The real Housewives of Beverly Hills: The 10 most Dramatic Brandi Glanville illustration Brandi Glanville is always a controversial number on Bravo"s reality series The actual Housewives the Beverly Hills, and these space her ideal episodes.

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Brandi Glanville do a big splash on The actual Housewives the Beverly Hills, appearing in several beforehand seasons and coming ago for a couple of episodes in seasons 6, 9, and 10. Fans know Brandi as a fun-loving, intense human being who isn"t afraid of fighting or share the truth. Even before Brandi talked about Denise in season 10, viewers knew the she could bring some serious drama come this truth show.

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From fighting with the Richards sister to the infamous episode between her and Denise, Brandi has plenty of wild illustration on RHOBH, and whether fans agreed through her habits or not, she constantly made civilization want to clock her.

Kyle and also Brandi arguing
This season 2 episode is a memorable one for Brandi, and totally notorious in its own right. Brandi shocked Kim through saying, "At the very least I don’t carry out crystal meth in the bathroom every night long… b*tch." This video game night fight started as Kyle felt that Brandi to be insulting her and her sister. Kyle said it was poor that Brandi"s child peed ~ above Adrienne"s lawn and also when Brandi said that wasn"t a huge deal, Kyle said that was due to the fact that Brandi once stayed in a trailer.

Brandi is not always the most popular member that the RHOBH cast and also fans definitely think that she should have backed off here. While this illustration doesn"t paint her in the finest light, the does present viewers the she would always defend herself and stay strong.

The actual Housewives of Beverly Hills cast kept many secrets, including the one that come out in this episode. Brandi said that Adrienne offered a surrogate to have her 2 children, i beg your pardon wasn"t something the Adrienne want out there.

While pan can"t take it Brandi"s side here, together no one have to share together intimate info without the person"s consent, it"s a significant part of she arc on RHOBH. Brandi is well-known for being an instigator and not shying far from fights or confrontation, and also this storyline is absolutely the many intense instance of the side of her personality.

Split picture of Brandi looking upset and Kyle comforting Brandi top top RHOBH
Vanderpump Rules fans know actors member Scheana, who showed up in this crucial episode. Brandi"s ex-husband Eddie Cibrian had actually an affair v Scheana while Brandi to be pregnant, i m sorry was, of course, devastating. Brandi said, "I was the mother that his children, ns was his wife, ns was his everything. You to be the other woman, so don"t acquire it twisted."

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This was a memorable minute for Brandi, together she began crying and got very real. Pan saw a an ext mature next of the reality star, as Brandi stated that she wanted to it is in a great mother and also never said median comments around Eddie in front of her sons. She said Scheana come respect herself and also not it is in in this position again, which was moving.

7 No organization Like Clothes organization (S3, E17)

Brandi Glanville and Kim Richards smile and hug because that a photo
This is another important illustration for Brandi, together she and also Kim became really close as soon as they visited Paris. Kim and also Brandi have a how amazing Real Housewives friendship and it can not have actually lasted, however it was heartwarming at the time.

When Brandi claimed that the highlight of the trip was hanging out with Kim, that was incredibly sweet, and also fans love seeing Brandi be soft and also vulnerable. There space so many RHOBH moments when Brandi is yelling in ~ someone, therefore this was an extremely different. This episode is also a good one because that Yolanda and also Brandi"s friendship, together Yolanda gave Brandi a present since she to be the single woman on this vacation. While that might seem a little odd, it provides sense in ~ the context of this show, as the actors lives together a fabulous lifestyle.

jug viewers know that a Real Housewives trip will certainly involve some arguments, and that to be the situation when the RHOBH cast went to Amsterdam in season 5. Brandi and Kyle obtained into a substantial fight and Brandi stated that if she "told the truth" about her co-stars, for instance saying that Kyle was with Brandi as soon as she critical smoked weed, they obtained mad in ~ her. Brandi said that Kyle referred to as her a "bad parent" and that the cast was every "hypocrites."

Brandi"s co-stars weren"t thrilled v her comments, wonder why she was gaining so upset. No matter whose next fans take it here, no one have the right to argue v one fact: Brandi is going to say what she thinks, and also that"s a lot far better than ignoring she emotions or holding rage inside.

5 Amster-Damn Slap (S5, E17)

In this wild season 5 episode, Brandi slapped Lisa Vanderpump in the face, which ended a really nice and emotional dinner. Anyone went roughly the table and also said something that they liked around each other, and then Brandi joked that LVP should hit her and climate slapped LVP. Pan love Lisa Vanderpump"s hilarious quotes on The actual Housewives the Beverly Hills but this step wasn"t therefore funny. Right away, Lisa said, "No, that"s wrong," and also told Brandi she didn"t favor her behavior.

It would have been a huge deal if Brandi slapped anyone in the face, however this minute was even an ext impactful since she was so close v Lisa. Brandi didn"t show any kind of regret or remorse, and also once again, pan were confused by her actions.

While some episodes that each Real Housewives city deserve to be a tiny dull and also viewers can wish for more to happen, that"s not the instance with the reunions. Every reunion illustration is totally full of drama and sometimes the actors has harsh words for each other or even for host Andy Cohen.

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Brandi make a splash in ~ the season 5 reunion once she insulted Lisa Rinna"s hairstyle, saying, "You’ve had the exact same hairdo because that 20 years." This comment seemed to come the end of nowhere, and fans recognize that Lisa Rinna has an top look, which is component of her charm. As soon as again, Brandi proved that she is a true provocateur.

3 A dual Shot of Brandi (S9, E17)

This season 9 illustration was a huge deal at the time, as Brandi returned and went the end for drinks through Denise Richards, and it has even more definition now that fans know around the drama in between them. Brandi said that she to be close with LVP and also felt that she was giving information to part gossip websites.

Now the viewers understand that just one season later, Brandi would say that she and Denise were intimate and Denise would certainly deny it, this illustration feels even juicier. The proves that Brandi and also Denise to be at the very least friends, the they took pleasure in spending time together, and also they to be a team, wondering about what Lisa was up to.

In the season 10 illustration that brought about massive quantities of drama, Brandi told Kyle and Teddi that she and Denise were together. Brandi seemed genuinely concerned around how Denise would certainly take this news, and also she wanted to it is in honest about it. Brandi described that Denise and also Aaron had an "understanding" that Denise might get involved with women. Brandi claimed they when made the end in the bathroom, and also then the vault April, they spent the night together.

This became one of the wildest moments on The genuine Housewives of Beverly Hills, and the actors had conversations about Brandi and also Denise over the entirety season. Countless people thought Brandi as they didn"t think that she would have any type of reason to make any kind of of this up, and also Brandi seemed choose the vulnerable, wronged party here, which earned her some empathy.

1 Sex, Lies and also Text messages (S10, E15)

The Denise/Brandi drama continued in this season 10 illustration as Brandi had text messages the she verified some of the cast members. She knew that if she had actual proof, human being would think her story.

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It was easy to to trust Brandi after ~ this episode, due to the fact that viewers acquired to hear about some pretty intense message messages. This adjusted everyone"s opinion that Denise together the cast and also fans alike felt that she wouldn"t own up to what happened, and no one taken why she quit filming season 10.