It’s to be a long, complicated road. Teen mother OG stars Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra has actually been sharing your journey through their audience ever due to the fact that their episode of 16 and also Pregnant, which documented their unplanned teenager pregnancy and also their brave decision to place their daughter Carly because that an open up adoption. Catelynn and also Tyler have actually been open around their struggle to maintain a relationship with Carly’s adoptive parents Brandon and Teresa Davis over the past eight years, but it seems choose they’ve been able to work-related things out due to the fact that they were able come visit through Brandon, Teresa, and also their biological daughter Carly in phibìc Carolina this year! Keep reading below to uncover out much more about Brandon and also Teresa!


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Who space Brandon and Teresa Davis?

The couple is from phibìc Carolina and for factors unknown, they to be unable to develop a child together normally so they opted for fostering with the faith-based Bethany Christian Services. Catelynn and also Tyler supplied the same company — which has multiple locations around the world — and also they chose Brandon and Teresa as Carly’s parents.

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In Brandon and also Teresa’s adoption video for the agency, they introduced themselves together a fun-loving, couple who owned a pet dog and liked to spend time with family and also friends and volunteer at their church’s nursery. Throughout a presentation at Michigan State university in 2012 to help advocate for adoption, Cate and also Ty stated that Brandon and Teresa were specifically the kind of human being that she want to raise their daughter.

“Right off the bat, we knew they were the ones for us,”Catelynn said, according to local record Michigan Live. “They were everything I wanted.”

Why did Brandon and Teresa reduced off Catelynn and also Tyler?

Even though Brandon and also Teresa (or B & T, as they’re referred to on the show) were every little thing Cate and Ty want for Carly, they still struggled v the regards to their open adoption and Cate even admitted in a previous illustration of Teen mother OG that she was also young at the time to really understand the contract that she signed when she to be a teenager. Also though they hope to visit regularly with Carly and also receive updates on her, it proclaimed that those points would be entirely up to Brandon and also Teresa’s discretion and they can deny visits.

It didn’t aid that Catelynn and also Tyler went versus Brandon and Teresa’s wishes. A few years ago, Tyler post a photo of Carly ~ above his Instagram — i beg your pardon boasts an ext than two million followers — and B & T got upset due to the fact that they desire their daughter to have a typical life and also they worried around her safety since strangers who well-known her indigenous the display or social media would come as much as her while the household was the end in public.

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But B & T were kind enough to to visit Cate and Ty’s 2015 wedding and also they carried Carly follow me so she can be there on she birth parents’ big day, and also that was the last time they experienced Carly. Cate and Ty speculated that Brandon and also Teresa obtained nervous due to the fact that of Carly’s attachment to her birth parents and also hoped to produce some kind of distance in between them.

What is the state the Catelynn and Tyler’s relationship with Brandon and Teresa now?

Catelynn and also Tyler to be denied their annual visit with Carly in 2016, but Brandon and also Teresa had a change of heart and also decided to enable them to reunite this year. The valuable reunion went down on the Jan. 2 illustration of the show, and it make Catelynn at sight emotional. “It’s just about the what-ifs,” she said. “Seeing lock together, I might tell misses us. She asked her mother if she might ride v us and she called her, ‘no.’ It’s just stupid s–t prefer that .” Luckily, Carly and small Nova gained along amazingly. “She to be so into Nova, divine crap,” gushed Tyler, while Catelynn agreed, saying, “Yeah, she obsessed with her.” hopefully they will have the ability to spend more time together after this meeting went for this reason well!

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