been such a great friend to her. Ns don"t know what"s walking on through her…’ therefore it"s sad due to the fact that I carry out love her."

"I"m hoping the she found a boyfriend because when she gets a boyfriend, she disappears,"Brandi says. "And that would certainly be the best possible scenario, for this reason she"s happy having a the majority of sex v a new man. ... I’m just hoping it has nothing to perform with her being mad at me, due to the fact that I just love her."

Brandi is still in touch v Kyle, a welcome surprised after years of not obtaining along. She says she’ll it is in tuning right into the new season of Housewives, compare it to "checking your ex-boyfriend’s Instagram."She just can’t assist herself.

"That"s my family," she says. "Of course, I"m walk to watch it. You know? ns watch it v a various perspective, and I want to recognize what"s going on v that. You view all the headlines, yet you desire to hear the from the horse"s mouth. I have questions, however I think we all have actually questions, and I want to see how it unfolds."

Many of those questions are pointed toward Erika Jayne, whose recurring divorce from Tom Girardi and their shared legal battles took center stage in the season 11 trailer.

"I think it"s going come be difficult for her due to the fact that she"s already lived it, and then to go back and clock it? since she seemed real pissed, yes, really pissed in those trailer spots,"Brandi clues out. "She go not have a an excellent poker face. She to be pissed."

"I live a divorce, and then I had to watch it earlier on Housewives, and it sucked,"she adds. "So, i do, I have actually some sympathy because that her, for sure."

Brandi will also be tuning in to see Kathy make her Housewives debut. While Kyle and also Kim’s older sister has actually popped up in guest spots end the series’ run, season 11 clues her an initial time together an official cast member.

"Kathy is hilarious,"Brandi declares. "I was at a Christmas party in ~ our home one year and everyone had actually kind that left and also we moved right into the office. She began prank-calling people and then it to be so funny, and also she"s constantly laughing. She"s always happy. She"s the sweetest person, and if she has actually a tiny cocktail, it"s real fun. So ns think she"s walk to be great. And I think it"ll be great. I choose the family members dynamic on this shows."

The actual Housewives the Beverly Hills"new season premieres Wednesday, might 19, in ~ 8 p.m. ET/PT on Bravo. While you won’t see Brandi on that show, you can examine her out on Netflix"s Family Reunion. Every episodes are currently streaming. Plus, Brandi’s podcast, Brandi GlanvilleUnfiltered, is accessible wherever you listen to podcasts.

Brandi is additionally raising funds for her hair and also makeup artist mark Hasche"s medical care. Mark is at this time hospitalized with pancreatic cancer.

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"Mark is my finest friend,"Brandi explains. "He was beginning his shift from a male right into a female. Ns mean, he was on hormones. The was the idea. We were walk to do this journey together and also he wasn"t feeling well. He entered the emergency room and also basically never ever left. He has actually pancreatic cancer. He had a Whipple surgery, i beg your pardon removed half of his . He"s walk to start really aggressive chemo. And during the pandemic, he lost his clinical insurance because he wasn"t working. I want to carry out something to assist … so, I started a GoFundMe and I stated I"m going to shot to raise $50,000."

"His receipt are currently at $350,000,"she shares. "I recognize it"s a tough time come ask civilization for help, but it"s not for me. It"s because that Mark, hopefully one day Mia -- like, that"s what kills me is he hasn"t to be able to live his true, authentic me as a woman. And now he has this cancer the does not have a good prognosis. It division my heart. So, i not only want to aid him with his medical bills, I desire him to be able to then go and also … live his true, authentic me as Mia."

If you’d prefer to donate to Mark’s clinical fund, visit this GoFundMe page.


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