For some, losing weight is a simple matter the eating an ext veggies and upping their task level. Climate they measure up success through the looser waistbands and also the number on the range that"s 10 or 15 pounds reduced than before. Because that others, however, the trip is much much longer and much more difficult. The stars the "My 600-Lb Life," for instance, can"t just reduced out desserts and also call that a day. They have hundreds of pounds to lose, and also they need medical intervention to make it possible. However once they do, they have actually the potential to change their whole lives. 

Two that the most memorable stars that the show"s fifth season to be twins Brandi and also Kandi Dreier. The 29-year-old sisters from Vancouver, Washington, survived a horrific childhood significant by drug-addict parents, sexual and emotional abuse. They learned early on to rotate to food because that solace, and eventually both became so hefty that they might barely gain out the bed. Together, the Dreiers went to Dr. Younan Nowzaradan (aka "Dr. Now"), the Houston-based doctor who performs bariatric surgical procedure to reduce patients" stomach size and also make it simpler to eat less.

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As with other "600-Lb Life" actors members, the sisters had to commit to shedding 50 pounds on their own prior to being approved for surgery. Both walk admirably, but due to the fact that Dr. Now was concerned around Kandi"s heart, he had her proceed on the self-guided weight-loss plan for a full eight months before she could get a surgery day (via Cinemaholic).

Though her sister"s surgery went smoothly, Kandi"s virtually turned tragic. Just hours after the operation, she entered cardiac arrest and also was put right into a median induced coma (via united state Weekly). In spite of fears that she might have suffered brain damage from lack of oxygen, Kandi do a finish recovery — and remained fixed on she goal. Every InTouch, both Brandi and also Kandi dropped more than 200 pounds in the very first year following their surgery, but they didn"t avoid there.

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In the four years because their illustration of "My 600-Lb Life" aired, they"ve both ongoing to drop the pounds to the suggest where they barely resemble their more heavier selves now (via Shareably). Best of all, their new bodies have given them a brand-new start. 

Kandi, who stays energetic on Facebook, posts every so frequently to share her delight with she followers. She photos display her together a proud "Titi" come her 2 young nieces (yes, Brandi is a married mommy now), who she"s nicknamed "Boog" and also "Goob." 

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