Our absolute favorite The Hills: brand-new Beginnings star has obtained to it is in celebrity heir Brandon thomas Lee, boy of Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee. In a team of washed-out, no-longer-really-rich pseudo-celebs, this 24-year-old brings part young and fresh energy, and also we're really below for it.

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All of this after ~ he'd sworn he'd never ever do reality TV. "For the longest time, I never ever thought i would carry out anything favor this," he stated in an interview through Women's undertake Daily. But now he's on the show, and in Season 2, Brandon gives fans a sneak peek right into his dating life. 

But is this negative boy date anyone now? Keep reading to uncover out more about his potential girlfriend.


Does Brandon Lee Thomas have actually a girlfriend? 'The Hills' star revealed he's at this time single.

In the Season 2 trailer that the MTV series, Brandon is seen telling a girl, “If anything deserves a chance, it’s this relationship." However, it seems their romance was short-lived together the fact star said Entertainment Tonight Canada that they've because broken up.

“It’s going to be exciting to clock this year due to the fact that I’m actually solitary at the moment so that’s how that turned out,” he said. The added, “It’s going to it is in absolutely awkward.”

It was revealed soon after the the happy lady in inquiry at the moment was none other than Daniella Beckerman, a version signed come the Elite firm based the end of Los Angeles and also Miami. The quick duration of their fling means we didn't get countless details, yet a clearer picture of your romance is gift painted now that Brandon is reflecting ago on the all.

Since Brandon's romance through Daniella didn't last, that admitted the is "definitely hard" to rewatch the "good parts of relationship that is end back." 

He continued, “Usually you shot to think about like this is what happened, this was bad, let’s move on. You don’t really want to clock a highlight reel of your relationship with your ex. It’s simply kind of weird."

Though Brandon didn't sophisticated on what go wrong in his relationship, we're sure to find out more as the season progresses. For now, it appears the budding star is right now single.

Before starring in The Hills reboot, Brandon was functioning as a model/actor. In fact, among the large reasons he originally didn't desire to it is in featured top top the MTV reboot is because he was afraid it'd it is in detrimental to his budding acting and also modeling career. So, what have actually fans seen the gibbs in?

Modeling-wise, he acquired his start at 18, go the runway for Tommy Hilfiger, Dolce & Gabbana, and also Phillip Plein. 

And as soon as it comes to acting, you might have caught him top top the Netflix teenager comedy, Sierra citizen Is a Loser. He's also set to appear in the second season of BET's series, Tales, opposite his pansexual ex-girlfriend Bella Thorne. "I was nervous about that," the told WWD. "Her boyfriend was there and I'm just like, 'Oh, no.'"

"But she's together a sweetheart and also I always thought us would occupational together sooner or later, to it is in honest," the added. "It's just crazy. The civilization brings some people together and it's hilarious."

Watch brand-new episodes that The Hills: brand-new Beginnings top top Wednesdays at 8 p.m. EST ~ above MTV.

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