LAKE JACKSON, Texas – In September, news broke that a brain-eating amoeba to be responsible because that the fatality of a 6-year-old Lake Jackson boy. Word of small Josiah McIntyre’s passing quickly spread around the world.

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“I’m angry, upset, sad, heartbroken,” stated McIntyre’s Mom, Maria Castillo.

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McIntyre passed away September 8, just days ~ his pilgrimage to a Lake Jackson splash pad. Follow to health and wellness officials, a parasite, referred to as naegleria fowleri, otherwise recognized as the brain-eating amoeba was in the water.

Evidence that the amoeba was later found in other parts that Lake Jackson’s water supply.

Cities trial and error for brain-eating amoeba

KPRC 2 Investigates has learned some other cities room now experimentation their water because that this exact same amoeba, however many space not.


Envirodyne Laboratories is running several of those tests out of their lab in the Alief-area. Every test costs $600 and also it covers five gallons the water.

They’ve tested because that Alvin, Missouri City and also Rosenberg. Each has actually tested negative.


The city the Rosenberg pulled water samples top top Monday, September 28 and also they sent out them to an elevation lab to test for n. Fowleri. KPRC 2 Investigates obtained those outcomes after submit a Texas Public information Act Request.


“We have actually 25,000 citizens in Alvin, and also it’s really important we make sure our citizens are safe,” said Brandon Moody, manager of Public works in Alvin.

The City that Alvin take it a sample that water from 1080 West Snyder top top October 7.

Missouri City

Two water samples were taken at the City the Missouri City local Surface Water treatment Plant by a third party activities on Thursday, October 1.

You would certainly think, in the after-effects of McIntrye’s death, various other municipalities would be scrambling come test your water as well. Lock not.

Most districts not trial and error water for amoeba

We contacted 80 municipalities and cities in Harris, Montgomery, ft Bend, Brazoria and also Waller counties. An overwhelming majority of the water systems are not being tested for the amoeba, including the city the Houston.

City that Houston

“If among our neighbors had actually this large problem, why i will not ~ we carry out it?” inquiry KPRC 2 investigator Joel Eisenbaum.

“I know what we execute meets every the state and also federal standards and our water is safe to consume,” claimed Yvonne Forrest, manager of Houston Water.

Forrest claimed around-the-clock chlorine security and much more generalized bacteria trial and error eliminates the need to specifically test because that the brain-eating amoeba.

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That’s in line with industry standards, standards that Lake Jackson did no meet and it price McIntyre his life.

The city of Lake Jackson has actually taken responsibility for the chlorine levels. Assistant City Manager Modesto Mundo stated the bacteria was able to thrive, because of the low chlorine levels in the town’s water supply.

State regulators claimed the levels are now where they have to be.

How girlfriend can examine your water quality

You can check your community’s water it is provided by going to a state website. Girlfriend can also search for violations.

How rarely is the to be infected through a brain-eating amoeba?

Just how rare is the to it is in infected through a brain-eating amoeba? KPRC 2 analyzed the data from the Centers for an illness Control and also Prevention native 1962-2019.

Source that exposure

Authorities said that McIntyre come in contact with the amoeba (also dubbed naegleria fowleri) from the public drinking water. Follow to the CDC most cases, 59%, originated from a lake, pond or reservoir. According to the CDC, 0.05% come from tap water and also 0.03% can be traced earlier to one aquatic venue favor a swimming swimming pool or a spa.

source: CDCNumber that cases

According to the CDC, since 1962, there have been 148 cases. The greatest number in one year remained in 1980 when eight instances were recorded.

source: CDC

Age group and also gender

Over the last five decades, a bulk of the cases were discovered in males. According to the CDC, males consisted of 75% that the cases and they were predominantly in between 5 and 14 year old.

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